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2104 Smallville S1E1 Pilot A meteor shower hits the small town of Smallville; twelve years later, a young man named Clark Kent saves the life of Lex Luthor, and both of their lives are changed forever... 9
2107 Smallville S1E2 Metamorphosis He eats, he molts, he mates. Beware the Bugboy... Plus, Clark grapples with whether or not to give Lana her necklace back. 7
2109 Smallville S1E4 X-Ray Tina Greer likes Lana so much that she wants to *be* her. With her meteor freak powers of shapeshifting, that might not be too difficult. Oh yeah, and Tina robs a bank as Lex. So much for playing the evil card later on. 7
2111 Smallville S1E6 Hourglass An old man gets a second chance at life thanks to meteor rocks; and a woman predicts the futures of Clark and Lex. 7
2114 Smallville S1E9 Rogue Yeah! No Freak of the Week! Bad cop Sam Phelan witnesses Clark using his powers, and aims to take advantage of him. Meanwhile, Victoria Hardwick comes to town... 7
2117 Smallville S1E12 Leech Clark`s powers are transferred to another young man. As this young "Superboy" gets known (for better or for worse), Clark comes to term with the fact that he no longer has powers. Plus, the storyline with Victoria Hardwick concludes (thankfully!) 7
2148 Smallville S1E14 Zero A story partially told in flashback, as it seems someone who was killed on a night gone wrong at Club Zero in Lex`s past is back from the dead. All this, and Chloe digs too deep into Clark`s past for comfort, and Bo`s cows are killed. 7
2156 Smallville S1E21 Tempest Part 1 This one really blows. A tornado comes to town on the night of the Spring Formal. Clark goes with Chloe, but of course you know he`s going to have to save Lana in the tornado. Whitney announces he is leaving for the Marines, and Lionel decides to close the Smallville LuthorCorp plant. Plus, Roger Nixon finds the storm cellar and Lex has a choice to make... Part one of two 8

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