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2842 South Park S2E2 Cartman`s Mom is Still a Dirty Slut (2) Dr. Mephisto is about to reveal who Eric Cartman`s father really is! Glass shatters and gunshots ring out. A mysterious assailant apparently shot Mephisto while the lights were off. Much to Eric`s chagrin, they rush Mephisto off to the hospital. Chef rushes out the door with Mephisto in hand. 9
2846 South Park S2E6 The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka Mr. Garrison assigns the boys learn out about Vietnam from somebody they know. Stan`s Uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned tell the boys their outrageous tale. Mr. Garrison doesn`t believe the boy`s report and gives them detention. They plot revenge against Stan`s Uncle by submitting a phony video of the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka to them. 10
2850 South Park S2E10 Chickenpox Cartman`s mother plots to give the boys the chickenpox by sending them over to Kenny`s for a sleepover. Both Stan and Cartman breakout, but Kyle remains immune. Kyle discovers the parental conspiracy and with the other boys hires a prostitute to give their parents herpes. 10
2851 South Park S2E11 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods The kids go on a field trip to the planetarium. All of the children except Cartman are acting wierd. As usual Stan and Kyle, with Kenny`s sacrifice, try to get to bottom of the mystery. Meanwhile, Cartman wins an appearance on a snack commercial. 9
2853 South Park S2E13 Cow Days South Park`s annual Cow Days party is happening! The cows become transfixed on a cow statue. In order to get the money they need to win Terrance and Phillip dolls, the boys sign Cartman up for a bull riding contest. 10
2855 South Park S2E15 Spooky Fish Sharon Marsh`s Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit and she has present for Stan, a fish. Stan`s fish really freaks him out, especially when the dead bodies start piling up. Mrs. Marsh is convinced Stan is doing the killings and begins hiding the bodies. 10
2857 South Park S2E17 Gnomes (a.k.a. Underpants Gnomes) Harbucks coffee plans to move into South Park and drive Tweek coffee shop out of business. Mr. Garrison assigns a report on current events to help him keep his job. The boys are planning on doing their report on the underpants gnomes. Tweek`s father schemes to use the boy`s report as a platform for fighting Harbucks. 9
2858 South Park S2E18 Prehistoric Ice Man Kyle falls into a cave. Stan goes to rescue him and finds an iceman, and the two fight each other for sole credit. Dr. Mephisto discovers that the iceman has been frozen since 1996. The iceman is put on display and the fighting Kyle and Stan free him. The iceman tries to return to his family, but finds himself a man out of time. 9

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