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3473 Millennium S1E1 Pilot Frank Black retired FBI profiler is forced out of retirement by, a series of sexual homicides. He offers his support to Lt. Bob Bletcher, a former colleague with Seattle?s Homicide Unit, and is in turn offered the ressources of the mysterious Millennium Group, a corps of former law enforcement officers. Blessed - or afflicted - with an uncanny ability enabling him to see the world through the killer?s eyes, Frank must pursue the murderer through Seattle?s underground scene and stop his killing spree. 8
3474 Millennium S1E2 Gehenna Frank investigates a cult and its powerful leader. 7
3477 Millennium S1E5 522666 Frank and Peter assist an FBI investigation of a serial bomber in Washington, D.C. 7
3483 Millennium S1E11 Weeds Frank investigates a series of abductions in a small specially designed private community. The abductor makes his victims pay for the hidden sins of their fathers. 7
3484 Millennium S1E12 Loin Like a Hunting Flame Frank Black and the Millennium Group investigate a series of bizarre sex crimes. 7
3485 Millennium S1E13 Force Majeure Frank investigates a series of suicides that may be connected to a celestial alignment that will occur on May 5th, 2000. 10
3486 Millennium S1E14 The Thin White Line Frank must relive the past as he interviews a murderer he locked away years ago in order to catch the killer`s copycat prot?g 8
3487 Millennium S1E15 Sacrament Frank`s sister-in-law is abducted from her child`s baptism and Frank searches for the killer. 7
3489 Millennium S1E17 Walkabout Franks wakes up in an alley with both memory loss and the strange feeling that someone was murdered. 8
3490 Millennium S1E18 Lamentation (1) Frank investigates the disappearance of a former nemesis, Dr. Ephraim Fabricant, and learns that his family may be the target of a murderer. 10
3491 Millennium S1E19 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions (2) Frank and Peter investigate a series of Satanic murders and get caught in a battle between good and evil. 9
3492 Millennium S1E20 Broken World Frank tries to stop a killer of horses before he escalates. 7
3494 Millennium S1E22 Paper Dove (1) Frank tries to clear the man who accidently might have murdered his wife. 9

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