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3666 Scrubs S1E1 My First Day (aka Pilot) John Dorian, J.D. to friends, is a boyishly handsome, self-deprecatingly funny, likeable guy who would be confident if he only realized his assets. Three years of medical school have prepared J.D. for his first day as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital -- but he has his doubts. As J.D. is thrown into the chaotic world of hospital life, we not only get to see the quirky characters that he encounters, but also hear the humorous commentary of thoughts streaming through J.D.`s head. 0
3667 Scrubs S1E2 My Mentor J.D. , Turk and Elliot are two weeks into their hospital intern program and things are going well. The procedures are becoming easier and no one`s life has been endangered, yet. J.D. and Turk`s apartment has become a safe haven away from the stresses and challenges at the hospital. Elliot has started to become a frequent visitor at their apartment. Although he denies it, Turk thinks J.D. is interested in being more than just colleagues with Elliot. Meanwhile, Turk has his own eye on another member of the hospital staff, Carla (Judy Reyes), the nurse. 0
3668 Scrubs S1E3 My Best Friend`s Mistake Although they are roommates, J.D. and Turk lead separate lives at the hospital. J.D. is on the medical rotation and Turk works the surgical rotation. After spending long hours at the hospital together, J.D. and Elliot start to develop romantic feelings. While standing over a sleeping patient and discussing their busy schedules and lack of personal lives, Elliot unexpectedly leans in and purses her lips for a kiss. A stunned J.D. is about to kiss her, but is interrupted as Dr. Cox enters the room. As a result of this missed opportunity, J.D. has 48 hours to kiss Elliot, or they have to remain friends 0
3669 Scrubs S1E4 My Old Lady The three interns are each assigned patients with various illnesses. Statistically speaking, one of the three will die. J.D.`s patient is 86-year-old Mrs. Tanner (Kathryn Joosten), who is in renal failure; Twenty-year-old David Morrison (Travis Webster) is Turk`s hernia patient and Elliot`s patient Mrs. Guerrero (Esther "Tita" Mercado) only speaks Spanish and might have lupus. 0
3670 Scrubs S1E5 My Two Dads Elliot Reid`s 13-year-old patient Jared, who is very sick with leukemia, has an unusual request: he wants to see the boobs of a real, live girl. With J.D.`s prodding, but still against her better judgement, Elliot bares her breasts, which causes Jared`s condition to improve. Thinking this might work with other patients Elliot bares her breasts for two other patients, with various results. Meanwhile, J.D. also gets Turk into a sticky situation when he makes a rude comment and incorrect assumption about Turk`s and Carla`s sex life. 0
3671 Scrubs S1E6 My Bad J.D. is assigned a VIP patient, Jordan Sullivan (Christa Miller), who is spoiled, beautiful, and has an undetermined illness. She also just so happens to be a hospital board member, so J.D. enlists her help in getting Dr. Cox`s suspension lifted. Meanwhile, Elliot continues to feel overwhelmed about her internship, and uses her new patient -- a psychiatrist with a broken jaw -- as a sounding board. And Carla and Turk take their relationship to the next level. 0
3672 Scrubs S1E7 My Super Ego Now that J.D. , Turk and Elliot are more familiar with the hospital and its procedures, they have an air of confidence and cockiness. But a rival intern Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes of "Will & Grace"), also smart and well liked, shows them that being confident is sometimes a mask for pure fear. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox has his own problems when he introduces two patients to each other: one believes that he is Jesus Christ and the other believes that he is Satan. 0
3673 Scrubs S1E8 My Fifteen Minutes During a rare lunch break, J.D. and Turk stop by the neighborhood strip joint. But a TV crew and a bunch of protesters picketing the club block their way in. Just as J.D. and Turk explain that they are against the club, the cameraman collapses and J.D. and Turk rush to his aid. But after their quick save, they are quickly brought back down to earth by the fact that intern evaluations are due. Meanwhile, Elliot is trying to establish a friendship with Carla (Judy Reyes), but as usual she manages to put her foot in her mouth. 0
3674 Scrubs S1E9 My Day Off It`s Thanksgiving and J.D. and Turk are letting off a little steam at the local bar, The Free Clinic. A sharp pain in J.D.`s side sends him back to the hospital, where Elliot performs a rather rough exam on him, but can`t determine the cause of his pain. He is later diagnosed with appendicitis. Concerned about her bedside manner, Elliot polls another patient to find out if she really is that rough. She is, but J.D. has other fears to deal with when he learns that Turk will be performing his appendectomy. Meanwhile, another patient has been admitted, Dr. Benson, who is the former chief of medicine and a mentor of Dr. Cox`s . 0
3675 Scrubs S1E10 My Nickname After working at the hospital for a few months J.D. , Turk , Carla and Elliot have bonded and even start sticking up for each other. J.D. and Carla attempt to take their relationship beyond their professions and actually try to become friends. Turk meanwhile, has found a sanctuary from the craziness of the hospital -- a bench that has a stunning view of the valley. He eats his lunch there everyday until Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) shows up and states that this has been his lunch spot for 23 years. And Elliot deals with a new patient, Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan), suffering from stress and exhaustion who has no problem standing up to Dr. Cox`s rudeness and sarcasm. 0
3676 Scrubs S1E11 My Own Personal Jesus As Christmas nears, Turk`s idealized notion of the wonderful holiday is challenged by the grim reality of the hospital, while Dr. Cox asks J.D. to videotape the birth of his friends` baby -- with calamitous results. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox also has to contend with his abrasive ex-wife Jordan (guest star Christa Miller of "The Drew Carey Show"), and Elliot searches for a sickly teenaged woman (guest star Granger Green) who disappeared after Elliot told her she was pregnant. 0
3677 Scrubs S1E12 My Blind Date It`s an unusually hectic night at the hospital, with the doctors busy juggling patients and Dr. Cox barking orders at them. Cox is more gruff than usual because he is trying to have the equivalent of a pitcher`s no hitter - having no patients die during his twelve-hour shift. Meanwhile, hospital social worker Alex Hayden, (Elizabeth Bogush), slipped in the hospital, knocking herself unconscious. 0
3678 Scrubs S1E13 My Balancing Act Continuing from the last episode, Alex (Elizabeth Bogush) is about to emerge from the M.R.I. machine. J.D. is waiting in anticipation because he just asked her out but he doesn`t know what she looks like. She`s hot. The two of them have a romantic dinner at a restaurant one night and are enjoying a second date the next night when they are interrupted by a page from Dr. Cox. Meanwhile, Carla and Turk are enjoying their newly announced love for one another. 0
3679 Scrubs S1E14 My Drug Buddy J.D. strikes up a romantic relationship with Alex, an attractive social worker, (guest star Elizabeth Bogush, "Titans") but he soon learns that Elliot is not only jealous but thinks his new squeeze is bad news. Meanwhile, Turk discovers that Dr. Cox also has romantic designs on Carla (Judy Reyes), while Carla encounters hard stares from her fellow nurses when she strikes up a car-pool friendship with the hated Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins). 0
3680 Scrubs S1E15 My Bed Banter & Beyond J.D. and Elliot decide to take their relationship into a different direction - so they end up spending a whole day in bed together. After the initial awkwardness passes, they realize that the two of them are very compatible. But later, Elliot is reluctant to share their relationship with their friends. Meanwhile at the hospital, the interns, Carla and Dr. Cox are participating in a psychology research project. They recount their earliest memories of what made them become a doctor. They also discuss their relationships with their significant others, whether successful or unsuccessful. 0
3681 Scrubs S1E16 My Heavy Meddle When a rampaging Dr. Cox suddenly shows up at his door in a strange funk, J.D. sees a possibility of a breakthrough in their relationship -- until he feels betrayed when he learns that Cox loses control in almost an annual rite. Meanwhile, Turk elects to partner with Elliot on a research project so that he can maneuver her back with his buddy J.D., and Carla struggles to fulfill a comatose patient`s final request -- playing AC/DC music in his room. 0
3682 Scrubs S1E17 My Student Now that they know a little more than they did three months ago, the interns are given the chance to supervise their own medical students. Elliot`s student is Philip Chambers (Adrian Wenner), who starts out being rude and annoying. Better still, he`s the son of the CEO of the corporation that owns the hospital. Josh (D.J. Qualls) is J.D.`s student and he is eerily very similar to J.D. He`s nervous, clumsy and not quite sure of himself. Turk gets Kristin Murphy (Kelli Williams), who, at 32-years-old, is a little older than most medical students. Her other unique quality is that she`s attracted to Dr. Cox , and the feelings are mutual. Amazingly, when they are formally introduced, Dr. Cox is almost speechless. 0
3683 Scrubs S1E18 My Tuscaloosa Heart Dr. Cox`s hospital romance with medical student Kristin (Kelli Williams) continues to heat up. But things get derailed when their special evening is postponed due to a situation that Dr. Cox has to attend to -- helping Carla pick-up a dresser after work. He later gets a startling jolt when his ex-wife Jordan (Christa Miller) suddenly appears in his apartment for one of their post-divorce booty calls. Things go from bad to worse when Jordan and Kristin meet in the cafeteria, and then Carla stops by to thank him for helping to pick-up the dresser. Elliot meanwhile, is obsessed with an old song that may or may not be the voice of Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins). And J.D. is upset because of how he treated a patient that he and Carla had who died. 0
3684 Scrubs S1E19 My Old Man Elliot and Turk are down in the dumps because their parents, Diane (Markie Post) and Spencer Reid (Lane Davies), and Martha Turk (Hattie Winston) are coming to see them present their joint paper on peripheral vascular disease at a medical conference. J.D. half-heartedly sympathizes with them, until his own father Sam Dorian (John Ritter) shows up, sending J.D. in to a funk too. As their parents` visits wind down, the interns realize you can`t pick your parents, but you can pick your friends. 0
3685 Scrubs S1E20 My Way or the Highway Elliot meets a new patient, Sean Kelly (Scott Foley), who she is immediately attracted to. They`re both anal retentive, neurotic and single. Elliot gives off plenty of hints that she`s interested in him, but Sean doesn`t seem to notice. Turk and J.D. battle over one of J.D.`s patients, who J.D. wants to treat medically with drugs, while Turk wants to treat him with surgery. Elsewhere, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) and Dr. Cox wage their own battle when Dr. Kelso fires the Coffee Lady. 0
3686 Scrubs S1E21 My Sacrificial Clam J.D. is accidentally stuck with a needle that was just used to test a patient for Hepatitis B. He`s pretty calm considering the fact that he may contract a dangerous disease. The wait for the test results is a long one, during which he meets four doctors who frighten him with their worst case scenario stories. Meanwhile, Elliot and Sean`s (Scott Foley) relationship is going so far so good. But too much of a good thing is never good. And Turk starts to feel self-conscious about his weight. 0
3687 Scrubs S1E22 My Occurrence (1) Jordan`s brother Ben is admitted at Sacred Heart for having an accident with a nail gun. Ben and Dr. Cox are long time buddies, and they go out for drinks after Ben is released. They bring J.D. with them, who quickly bonds with easygoing, spontaneous picture taker Ben. But while playing pool, Ben`s hand starts to bleed, which takes them back to the hospital for more tests. When the results are back, J.D. learns that Ben has leukemia, but won`t believe it since both Elliot and Turk had wrong results on their patients. Unfortunately, J.D. isn`t so lucky and has to face the sad reality of telling Ben his condition. 0
3688 Scrubs S1E23 My Hero (2) Ben (Brendan Fraser) takes the news of his diagnosis pretty well - better than his sister Jordan (Christa Miller) and J.D. at least. Remarkably, it is Dr. Cox who is the voice of reason and compassion, until his own fears get in the way. Meanwhile, Turk and Elliot have their own issues to deal with. Turk is upset because he wasn`t chosen to assist on a difficult surgery and Elliot is criticized during rounds by Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) for the 100th time. 0
3689 Scrubs S1E24 My Last Day It`s June and the interns are one day away from becoming full-fledged residents. They`re excited, but there is something else in the air. Carla and Turk are arguing about dating other people. Elliot finally rebels against being everyone`s doormat and J.D. is just trying to stay out of people`s way. Adding to the weirdness is Jordan (Christa Miller), who drops a final bombshell on the group. 0
3690 Scrubs S2E1 My Overkill In the aftermath of Jordan`s revelations, everyone is estranged from each other. After Jordan revealed that she slept with J.D., he expects the worst from Dr. Cox. Elliot, embarrassed by Jordan`s revelation about her lingering feelings for J.D., is avoiding J.D. at all costs. And Carla is angry with Turk for not telling her that Dr. Cox was in love with her. Meanwhile, a mysterious troubadour - guest star Colin Hay of Men at Work - appears, supplying a musical interlude. 0
3691 Scrubs S2E2 My Nightingale The residents become very excited when a televised car chase comes to a dramatic end with the car crashing in the hospital parking lot. Excited to be in the middle of the action, Elliot gets to treat Officer Berson, one of the cops who was admitted with chest pains and Turk treats the driver of the car. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso is due to receive an award from the hospital board, and Dr. Cox has another rendezvous with Jordan, this time in an (almost) empty patient room. 0
3692 Scrubs S2E3 My Case Study After experiencing awkward silence when left alone together, Elliot and Carla realize that they have nothing in common except J.D. and Turk. A huge benefactor of the hospital, Mrs. Warner, is admitted as a patient. And Dr. Kelso announces that whoever writes the most interesting case report will attend the AMA conference in Reno. While everyone else is scrambling around searching for an interesting case to present, J.D. attempts to gain favor with Dr. Cox by saying he does not care about attending the conference. 0
3693 Scrubs S2E4 My Big Mouth While treating patient Martin Hogan, J.D. realizes that he knows very little about Carla`s personal life. Later, J.D. encourages Carla to open up when he sees her in a bad mood. However, once she begins spouting off about her insecurities, J.D. is a bit overwhelmed and his big mouth gets him into trouble. 0
3694 Scrubs S2E5 My New Coat In adjusting to their new positions in the hospital, the residents embark on a search for different identities. J.D., feeling more like a doctor, proudly dons a white lab coat and attempts to stand up to the Janitor and Dr. Cox. Turk finds himself with intense back pains after being stuck working with Dr. Amato, a very short surgeon. 0
3695 Scrubs S2E6 My Big Brother J.D.`s older brother, Dan Dorian (guest star Tom Cavanagh of "Ed"), comes to town for a short visit. Within the first few minutes of his visit, he manages to piss off Dr. Cox and to pretend he`s a doctor by giving a patient a diagnosis. When Dan starts to hint that he`s attracted to Elliot, it doesn`t sit well with J.D. 0
3696 Scrubs S2E7 My First Step Pharmaceutical Rep Julie Keaton -- guest star Heather Locklear -- is at the hospital for one of her sales rounds. The male doctors and staff (and even some of the women) line up to get their dose of the hot, sexy Julie. But ironically, Dr. Cox can`t stand her. 0
3697 Scrubs S2E8 My Fruit Cups Dr. Cox and Julie -- guest star Heather Locklear -- finally give in to temptation. The result of their coupling puts Dr. Cox in an unusually cheerful mood... until Jordan shows up. 0
3698 Scrubs S2E9 My Lucky Day JD is riding high after correcting a misdiagnosis by Dr. Cox, but is soon jerked back to reality. Meanwhile Elliot is struggling personally and professionally as she is forced to relinquish all of the luxuries that her father had been financing. And Carla learns that sometimes it`s better to keep her opinions to herself. Alan Ruck ("Spin City") and David Copperfield guest star. 0
3699 Scrubs S2E10 My Monster J.D. realizes that working at the hospital ("the monster", as he calls it) has left him with no time for a personal life. So he asks the cute gift shop cashier out on a date. 0
3700 Scrubs S2E11 My Sex Buddy Finding it hard to deny their attraction for each other, especially since they are temporarily living together, Elliot and J.D. end up sleeping together again, and again and again. Having sex leaves J.D. feeling happy and energized. Elliot, on the other hand, starts to feel even more frazzled than usual. 0
3701 Scrubs S2E12 My New Old Friend J.D. still isn`t over his feelings for Elliot, and is just about to tell her how he really feels when she tells him that she`s found an apartment. Dr. Cox and Carla treat Mr. Corman (guest star Richard Kind), a borderline hypochondriac. Hoping to discourage further visits to the hospital, Dr. Cox suggests a painful bone marrow test and is stunned to learn Mr. Corman really is sick. 0
3702 Scrubs S2E13 My Philosophy Turk makes plans to propose to Carla, only to watch all his plans fall apart when one thing after the next prevents him from actually popping the question. Meanwhile, J.D. comforts a patient in need of a heart transplant by explaining his theory about the balance between life and death in the hospital. This theory is put to the ultimate test when a husband must choose between saving his unborn child and his wife`s well-being. 0
3703 Scrubs S2E14 My Brother, My Keeper While Turk is waiting for an important answer, he receives a visit from his older brother Kevin - guest star D.L. Hughley - who has some unexpected and revealing news for him. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso`s colleague and friend - guest star Dick Van Dyke -- has to face the end of his career. And, as usual Jordan and Dr. Cox are disagreeing, this time over learning the sex of the baby. 0
3704 Scrubs S2E15 His Story At a bar, Carla continues to search for the right answer to Turk`s proposal, while Elliot thinks she has struck gold when she meets Paul (guest star Rick Schroder), a charming man whom she recognizes from the hospital and assumes is a fellow physician. 0
3705 Scrubs S2E16 My Karma Turk and Carla are now officially engaged and everyone is happy for them. But Turk may be headed for trouble after performing an open-lung biopsy and accidentally nicking his patient`s artery, causing some pain and bruising. Elliot and Paul (guest star Rick Schroder) are doing well. They`ve been out enough times, so Elliot is ready for them to proceed to the next level - having sex. Meanwhile, Jordan and Dr. Cox are happy because she is scheduled to have her labor induced later in the week. 0
3706 Scrubs S2E17 My Own Private Practice Guy Now that J.D. knows that Dr. Cox is the father of Jordan`s baby, he is torn between telling him or keeping the secret to himself. He also wonders why Cox and Jordan ever got divorced in the first place. He soon finds out the answer when Dr. Peter Fisher (guest star Jay Mohr), a private practice doctor, tends to a patient at the hospital. Meanwhile, Carla begins to think that her engagement ring has sucked away all of her sexiness. 0
3707 Scrubs S2E18 My T.C.W. J.D. is the only one not in a relationship and is feeling a little lonely and left out. His luck may be changing, however, as he starts interacting with Jamie Moyer (guest star Amy Smart), the wife of a comatose car accident victim. Her nickname is T.C.W., Tasty Coma Wife. 0
3708 Scrubs S2E19 My Kingdom J.D. starts his surgical rotation and escapes the nerd world of the medical residents. But his first day in surgery is a disaster, so he tries to fit in with the other surgical residents by telling secrets about Turk. 0
3709 Scrubs S2E20 My Interpretation Troubling diagnoses - first with the Janitor and then with a patient named Mr. Mueller -- fluster J.D., who becomes more deeply involved with Jamie, a.k.a. Tasty Coma Wife. Turk, on the other hand, is dealing with a disturbing erotic dream. 0
3710 Scrubs S2E21 My Drama Queen Carla and Turk are preparing for their wedding. Carla would really like a big, expensive wedding, but realizes that she may have to settle for something a little smaller because of their budget constraints. Now that J.D. and Jamie can see each other openly, their relationship doesn`t have the same spark. 0
3711 Scrubs S2E22 My Dream Job J.D.`s and Turk`s college buddy Spence - guest star Ryan Reynolds -- comes to visit and gets the guys into a ton of trouble. First, he first blurts out J.D. and Jordan`s secret in front of Dr. Cox. Then he invites the guys to a hot tub party while they`re technically on call. 0
3712 Scrubs S3E1 My American Girl A run in with her old flame Sean and an accident in her new car leads Elliot to the realization that nothing good has happened to her in the three years that she has been at Sacred Heart, driving her to take drastic measures, including a complete makeover, both inside and out in an attempt to change her luck. Meanwhile, JD gets stuck with a patient whose diagnosis he can`t quite pin down and when Dr. Cox denies him any assistance, he looks to Carla and Turk to help him out. While Dr. Cox is busy not helping J.D., he takes the time to make amends with Dr. Kelso. 0
3713 Scrubs S3E2 My Journey J.D.`s feeling left out on his friendship with Turk and gets hurt when Turk brings The Todd to the bar where they were supposed to catch up on their friendship. While talking to one of his patients who`s gay, Turk admits to himself that he`s scared of opening up to another guy. Meanwhile, Carla is driven crazy over an unidentified urine sample and threatens the janitor, while Elliot tries to balance Sean and her career out so one doesn`t end up getting on the other`s way. 0
3714 Scrubs S3E3 My White Whale Finding difficulties on training his interns, J.D. calls out to Elliot for some help. She indicates Sean, who gave Elliot great tips based on his dolphin training that fit perfectly for her interns. This only makes J.D. even more jealous of Elliot, but Sean is OK with it since he doesn`t consider J.D. a threat. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox finds the ideal pediatrician for his son: Dr. Norris, who acts and looks just like him (besides the hand puppet thing). And Cox is quick to find a conflict with him once Jack develops a cough that freaks out both him and Jordan. 0
3715 Scrubs S3E4 My Lucky Night Sean is a bit surprised and disturbed to learn about Elliot and JD`s history together, but it turns out his anger is really a cover up for the fact that his "little" work trip is actually six months long and he doesn`t want Elliot to explode. J.D., who has been watching their relationship develop, finally acknowledges that he still has feelings for Elliot and that he has to come to either accept her new relationship or do something about it. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox. is forced to swallow his pride and actually ask for help when he decides to throw his hat in the ring for the Residency Director position at the hospital. Carla picks up an extra shift as a surgical nurse, which allows her to spend the day working alongside with Turk, to his great annoyance. 0
3716 Scrubs S3E5 My Brother, Where Art Thou? Dan decides to stay with J.D. for a while after their mom`s new fianc? kicks him out, but after spending some quality time with him at the hospital, Dan isn`t sure if he likes the cynical person his little brother has become. Meanwhile, Elliot tries to deal with her own problems of a long-distance relationship and decides to try moonlighting as a pet examiner with Carla to save up money. 0
3717 Scrubs S3E6 My Advice to You A chance meeting in the elevator sparks a new friendship between J.D. and the mysterious Danni whose ongoing dialogue about her ex forces J.D. to talk about his feelings for Elliot. Meanwhile, Carla`s brother Mark comes to visit, but he still hasn`t forgiven Turk for mistaking him for a waiter at their mother`s funeral. Unfortunately, Turk can`t even apologize because Mark refuses to speak anything but Spanish. At the hospital, Dr. Cox relishes his new job promotion but is surprised when J.D. doesn`t follow his lead in contradicting Dr. Kelso`s orders. 0
3718 Scrubs S3E7 My Fifteen Seconds As J.D.`s relationship with Danni progresses, he and Dr. Cox are forced to spend more time together outside of the hospital, to Perry`s great chagrin. However, their antics, designed to sabotage each other, end up only aggravating Jordan and Danni. Meanwhile, as they each deal with problems in their own relationships, Carla and Elliot work to find their own balance between their personal and professional relationships. Dr. Kelso accidentally punctures his eardrums giving the hospital staff an opportunity to tell him how they truly feel about him. 0
3719 Scrubs S3E8 My Friend the Doctor Turk is happy that he finally makes it through a solo surgery without the assistence of Carla. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox dreads the fact that he is getting older as his back goes out. JD also makes a discovery as he finds out that many of the hospital staff don`t know the Janitor JD does. This leads to a surprising revelation of how the Janitor really feels about JD. 0
3720 Scrubs S3E9 My Dirty Secret Elliot`s feeling uncomfortable using clinical terms for her patient`s private parts - a result of a repressed childhood and an accidental orgasm she inflicted on a patient during a pelvic exam - so Carla tries to teach her how to say "vagina" and "penis" without blushing. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox crashes at J.D. and Turk`s after taking bad advice from J.D. Carla suggests no more sex until the wedding and Turk only comes to terms with it after learning the real meaning of romance from a patient with prostate cancer. Ultimately Carla backs down on her own idea when she has a stressful day at work finally letting people make fun of her. 0
3721 Scrubs S3E10 My Rule of Thumb Carla and Elliot try to help a patient, Maggie, lose her virginity as she prepares to die. The nerdy Dr. Kelso assistant she finds just may be the answer.............. Walking in on her sister and Dr. Cox prompts Danni to move in with J.D. Dr. Cox attempts to convince Turk to do a kidney transplant for a patient he has "moved up" the list. But a personal grudge seems to stand in the way and may decide whether the patient lives or dies. 0
3722 Scrubs S3E11 My Clean Break J.D. tries to break-up with Danni, but she beats him to it when she realizes that she will always be second place to Elliot in his heart. Dr. Cox suddenly becomes a nice guy and Elliot changes back to her old self after Dr. Kelso criticizes her new look. 0
3723 Scrubs S3E12 My Catalyst J.D. believes he may have finally found a mentor in Dr. Kevin Casey, a surgeon with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it turns out that Dr. Cox has always been jealous of the guy. Meanwhile, Janitor and his new assistant help Kelso out with a garbage problem. 0
3724 Scrubs S3E13 My Porcelain God Elliot finds herself perplexed over a simple procedure that leaves her questioning her career path. She goes to seek Dr. Kevin Casey`s advice but becomes frustrated when she learns that the epiphany toilet, which the Janitor secretly installed on the roof, is getting more attention than she is. Meanwhile, Turk asks JD to be his best man at his wedding, which sends JD into sheer bliss momentarily until he hears a phone message that makes him question his friendship with Turk. 0
3725 Scrubs S3E14 My Screw Up Jordan`s brother and sister return but Dr. Cox learns his brother-in-law Ben hasn`t visited a doctor about his cancer in the 2 years he has been gone. 0
3726 Scrubs S3E15 My Tormented Mentor Jordan`s friends Allison and Maddie come to town to provide moral support for Jordan after her brother`s death - however, their constant presence does not provide any relief to Dr. Cox. Meanwhile, Turk tries to impress the new female surgeon, Dr. Miller, but his first encounter serves only to leave him baffled by the opposite sex yet again. Attempting to reinforce the policy on sexual harassment at Sacred Heart, Carla is forced to teach a course where Dr. Kelso is the number-one student. 0
3727 Scrubs S3E16 My Butterfly An ever present butterfly prompts the question on what could have happened different as Turk looks for his lucky doo-rag for surgery, and Elliot tries to find a lost stuffed animal for a child needing a bone marrow transplant. 0
3728 Scrubs S3E17 My Moment of Un-Truth JD must keep a secret when Carla`s "what-if" guy asks her out on a date. Meanwhile, on the other side of the argument, Carla hounds Turk for checking out other women. Elliot is also on the spot as Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso both advise her not to give her patient drugs as they suspect he is an addict faking pain. 0
3729 Scrubs S3E18 His Story II Turk has to confront a young patient of his when he accidentally cuts a nerve and the boy (who happens to be a concert pianist) loses use of one of his hands. Meanwhile, one of Elliot`s patients unintentionally teaches her a lesson about her relationship with J.D. 0
3730 Scrubs S3E19 My Choosiest Choice of All JD hooks up with Danni again after Sean returns, but he can`t forget about his passionate night with Elliot. Meanwhile, Perry realizes he might actually have a crush on the one doctor he loathes. 0
3731 Scrubs S3E20 My Fault Elliot asks Sean to move in with her, which only adds to JD`s problems. Turk is unsure why Dr. Miller`s attitude towards him has changed, until he finds out Carla un-invited her from their wedding. Kelso outrages Dr. Cox when he announces that Sacred Heart will begin doing full body scans, starting with an ever present hypocondriac patient who wants any freebies he can get. 0
3732 Scrubs S3E21 My Self-Examination JD is unsure what to do when realizes he made a mistake telling Elliot he loved her. The Janitor squares off against Dr. Cox after he loses the election of the janitors to Randall. Carla`s brother Marc constantly puts Turk in a tough situation when Turk forgets to write his wedding vows. 0
3733 Scrubs S3E22 My Best Friend`s Wedding The big day for Turk and Carla has finally arrived but a patient holds up Turk. With Elliot still angry at him, JD attempts to reconcile her with Sean as a way to make every thing right again in their friendship. 0
3734 Scrubs S4E1 My Old Friend`s New Friend The new Dr. Clock arrives with her spaced out personality and doesn`t cease to call J.D. "Johnny". But J.D. is fine with it, because there is nothing that is going to bring down his last week of being a resident before he officially becomes a full fledged doctor. 0
3735 Scrubs S4E2 My Office Clock tries to reconsile JD and Eliott, while waiting to see which one Cox will be given the Chief Resident position. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox, Turk and Janitor are forced to work together to help a patient. 0
3736 Scrubs S4E3 My New Game - 0
3737 Scrubs S4E4 My First Kill - 0
3738 Scrubs S4E5 Her Story - 0

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