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3734 Scrubs S4E1 My Old Friend`s New Friend The new Dr. Clock arrives with her spaced out personality and doesn`t cease to call J.D. "Johnny". But J.D. is fine with it, because there is nothing that is going to bring down his last week of being a resident before he officially becomes a full fledged doctor. 0
3735 Scrubs S4E2 My Office Clock tries to reconsile JD and Eliott, while waiting to see which one Cox will be given the Chief Resident position. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox, Turk and Janitor are forced to work together to help a patient. 0
3736 Scrubs S4E3 My New Game - 0
3737 Scrubs S4E4 My First Kill - 0
3738 Scrubs S4E5 Her Story - 0

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