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555 Farscape S1E1 Premiere Crichton takes his Shuttle Farscape on a flight test. But something goes wrong, he is sucked into a wormhole, and flung across the galaxy. 7
556 Farscape S1E2 I, E.T. A Peacekeeper tracking device is activated in Moya. In order to jam the signal while they attempt to deactivate it, the crew land Moya on a planet, in a swamp. 4
557 Farscape S1E3 Exodus from Genesis Moya hides from a Peacekeeper scout behind what appears to be a dust cloud. But the dust is actually a swarm of bugs who are about to reproduce. 5
558 Farscape S1E4 Throne for a Loss Rygel attempts to impress the Tavleks with his bargaining skills. Instead, they kidnap him and hold him to ransom. Rygel has a vital part of the ship`s system on him. So his crewmates have to rescue him, whether they want to or not. 5
559 Farscape S1E5 Back and Back and Back to the Future During the rescue of two aliens, Crichton is exposed to a mysterious force in their shuttle, giving him flashes of a deadly future. 7
560 Farscape S1E6 Thank God It`s Friday, Again Caught in the grip of some strange rage that makes him want to kill Crichton, D`Argo goes down to the planet Sykar. But when the others go down after him to bring him back, they find a strangely bucolic D`Argo who wants to stay there as a farmer. 5
561 Farscape S1E7 PK Tech Girl The crew find a disabled warship. Crichton and Aeryn go to investigate, and discover a Peacekeeper technician. 6
562 Farscape S1E8 That Old Black Magic An evil magician forces a disembodied Crichton and Crais to fight. Crichton tells Craise that his brother`s death was an accident, but Crais doesn`t care; he just wants revenge. 7
563 Farscape S1E9 DNA Mad Scientist A famous biologist can tell from a DNA sample where the subject`s home world is. He doesn`t have Earth on his database, and Aeryn refuses to participate, because she can never go home. 8
564 Farscape S1E10 They Have a Secret During a routine patrol of Moya D`Argo stumbles across some kind of plate, which breaks, and expels him outside into vacuum. Moya is closing down life support, and taking over the DRDs. 9
565 Farscape S1E11 Til the Blood Runs Clear Crichton and Aeryn are testing out Farscape when they manage to replicate the conditions that lead to the original wormhole and an unstable wormhole appears. 6
566 Farscape S1E12 Rhapsody in Blue Moya and the crew run across a Delvian sect, who are planning how to retake their planet from the Peacekeepers. But the madness is coming upon them, and they need to regain control. 4
567 Farscape S1E13 The Flax Aeryn is teaching Crichton how to pilot an attack craft -- he`s a very slow learner -- when they get caught in an invisible web. Moya gets a visit from an ex-Zenetan pirate, who warns the crew about the Flax -- a trap laid by the pirates to capture spacecrafts. 6
568 Farscape S1E14 Jeremiah Crichton Crichton storms off in Farscape to get some time alone, but is horrified to then see Moya starburst away. He thinks the others have abandoned him. 6
569 Farscape S1E15 Durka Returns Coming out of starburst, Moya accidentally damages another ship, and its complement of three has to be rescued. Unbelievably, one of these is Durka, the Peacekeeper captain who tortured Rygel a hundred cycles ago, and who Rygel thought dead. 7
570 Farscape S1E16 A Human Reaction Pilot finds a wormhole, and Earth is visible at the other end! Crichton heads home in Farscape, but when he gets there, everyone seems strangely hostile. Then Aeryn, D`Argo and Rygel arrive to check up on him. 7
571 Farscape S1E17 Through the Looking Glass The crew are sitting round, eating, saying they should leave the pregnant Moya, because she can`t starburst very often. They don`t realise she can hear them through the DRDs. 8
572 Farscape S1E18 A Bug`s Life The crew run across some real Peacekeepers in a damaged ship. Crichton pretends to be a Peacekeeper Captain, Aeryn his Lieutenant, and the rest prisoners. 8
573 Farscape S1E19 Nerve Aeryn tells everyone she is recovered from her stab wound, but Crichton discovers she will in fact die from it very soon, unless she gets a nerve graft. 10
574 Farscape S1E20 A Hidden Memory Crichton is resisting the mind probe, not because of the wormhole technology, but because he might give away his relationship with Gilina. But she fixes the machine to insert a false memory -- of Crais plotting with Crichton. 8
575 Farscape S1E21 Bone to be Wild Crew, Moya and baby are lost in an asteroid belt, hiding from Crais and Scorpius, when they receive a distress call. They go to the asteroid source of the call, and discover two creatures. 8
576 Farscape S1E22 Family Ties Moya and crew are still hiding in the asteroid field. Rygel goes to the Peacekeepers and offers to sell out the crew in exchange for his freedom. 10

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