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577 Farscape S2E1 Mind the Baby Aeryn saves Crichton and D`Argo, but only by making a deal with Crais. Zhaan has decided to meditate her way to the next level. 8
580 Farscape S2E4 Crackers Don`t Matter A strange blind alien boards Moya to help the crew build a device to screen them from Scorpius. First he has to take them past some pulsars -- he warns them that their light affects only "lesser species". But they soon all start acting strangely hostile -- even when the pulsars are past. 8
581 Farscape S2E5 The Way We Weren`t The crew find old datacam recording, showing the cold-blooded killing of Moya`s previous Pilot by Peacekeepers -- and one of them is Aeryn. The crew are horrified, but agree to keep the news from Pilot. 8
585 Farscape S2E9 Out of Their Minds A badly damaged ship is threatening to attack Moya. Zhaan goes aboard to convince them the crew offers no threat., but the two surviving aliens claim they were attacked by Talon, imprison Zhaan, and fire on Moya. 8
586 Farscape S2E10 Look at the Princess pt. 1: A Kiss Is But a Kiss Moya and crew find a Peacekeeper "lost colony", now anti-Peacekeeper. They are having a coronation, and the crew, go down to join in. The Princess has to find someone with compatible DNA before she can succeed, but her DNA has been poisoned, so no Sebacean is compatible. 8
587 Farscape S2E11 Look at the Princess pt. 2: I Do, I Think The Prince`s fiancee, actually an undercover agent, saves Crichton`s life, and assumes he too is a Sebacean agent, there to stop the Prince becoming Emperor. Crichton beats up the Prince, but no-one else will believe that. 8
588 Farscape S2E12 Look at the Princess pt. 3: The Maltese Crichton Crichton`s statue head is stolen, and bounces around between various parties. Eventually it is reattached, and he is restored, by the Sebacean agent. Aeryn`s rock-climbing party goes wrong when her companion panics. 8
591 Farscape S2E15 Won`t Get Fooled Again Crichton wakes up back on Earth, and is told that he crashed Farscape. But he`s too wise to fall for that again, tries to strangle his "father". 9
594 Farscape S2E18 A Clockwork Nebari Two Nebari arrive to take Chiana home. They use drugs to brain-cleanse all of the crew, except Pilot who cannot be cleansed, so is controlled by a collar, and Crichton, whose Scorpius implant makes him able to resist. 8
595 Farscape S2E19 Liars, Guns and Money pt. 1: A Not So Simple Plan Zhaan is searching for Stark, but D`Argo wants to rescue his son. Just as they are about to come to blows, they find Stark, who had managed to reconstitute himself. He says D`Argo`s son is to be sold at a slave auction. 9
596 Farscape S2E20 Liars, Guns and Money pt. 2: With Friends Like These The crew get to the slave auction too late: Scorpius has bought the lot containing D`Argo`s son. So they decide to use the loot to hire mercenaries . 9
597 Farscape S2E21 Liars, Guns and Money pt. 3: Plan B The crew and the mercenaries plan to rescue Crichton, and steal some more loot. There`s lots of frenetic activity and running around, but eventually they succeed, with the help of Crais and Taylon. 9
598 Farscape S2E22 Die Me Dichotomy The crew take Moya and Crichton to a brilliant surgeon for treatment. While Moya is being treated, Crichton, now almost totally under control of the Scorpius chip, escapes, takes his shuttle, and speeds off, sending a signal to the real Scorpius. 9

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