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3144 Lexx S3E1 Fire And Earth Out of fuel, the crew of the Lexx has no other choice than to enter stasis while the Lexx drifts through space - looking for something to eat. 4000 years later, Stan and Xev find themselves awakened by the mysterious and cruel Prince, the first inhabitant of the two planets the Lexx has settled into orbit around to make it up to the ship. 7
3149 Lexx S3E4 Boomtown Gametown is attacked by Duke`s forces in the stolen moths, though Kai manages to take back one and return to the Lexx with Bunny. Trying once more to go down to Water for food, Stanley decides they should go to Boomtown - the "all sex all the time" city... Meanwhile, Duke moves against Prince on Fire. 7
3157 Lexx S3E10 Battle Prince`s forces attack Garden, and kidnap Xev. Stan and Kai hijack one of their crafts and take up pursuit. But the enemy starts to manoeuvre in place above them, firing arrows to puncture their balloon. 7
3253 Lexx S3E13 Heaven And Hell Xev and Kai go to Fire to confront Prince about Stanley`s life essence. When he refuses to give it up, Kai jumps down into a well to the planet`s core hoping to retrieve it. He winds up the beach, with Prince taunting him that he`s now trapped there for eternity, unable to help either Stanley or Xev. 7

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