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1897 La Femme Nikita S1E9 Gray Section One`s computer security is breached and the directory of all their agents is stolen. Michael goes to Prague to reclaim the directory, but the man who stole it is killed by another terrorist. Nikita discovers that it was left with a civilian passenger on a Prague city bus, architect Gray Wellman. 8
1899 La Femme Nikita S1E11 Rescue During a mission to destroy a Russian chemical plant, Michael is injured and is left behind. Madeline and Nikita are able to determine where Michael could possibly be and arrive at Angie`s apartment shortly after Petrosian does and extract Michael and Angie with Petrosian in pursuit. 8
1902 La Femme Nikita S1E14 Gambit Nikita goes to visit Madeline who wants to see her, although Birkoff warns her that Madeline is busy. Madeline`s in the middle of negotiating with a man, killing innocent hostages in order to get her demands met. Just before Nikita arrives at her office, the man agrees to her demands but she prepares to shoot the last hostage anyway. 9
1905 La Femme Nikita S1E17 War The stolen Directory has ended up in the hands of Red Cell, and operatives are being hit around the world. Section is being forced to evacuate. In order to learn Red Cell`s next move, Nikita and Michael attempt to capture Red Cell`s counterpart to Birkoff, but instead, they themselves are captured and tortured. 10
1906 La Femme Nikita S1E18 Missing One of the members of a criminal organization that steals classified information to sell to the highest bidder is Operations` long-lost son, Steven. Section One`s mission is to eradicate this group along with a dangerous terrorist that plans to buy a smart missile chip from them, but Operations asks Nikita to keep Steven alive at all costs. 8
1909 La Femme Nikita S1E21 Verdict Jovan Mijovich has been elected as premier of his new nation, but there is a hitman out to assassinate him. Nikita and Michael, along with other section one operatives, are dispatched to provide security. During the inaugural celebration, the hit man is taken out, but a hostage situation develops that no one expected. 8
1910 La Femme Nikita S1E22 Mercy Section One is hot on the trail of Tyler, one of the world`s most dangerous terrorists. After Tyler kidnaps a young inventor who has created a new, completely undetectable plastic explosive, Nikita is sent to try and rescue the inventor and keep his knowledge out of Tyler`s hands. 10

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