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1911 La Femme Nikita S2E1 Hard Landing While working as a waitress, Nikita is captured by the Freedom League and used as bait to lure Section One into a trap. During a raid by a Section team led by Michael, Nikita saves Michael`s life and they manage to escape together. 9
1912 La Femme Nikita S2E2 Spec Ops While Nikita is reassigned to Special Operative Jurgen, Section is contacted by one of Freedom League`s operatives in order to verify Nikita`s story about her capture. 7
1913 La Femme Nikita S2E3 Third Person Nikita is brought back to full operative status when Birkoff discovers a six-man terrorist team are making several random attacks. 6
1914 La Femme Nikita S2E4 Approaching Zero Section believes that terrorists are after the nuclear power source of a downed satellite. They later discover the terrorists are actually after it because it is a military satellite and it will give them access to the Pentagon if they are able to salvage it and crack the codes. 8
1915 La Femme Nikita S2E5 New Regime Egram Petrosian, the former Section deep cover agent rescued by Section One, takes over and promotes Nikita to second in command when Operations is seriously wounded by an insane operative. 9
1916 La Femme Nikita S2E6 Mandatory Refusal During a mission, Michael is forced into a stage where he must cut communication with Section and complete the mission at any cost, but the target of Michael captures Madeline, and Operations is willing to kill Michael in order to protect her. 7
1917 La Femme Nikita S2E7 Half-Life Michael`s loyalties are divided when Nikita discovers his friend is a bomber and Operations tells him to betray his friend. 7
1918 La Femme Nikita S2E8 Darkness Visible Nikita and Michael are sent on a mission to take out someone in a Balkan nation, but Nikita must force Michael into protecting two displaced children, however that protection prevents Nikita from hitting their target, and they must risk their lives in order to get him down. 7
1919 La Femme Nikita S2E9 Open Heart On an assignment to capture a Red Cell agent known as Jenna, with valuable information, Nikita is arrested and brought to jail in order to serve time, where Jenna is also serving time. But she is forced to betray the trust she has with Jenna when she must escape the jail along with her, only for Jenna to be captured and interrogated. 6
1920 La Femme Nikita S2E10 First Mission Nikita is promoted to team leader early and is sent on a much more dangerous than expected mission with a disobedient operative. 9
1921 La Femme Nikita S2E11 Psychic Pilgrim Section believes that an imprisoned terrorist leader is ordering an attack through his lawyer. Nikita and Michael go undercover as a couple, and Nikita is supposed to be a psychic. The terrorist`s lawyer asks Nikita to contact his dead son, but Nikita is shocked to discover something else... 6
1922 La Femme Nikita S2E12 Soul Sacrifice A Section operative known as Terry fails a mission and admits to Nikita the cause was her pregnancy. When she is teamed up with Nikita and Michael she plans to escape from Section, and Nikita must choose a side. 5
1923 La Femme Nikita S2E13 Not Was Michael is captured and interrogated by terrorists, then loses his memory and does not know who he is. 6
1924 La Femme Nikita S2E14 Double Date Michael and Nikita are sent on a mission along with former hit man David Fanning, but during the mission he takes Nikita hostage and demands that Michael return his girlfriend, or Nikita will be killed. 7
1925 La Femme Nikita S2E15 Fuzzy Logic Section captures a mathematician in order to decode a code that is aiding terrorists in their attacks. 9
1926 La Femme Nikita S2E16 Old Habits Section is trying to stop a terrorist group from engaging in suicide bombings, and Nikita is assigned to recieve information from an agent known as Formits, who, unbeknownest to Nikita, is in fact a serial killer. 6
1927 La Femme Nikita S2E17 Inside Out Section falls into a trap when a mission to take out a Red Cell munitions base causes a virus to be spread throughout Section. 8
1928 La Femme Nikita S2E18 Off Profile A new recruit named Andrea is romanced by Michael. When she learns that it was just a setup to gain allegiance to Section, she wants Nikita`s help for revenge. Upon Nikita`s refusal, Andrea proves dangerous to both Nikita and Michael when their mission ends up in a dangerous lab containing viruses. 6
1929 La Femme Nikita S2E19 Last Night Operations orders a raid to capture the leader of a terrorist group, which turns out to be a sentient computer. 7
1930 La Femme Nikita S2E20 In Between When Section discovers a wealthy terrorist plans to fund upcoming civilian attacks, Michael and Nikita pose as money launderers in order to stop him. However, his assistant, Giraldi, claims to be a Section operative who has been in the field for nine years and wants to be brought back in. 8
1931 La Femme Nikita S2E21 Adrians Garden Part 1 When the founder of Section One comes back to destroy her own creation, Nikita must make a choice between the life of Michael or the existence of Section. 10
1932 La Femme Nikita S2E22 End Game Part 2 With Adrian`s help, Nikita manages to breach the most sensitive area of Section and secure a file, code named Gemstone, which contains evidence which will bring down Operations and destroy Section One. Meanwhile, Operations forces Michael to identify the Section operative most likely to work with Adrian to undermine Section: Nikita. 10

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