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3785 House MD S1E1 Pilot A young woman named Rebecca is teaching her kindergarten class when she begins to have trouble speaking. Soon, she collapses on the floor and begins convulsing. At the hospital, Dr. James Wilson, describes the case to Dr. House. Female, 29, first seizure one month ago, progressive deterioration of mental status. The doctor asks House to take this case and put his team to work on it. 0
3786 House MD S1E2 Paternity A family arrives for an appointment with House even though it?s a walk-in clinic. They claim to have a letter from him about the appointment, which is odd because House doesn?t write letters. It seems that Dr. Cameron wrote the letter and signed House?s name to aid the family. 0
3787 House MD S1E3 Occam`s Razor Brandon, a 22-year old male, passed out after having sex with his fianc?e. He had been complaining about a cough and a rash beforehand. Now he is suffering severe abdominal pain, nausea, fever and low blood pressure. 0
3788 House MD S1E4 Maternity Still in the hospital, the newborn Hartig daughter spits up and the mother is concerned because the baby hasn?t eaten anything yet. The baby suffers a seizure. Later, a nurse who was in the room recounts the incident to another doctor in the lounge. She discusses the baby?s bowel obstruction. House overhears their chat and quickly leaves. 0
3789 House MD S1E5 Damned if you do House?s new patient, Sister Augustine, has hands red with boils. While her fellow nuns suspect stigmata, House suspects dermatitis brought on by an allergic reaction to dish soap. He gives her an antihistamine, suggests over-the-counter cortisone cream and sends the good Sister on her way. Unfortunately, the antihistamine leaves Sister Augustine gasping for air. House believes it is an asthma attack caused by an allergic reaction to the pill. He notices a rapid heartbeat and calls for a nurse. 0
3790 House MD S1E6 The Socratic Method A mother, Lucille Palmeiro, is hearing voices in her head. She feels a sharp pain in her leg, which turns out to be a blood clot. At the same time, Lucille?s son, Luke, is working with a disability counselor to keep his mother?s benefit checks coming in. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year. The clot moves to the Lucille?s lungs and she collapses. 0
3791 House MD S1E7 Fidelity After a morning romp with his wife, a man named Ed returned home to find his spouse sick in bed. Elise has remained there for days. At the hospital, Cameron tells House that the patient has been sleeping 18 hours a day, but the tests don?t reveal anything. 0
3792 House MD S1E8 Poison A student named Matt begins sweating and grimacing during a test. He stands up and passes out. His body goes into convulsions. Foreman presents the case to House. Matt has a severe case of bradycardia, which means that his heart rate is falling fast. House thinks it?s simply drug use. While Chase is examining the boy, he begins seizing again. 0
3793 House MD S1E9 DNR A famous and wheelchair-bound horn player named John Henry Giles plays with a band. By mid-session he loses his breath and passes out from a lack of oxygen. At the hospital, House wants a piece of the case. He?s intrigued that John Henry has been paralyzed for two years without explanation. Cuddy tells House that they?re only treating John Henry for pneumonia. The man?s paralysis was treated by his primary doctor, Marty Hamilton, in Los Angeles. Foreman did his residency with Dr. Hamilton. 0
3794 House MD S1E10 Histories A woman is desperate to score some drugs. She heads to a house rave to get her fix, but doesn?t have the $20 to get in. She begs to be allowed in to see her dealer, James. Once inside, the cops bust the party and the woman freaks out. 0
3795 House MD S1E11 Detox A teenage couple decides to go for a drive in his dad?s Porsche. The boy, named Keith, begins choking and coughing up blood. Distracted, the girl spins the car out and they are broadsided by a bus. 0
3796 House MD S1E12 Sports Medicine A baseball player named Hank Wiggen shoots an anti-drug commercial but it?s not going well. The director tries to provide some help, but Hank doesn?t grasp what to do until his wife, Lola, advises him to just tell his own story. Hank got mixed up in drugs and only quit because he was going to die. Now he?s clean and getting ready to pitch on Opening Day. On the next take, Hank throws a pitch and his upper arm breaks. His comeback is over. 0
3797 House MD S1E13 Cursed Two 12 year-olds walking home from school sneak into an abandoned building to join their friends for beer and cigarettes. One of the boys, Gabriel Reilich, trips and falls on the old, wooden floor. Later that week, Gabe develops a rash on his arm. His worried mother, Sarah, takes him to the hospital, concerned with the fever he?s had all week. Gabe tries to get out of bed, but collapses on the floor. 0
3798 House MD S1E14 Control Carly, a thirty-something female CEO, is in the middle of a confident pitch to the board when she starts trembling. Suddenly, she can?t move her leg. House gives his verdict to the team: paralysis and severe pain in the right quad. Cameron wonders if she has the same clot in her thigh that House had. House orders an angiogram to test for a clot. If that test is clean, then she?ll be given an MRI to check for spinal pressure. If that one also turns out negative, then they will biopsy the leg. Chase oversees Carly?s x-ray. While he flirts with the technician, Chase doesn?t notice that the machine took a shot of Carly?s left thigh. 0
3799 House MD S1E15 Mob Rules Young wiseguy Joey Arnello eats in a hotel room. His brother and lawyer, Bill, is trying to talk him out of testifying. Joey stands up and, feeling dizzy, collapses. Bill tries to help him but the federal agents in the room think he?s faking. 0
3800 House MD S1E16 Heavy Ten-year old Jessica Simms tells her mother that she isn?t feeling good and doesn?t want to go to school. She admits that she thinks the kids at school hate her. At school that day, Jessica is jumping rope in gym class when she complains that her chest hurts. The teacher pushes her to finish, but Jessica collapses. Her heart stops beating. 0
3801 House MD S1E17 Role Model Senator Gary Wright speaks at a fundraiser, but stumbles through the end of his speech. Then he struggles to converse with a supporter. Wright vomits on the man?s suit before collapsing and tumbling down a flight of stairs. 0
3802 House MD S1E18 Babies and Bathwater Pregnant Naomi Randolph is in the driver?s seat with her slightly intoxicated husband, Sean, as a passenger. Suddenly, she goes limp and the car swerves into oncoming traffic. Sean quickly grabs the wheel and pulls the car over. A police officer arrives. When Naomi slurs her words, he asks her to get out of the car. She mindlessly sways to the back of the car, then collapses. 0
3803 House MD S1E19 Kids At the USA Swimming and Diving National Championships, twelve year-old Mary Carroll prepares to dive from 10 meters. On top of the platform, Mary?s vision becomes blurry. She nervously approaches the edge, talks herself into the dive and leaps. When she surfaces, Mary finds the crowd swarming a man who collapsed next to the pool and is bleeding from his ear. 0
3804 House MD S1E20 Love Hurts Harvey Park, a 21-year old Asian, patiently waits to be seen by a doctor. In a clinic room, House and Wilson discuss the return of Cameron. Wilson can?t figure out why she would come back until he realizes that Cameron likes House. House reluctantly admits that he agreed to take Cameron on a date. Frustrated by Wilson?s teasing, House leaves and bumps into Harvey Park, who?s carrying around a glass of apple juice. House mistakes the juice for a urine sample and yells at Harvey, who cowers back to the waiting room. Wilson tells House he?d better apologize because he can?t afford another patient complaint. House tracks down Harvey, who struggles to speak. House shines a penlight in his eye and rushes Harvey into the ER because he?s having a stroke. 0
3805 House MD S1E21 Three Stories House is trying to get out of lecturing a class of medical students. He finally agrees to it after much complaining to Cuddy and an offer of two hours off clinic duty. On his way to the class, House is stopped by a woman from his past named Stacy. She needs his help with a case and presents him with her husband?s file. This catches House off guard -- he didn?t know she was married. House thinks the diagnosis is something simple like indigestion or a kidney stone. 0
3806 House MD S1E22 Honeymoon House and Stacy are out to dinner, waiting for the arrival of her husband, Mark. Once again he is late because he?s been avoiding House. When mark finally arrives, he announces that he has already consulted other doctors because he didn?t want to waste House?s valuable time. The doctors thought he was suffering from stress, so Mark declares himself to be fine. Mark and House politely bicker with their rivalry over Stacy coming to the surface. The argument becomes more competitive as the two men race to down their beers. Mark suddenly becomes woozy and passes out. House drugged him in order to get him back to the hospital for a checkup. 0

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