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3104 Red Dwarf S8E1 Back in the Red, part 1 Cat pilots Starbug into the Dwarf`s landing bay which is now huge. As they fly through an air vent the ship begins to shrink back to it`s proper size. When they finally land (or crash) Starbug we learn that the nanobots have ressurrected the crew along with the ship. Lister thinks this is a godsend but Captain Hollister promptly arrests him and the others for stealing and then destroying a Starbug. 0
3105 Red Dwarf S8E2 Back in the Red, part 2 Rimmer starts putting his plan into action. Get Rimmer Officerhood, Power and Eminence (GROPE for short) is in full swing as he sucks up to Captain Hollister using the confidential files Lister gave him. However Rimmer will not help Lister and the others escape until he is promoted. Lister secretly takes some of the Luck Virus and escapes from the holding cell and heads to find his compadres. 0
3106 Red Dwarf S8E3 Back in the Red, part 3 Rimmer and Lister are trying to adjust to life in prison given that they are in the worst area you could possibly get. They go on about trying to survive the next two years. 0
3107 Red Dwarf S8E4 Cassandra Lister mistakenly signs the gang up for the `Canaries`, prisoners that go into dangerous situations first to ensure it is safe for the important people. Their first mission is to investigate a derilect spaceship, and our crew come across a computer called `Cassandra` who can accurately predict the future. When she predicts that Rimmer will die when the ship disintegrates, he goes to great lengths to prevent it from happening. 0
3108 Red Dwarf S8E5 Krytie TV Kryten complains to Lister about being placed in the women`s wing of the prison and makes the fatal mistake of revealing he showers with them too. The male inmates want him to sneak in a camera and film them but he refuses. Kill Crazy and some other inmates reprogram him, turning him into a ruthless entrepreneur and he creates "Krytie TV", a pay-per-view service offering "Women`s Shower Night" and other events. 0
3109 Red Dwarf S8E6 Pete Lister and Rimmer are contstantly getting into trouble. After playing a practical joke on Ackerman they are forced to play in an inmates vs guards basketball game and win by putting erectile solution in the guards drinks. Punishment for that is to peel potatoes for the next three weeks and to make that go faster they steal a programmable virus to peel them but it ends up eating their clothes and hair. 0
3110 Red Dwarf S8E7 Pete II Our crew desperately try to turn Pete back into a sparrow before the time freeze wears off but Pete eats a scutter who was holding the time wand. The crew put out a heap of food for Pete and he eats it but then runs amok on the ship. 0
3111 Red Dwarf S8E8 Only The Good... An escape pod docks with the Dwarf and is carrying the only survivor of a ship which was attcked by a genetically-engineered corrosive lifeform. Unfortunately, the corrosive material is also on board and begins to eat away at Red Dwarf. Meanwhile Lister tricks Kryten into believeing that Kochanski`s `time-of-the-month` is an event to be celebrated and he embarrasses himself in front of her. Plotting revenge, Kryten steals four flagons of illegal alcohol from an inmate and leaves it in Lister and Rimmer`s cell just before an inspection. 0

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