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2105 Smallville S2E1 Vortex Part 2 In the aftermath of the tornado, Lex does his best to make sure his life is saved, and Jonathan and Roger Nixon are buried alive. 8
2162 Smallville S2E7 Lineage A woman comes to town claiming Clark is her son Lucas, and she demands a blood test. A secret tie between Clark`s adoption and the Luthors is revealed. Plus, Lana looks into meeting the man she thinks may actually be her father. 8
2163 Smallville S2E8 Ryan Ryan (from "Stray") returns in an episode where Clark must rescue him from a facility where he is being mistreated. Plus, Ryan has a secret - he`s dying. 8
2167 Smallville S2E12 Insurgence Lex decides to have his father`s office bugged as revenge for his father doing the same thing. Unfortunately, the "buggers" have other plans... plans which include holding Martha and the blind Lionel hostage. How can Clark save the day when they`re so high up in the LuthorCorp building in Metropolis? 8
2168 Smallville S2E13 Suspect Lionel Luthor is shot, and the evidence indicates Jonathan Kent is the one who did it. Clark and company must prove that it was not Jonathan. 8
2172 Smallville S2E17 Rosetta Clark places the octagonal disc into the wall of the cave, and is infused with knowledge of his Kryptonian heritage. He is soon contacted by Dr. Virgil Swann, who offers more knowledge on Clark`s origins... 9
2177 Smallville S2E22 Calling Part 1 Clark and Lana FINALLY kiss, Lex and Helen have their rehearsal dinner, Dr. Walden wakes up from his coma, and Clark receives more messages from Krypton, instructing him that he is the "Last Son" and must rule. 9
2178 Smallville S2E23 Exodus Part 2 Things are finally coming together for Lana and Clark when the voice of his Kryptonian father issues an ultimatum. Lex prepares for his wedding, and Lionel works at manipulating a jealous Chloe. Tragedy strikes the Kents and Clark decides he has to leave. Putting on the red kryptonite ring and saying goodbye to Lana, Clark rides off to Metropolis. Meanwhile, Lex is plunging to the bottom of the ocean.... Continued next season. 9

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