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600 Farscape S3E1 Season of Death The crew are suspicious, and D`Argo, Zhaan and Stark come down to the planet to find out what has happened to Crichton. Although the chip has been removed from his head, there is still the Scorpius-entity present. 9
610 Farscape S3E11 Incubator Desperate to decode the last of the wormhole technology, Scorpius implants the chip in his own brain, and tries to convince the internal Crichton to help, by showing him his abusive upbringing by the Skarrans. 9
612 Farscape S3E13 Scratch `N` Sniff Pilot is fed up with Crichton and D`Argo` constant bickering, and sends the crew off to a pleasure planet for a week. But two days later, Crichton is back, with a fantastic tale of drug dealing and hammer-headed aliens. 9
613 Farscape S3E14 Infinite Possibilities pt. 1: Daedalus Demands Jack, the ancient alien who originally gave Crichton the wormhole secrets turns up on Talyn, accusing John of selling the technology to a war-like race. Crichton tells Jack about Scorpius. Jack tries to remove Scorpius, but in the end, it appears that only Scorpius is left in John`s head, and that Aeryn will have to kill him... 10
614 Farscape S3E15 Infinite Possibilities pt. 2: Icarus Abides ...the Scorpius personality dies, leaving John free at last. He helps Jack build the bomb, but they are double crossed, and Jack is killed. In a desperate struggle, John manages to use the bomb to destroy the Scarrans 10
615 Farscape S3E16 Revenging Angel In a fit of anger, D`Argo hits Chricton, who ends up in a coma. D`Argo`s ship is about to self destruct, and the crew need to stop it before it kills Moya. Meanwhile, in his head, Crichton fights a cartoon battle with Scorpius. 9
618 Farscape S3E19 I-Yensch, You-Yensch D`Argo and Rygel go to negotiate with Scorpius, telling him that Crichton wants to give him wormhole technology, because otherwise the Scarrans will get it first. But they end up getting caught up in an inept robbery. 9
619 Farscape S3E20 Into the Lion`s Den pt. 1: Lambs to the Slaughter Crichton is on board Scorpius` command carrier. He`s finding it difficult to come up with a workable plan to destroy the wormhole data. The Peacekeepers don`t like Moya`s crew. 9
620 Farscape S3E21 Into the Lion`s Den pt. 2: Wolf in Sheep`s Clothin Crichton decides the only way to stop Scorpius is to blow up the entire Command Carrier. While they are searching for a way to do this, Crais betrays their plan to Scorpius, and the crew are locked up. 10
621 Farscape S3E22 A Dog with Two Bones Moya and the crew want to bury talyn`s remains in the sacred leviathan burial grounds, which unfortunately is guarded by a rogue mad leviathan, who attacks them. So they band together and kill it. 10

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