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3072 Red Dwarf S3E1 Backwards The episode opens with `Star Wars` style text explaining that Lister gave birth to twin boys that were returned to the other dimension, Holly has changed his face to look like his counterpart from that universe, and that Kryten has returned and become part of the crew. 0
3073 Red Dwarf S3E2 Marooned The crew evacuate the ship after Holly spots five black holes in the distance. Rimmer and Lister leave together in Starbug but hit a meteor and crash on a snow planet with no way to escape. With little food and heat, Lister begins to open up to Rimmer to try and take his mind off the situation, including talking about Rimmer`s fascination with war and when they both lost their virginities. 0
3074 Red Dwarf S3E3 Polymorph A pod arrives aboard Red Dwarf containing a genetic mutant which can change itself into any shape whatsoever. It appears to Lister in it`s true form, bringing him to the height of his terror, and then sucking his fear right out of him. 0
3075 Red Dwarf S3E4 Bodyswap A scutter has gone mad and rerouted the entire ships circuitry and Rimmer and Kryten can`t find the self-destruct mechanism but Lister accidentally activates it when he orders a milkshake and chocolate bar from a vending machine. Needing one of the senior officers to deactivate it, Kryten introduces them to a mind-swap, which involves implanting another crew-members brain into Lister`s body. 0
3076 Red Dwarf S3E5 Timeslides Lister declares he is sick of life on Red Dwarf and wishes that he never joined the JMC in the first place. Kryten is developing photos in the photo lab when he discovers that they can move, to which Holly suggests that the developing fluid must have mutated. Kryten shows some moving slides to the crew and Lister finds that he can walk into the projection and really be there, only he cannot move outside the frame of the picture. 0
3077 Red Dwarf S3E6 The Last Day A mail pod arrives containing a message indicating that the "out-dated" Kryten must be dismantled and his replacement will arrive within 24 hours; a new, and improved "Hudzen 10". Kryten is not upset though, because now he goes to Silicon Heaven. 0

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