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3807 House MD S2E1 Acceptance Clarence, an inmate on death row starts seeing hallucinations of the people he killed -- his girlfriend, a rival gang member and a cop. Clarence screams to be let out of the room and then collapses on the floor. 0
3808 House MD S2E2 Autopsy Andie, a 9-year old girl with cancer, grabs her pills for the day. Before she can inject her stomach with another medication, she sees the bathroom shake. The mirror shatters, cutting her palm. 0
3809 House MD S2E3 Humpty Dumpty Alfredo, a construction worker at Cuddy?s house, complains that his asthma is acting up. She asks him to finish the job. Alfredo falls off the roof onto the concrete. 0
3810 House MD S2E4 TB or not TB Dr. Sebastian Charles emerges from a plane in a remote African village. He?s arrived with tuberculosis medicine for the villagers, who greet him warmly. Back in the states, Dr. Charles gives a presentation to the board of Stoia-Tucker Pharmaceuticals and implores them to provide more medicine from the poor. During the presentation, Dr. Charles collapses and seizes. 0
3811 House MD S2E5 Daddy`s Boy Carnell Hall and his father Ken celebrate Carnell?s graduation from Princeton. Ken thinks Carnell?s mother would have been so proud of him. That night, Carnell enjoys one last frat party. He begins to feel a series of electric shocks before convulsing on the floor. 0
3812 House MD S2E6 Spin During a race, famous cyclist Jeff Hastert gasps for air and then collapses. At the hospital, Stacy rushes into House?s office to remind him to renew his credentials. Cuddy interrupts with the details on Jeff. House asks Cuddy to fire Stacy for pestering him about paperwork. He?s not interested Jeff?s case because it?s probably due to steroids. Yet he becomes intrigued when Cuddy notes that Jeff doesn?t deny using performance-enhancing drugs. 0
3813 House MD S2E7 Hunting House admits to Wilson that he made copies of Stacy`s psychiatric evaluation. Wilson is aghast at the breach of ethics. House is incredibly intrigued to find out that things are rough between Stacey and Mark. The couple isn`t even having sex. 0
3814 House MD S2E8 The Mistake Stacy informs House and Chase that their scheduled peer review disciplinary hearing has been moved up to the next day. Since this is Chase?s first experience with the process, Stacy wants to walk him through it. 0
3815 House MD S2E9 Deception House is playing the horses at an off?track betting parlor when he strikes up a flirtatious chat with a woman named Anica. She collapses and begins convulsing. House doesn?t help, but instructs someone else to call an ambulance. Yet when he notices red streaks on Anica?s stomach, House has the paramedics take her to Princeton?Plainsboro and ask for a Dr. House. 0

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