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3078 Red Dwarf S4E1 Camille Lister tries in vain to teach Kryten how to lie, insult, cheat and disobey orders. Lister gives up when Rimmer calls Kryten on a trip "moon-hopping". On the trip, Kryten discovers a distress call and goes to inspect it against Rimmer`s orders. Kryten rescues a "female" droid called Camille who he falls in love with, even though droids aren`t supposed to have feelings like that. 0
3079 Red Dwarf S4E2 D.N.A. The crew stumble upon a deserted space ship of non-human origin and Rimmer believes it is an alien ship. They go inside to search the ship and Kryten and Rimmer discover the remains of a three-headed creature. They find a wallet on him with human artifacts such as credit cards, license etc. and Kryten suggests that something has changed his physical form. 0
3080 Red Dwarf S4E3 Justice Lister is in bed with the space mumps when he hears the news that the gang has brought aboard a cryo-pod from a prison ship which possibly contains a guard named Barbara Bellini. Lister inspects the pod and begins the thawing process which Rimmer objects to saying that there were two survivors aboard the ship: Ms Bellini and a Simulant prisoner (droids who are noted to be murderous and insane). 0
3081 Red Dwarf S4E4 White Hole Kryten attempts to use a technique called `Intelligence Compression` on Holly by reducing her life span to restore her I.Q. of 6000. Unfortunately he botches it and Holly gets an I.Q. of 12000 but she only has 3 minutes of life remaining. 0
3082 Red Dwarf S4E5 Dimension Jump A young Rimmer is told by his mother that he is in danger of being held back a year in school and it could change his life forever. 30 years later, Arnold `Ace` Rimmer, Test Pilot for the Space Corps Special Service, lands his jet safely and greets his friends; Spanners, an engineer resembling Lister; Padre, a priest who looks like Cat; Bongo, Kryten without his mechanoid suit; and Mellie, bearing a striking likeness to a full-bodied Holly. 0
3083 Red Dwarf S4E6 Meltdown Kryten discovers a matter transporter in the research labs and the crew decide to teleport somewhere. It takes Rimmer and Kryten to a planet with a breathable atmosphere, but several (unrealistic) monsters chase them and eventually they get captured by Elvis and Pope Gregory. Cat and Lister, on the other hand are brought to the Third Reich HQ where Hitler, Goering and Goebbels are preparing a battle. 0

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