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3495 Millennium S2E1 The Beginning and the End (2) Frank hunts the Poloraid Man who kidnapped his wife and learns of a distrurbing connection between the kidnapper and the Millennium Group. 0
3496 Millennium S2E2 Beware of the Dog A pack of horrible vicious dogs plague a small town and Frank learns more about the motives of the Millennium Group from a mysterious old man. 0
3497 Millennium S2E3 Sense and Antisense Frank helps in a manhunt for a person who is infected with a terrifing deadly diease 0
3498 Millennium S2E4 Monster Frank and a new associate Lara Means investigate possible child abuse at a small town`s day care center. 0
3499 Millennium S2E5 A Single Blade of Grass Frank learns more about his gift while investigating a murder at a Native American excavation site. 0
3500 Millennium S2E6 The Curse of Frank Black Strange coincidences plague Frank on Halloween. 0
3501 Millennium S2E7 19:19 Frank and Watts particpate in a search for a busload of missing children. 0
3502 Millennium S2E8 The Hand of Saint Sebastian Frank and Peter go to Germany in search of a holy relic that may unlock the secrets of the Millennium Group. 0
3503 Millennium S2E9 Jose Chung`s Doomsday Defense Frank Black helps Jose Chung who is being stalked by a possible murderer and is writing a new book on the millennium. 0
3504 Millennium S2E10 Midnight of the Century Frank tries to mend fences with his estranged father on Christmas 0
3505 Millennium S2E11 Goodbye, Charlie Frank and Lara investigate a man who appears to be responsible for a number of "mercy" killings. 0
3506 Millennium S2E12 Luminary Against orders from the Millennium Group Frank searches for a missing boy in Alaska. 0
3507 Millennium S2E13 The Mikado Frank and Peter investigate a murder committed live on the internet. Clues lead Frank to the past and a serial killer called Avatar. 0
3508 Millennium S2E14 The Pest House Asylum inmtates become prime suspects in a series of murders involving urban legends. 0
3509 Millennium S2E15 Owls (1) The discovery of the True Cross in Damascas threatens to split the Millennium Group in two. 0
3510 Millennium S2E16 Roosters (2) As the schism between the two warring Millennium Group interests deepens, Frank Black discovers the existence of another player in the power struggle. 0
3511 Millennium S2E17 Siren A strange Asian woman is the prime suspect in a number of deaths aboard a ship. 0
3512 Millennium S2E18 In Arcadia Ego Frank and Peter attempt to track down two women who escaped from prison and try to help them when they learn that one of them is pregnant. 0
3513 Millennium S2E19 Anamnesis Catherine and Lara investigate a girl who appears to be having visions. 0
3514 Millennium S2E20 A Room with No View Frank feels that Bletcher`s murderer is responsible for the kidnapping of a boy. 0
3515 Millennium S2E21 Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me Four demons discuss damnation in the modern world over coffee. 0
3516 Millennium S2E22 The Fourth Horseman (1) Frank and Peter are exposed to dangerous disease and Lara disappears under mysterious circumstances. 0
3517 Millennium S2E23 The Time is Now (2) A dangerous plague appears to be spreading throughout the world. Frank learns that he has been vaccinated for the disease. His wife and child, however, have not. 0

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