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563 Farscape S1E9 DNA Mad Scientist A famous biologist can tell from a DNA sample where the subject`s home world is. He doesn`t have Earth on his database, and Aeryn refuses to participate, because she can never go home. 8
564 Farscape S1E10 They Have a Secret During a routine patrol of Moya D`Argo stumbles across some kind of plate, which breaks, and expels him outside into vacuum. Moya is closing down life support, and taking over the DRDs. 9
571 Farscape S1E17 Through the Looking Glass The crew are sitting round, eating, saying they should leave the pregnant Moya, because she can`t starburst very often. They don`t realise she can hear them through the DRDs. 8
572 Farscape S1E18 A Bug`s Life The crew run across some real Peacekeepers in a damaged ship. Crichton pretends to be a Peacekeeper Captain, Aeryn his Lieutenant, and the rest prisoners. 8
573 Farscape S1E19 Nerve Aeryn tells everyone she is recovered from her stab wound, but Crichton discovers she will in fact die from it very soon, unless she gets a nerve graft. 10
574 Farscape S1E20 A Hidden Memory Crichton is resisting the mind probe, not because of the wormhole technology, but because he might give away his relationship with Gilina. But she fixes the machine to insert a false memory -- of Crais plotting with Crichton. 8
575 Farscape S1E21 Bone to be Wild Crew, Moya and baby are lost in an asteroid belt, hiding from Crais and Scorpius, when they receive a distress call. They go to the asteroid source of the call, and discover two creatures. 8
576 Farscape S1E22 Family Ties Moya and crew are still hiding in the asteroid field. Rygel goes to the Peacekeepers and offers to sell out the crew in exchange for his freedom. 10
577 Farscape S2E1 Mind the Baby Aeryn saves Crichton and D`Argo, but only by making a deal with Crais. Zhaan has decided to meditate her way to the next level. 8
580 Farscape S2E4 Crackers Don`t Matter A strange blind alien boards Moya to help the crew build a device to screen them from Scorpius. First he has to take them past some pulsars -- he warns them that their light affects only "lesser species". But they soon all start acting strangely hostile -- even when the pulsars are past. 8
581 Farscape S2E5 The Way We Weren`t The crew find old datacam recording, showing the cold-blooded killing of Moya`s previous Pilot by Peacekeepers -- and one of them is Aeryn. The crew are horrified, but agree to keep the news from Pilot. 8
585 Farscape S2E9 Out of Their Minds A badly damaged ship is threatening to attack Moya. Zhaan goes aboard to convince them the crew offers no threat., but the two surviving aliens claim they were attacked by Talon, imprison Zhaan, and fire on Moya. 8
586 Farscape S2E10 Look at the Princess pt. 1: A Kiss Is But a Kiss Moya and crew find a Peacekeeper "lost colony", now anti-Peacekeeper. They are having a coronation, and the crew, go down to join in. The Princess has to find someone with compatible DNA before she can succeed, but her DNA has been poisoned, so no Sebacean is compatible. 8
587 Farscape S2E11 Look at the Princess pt. 2: I Do, I Think The Prince`s fiancee, actually an undercover agent, saves Crichton`s life, and assumes he too is a Sebacean agent, there to stop the Prince becoming Emperor. Crichton beats up the Prince, but no-one else will believe that. 8
588 Farscape S2E12 Look at the Princess pt. 3: The Maltese Crichton Crichton`s statue head is stolen, and bounces around between various parties. Eventually it is reattached, and he is restored, by the Sebacean agent. Aeryn`s rock-climbing party goes wrong when her companion panics. 8
591 Farscape S2E15 Won`t Get Fooled Again Crichton wakes up back on Earth, and is told that he crashed Farscape. But he`s too wise to fall for that again, tries to strangle his "father". 9
594 Farscape S2E18 A Clockwork Nebari Two Nebari arrive to take Chiana home. They use drugs to brain-cleanse all of the crew, except Pilot who cannot be cleansed, so is controlled by a collar, and Crichton, whose Scorpius implant makes him able to resist. 8
595 Farscape S2E19 Liars, Guns and Money pt. 1: A Not So Simple Plan Zhaan is searching for Stark, but D`Argo wants to rescue his son. Just as they are about to come to blows, they find Stark, who had managed to reconstitute himself. He says D`Argo`s son is to be sold at a slave auction. 9
596 Farscape S2E20 Liars, Guns and Money pt. 2: With Friends Like These The crew get to the slave auction too late: Scorpius has bought the lot containing D`Argo`s son. So they decide to use the loot to hire mercenaries . 9
597 Farscape S2E21 Liars, Guns and Money pt. 3: Plan B The crew and the mercenaries plan to rescue Crichton, and steal some more loot. There`s lots of frenetic activity and running around, but eventually they succeed, with the help of Crais and Taylon. 9
598 Farscape S2E22 Die Me Dichotomy The crew take Moya and Crichton to a brilliant surgeon for treatment. While Moya is being treated, Crichton, now almost totally under control of the Scorpius chip, escapes, takes his shuttle, and speeds off, sending a signal to the real Scorpius. 9
600 Farscape S3E1 Season of Death The crew are suspicious, and D`Argo, Zhaan and Stark come down to the planet to find out what has happened to Crichton. Although the chip has been removed from his head, there is still the Scorpius-entity present. 9
605 Farscape S3E6 Eat Me Aeryn, Stark and Rygel discover a badly damaged Talyn. Meanwhile Crichton, D`Argo and Chiana land their pod in a strange Leviathan. There they discover a group of cannibals eating the ship and each other. 8
607 Farscape S3E8 Green-Eyed Monster Talyn, Crais, Aeryn and Crichton are swallowed by a giant space creature. Aeryn agrees to be hooked up to Tayln to help them escape. Talyn is jealous of Crichton, and makes him think Aeryn has "recreated" with Crais. 8
608 Farscape S3E9 Losing Time Back on Moya, strange things start happening after passing through a nebula the crew discover they have "lost time". Then they find Pilot possessed. 8
609 Farscape S3E10 Relativity Talyn has landed on a jungle planet to recover. But the Peacekeeper crew led by Aerin`s mother finds them. After lots of running around and fighting, eventually Aerin realises her mother must die. 8
610 Farscape S3E11 Incubator Desperate to decode the last of the wormhole technology, Scorpius implants the chip in his own brain, and tries to convince the internal Crichton to help, by showing him his abusive upbringing by the Skarrans. 9
611 Farscape S3E12 Meltdown Talyn gets too close to a siren star, and starts leaking gas which makes everyone more susceptible to their urges. Stark links to Talyn to help send a dead woman to the other side. Rygel overeats. Crais gets all Captainy. And Aeryn and Crichton can barely keep their hands off each other. 8
612 Farscape S3E13 Scratch `N` Sniff Pilot is fed up with Crichton and D`Argo` constant bickering, and sends the crew off to a pleasure planet for a week. But two days later, Crichton is back, with a fantastic tale of drug dealing and hammer-headed aliens. 9
613 Farscape S3E14 Infinite Possibilities pt. 1: Daedalus Demands Jack, the ancient alien who originally gave Crichton the wormhole secrets turns up on Talyn, accusing John of selling the technology to a war-like race. Crichton tells Jack about Scorpius. Jack tries to remove Scorpius, but in the end, it appears that only Scorpius is left in John`s head, and that Aeryn will have to kill him... 10
614 Farscape S3E15 Infinite Possibilities pt. 2: Icarus Abides ...the Scorpius personality dies, leaving John free at last. He helps Jack build the bomb, but they are double crossed, and Jack is killed. In a desperate struggle, John manages to use the bomb to destroy the Scarrans 10
615 Farscape S3E16 Revenging Angel In a fit of anger, D`Argo hits Chricton, who ends up in a coma. D`Argo`s ship is about to self destruct, and the crew need to stop it before it kills Moya. Meanwhile, in his head, Crichton fights a cartoon battle with Scorpius. 9
617 Farscape S3E18 Fractures A group of escaped prisoners, including a female Hynerian and a Scarran, have sought refuge on Moya when the crew of Talyn finally return. Rygel is in love, but Aeryn finds meeting the "other" Crichton very hard. 8
618 Farscape S3E19 I-Yensch, You-Yensch D`Argo and Rygel go to negotiate with Scorpius, telling him that Crichton wants to give him wormhole technology, because otherwise the Scarrans will get it first. But they end up getting caught up in an inept robbery. 9
619 Farscape S3E20 Into the Lion`s Den pt. 1: Lambs to the Slaughter Crichton is on board Scorpius` command carrier. He`s finding it difficult to come up with a workable plan to destroy the wormhole data. The Peacekeepers don`t like Moya`s crew. 9
620 Farscape S3E21 Into the Lion`s Den pt. 2: Wolf in Sheep`s Clothin Crichton decides the only way to stop Scorpius is to blow up the entire Command Carrier. While they are searching for a way to do this, Crais betrays their plan to Scorpius, and the crew are locked up. 10
621 Farscape S3E22 A Dog with Two Bones Moya and the crew want to bury talyn`s remains in the sacred leviathan burial grounds, which unfortunately is guarded by a rogue mad leviathan, who attacks them. So they band together and kill it. 10
622 Farscape S4E1 Crichton Kicks Crichton is reunited with Chiana and Rygel in an attempt to save a dying Leviathan from a group of mercenaries, who storm his new home in an attempt to harvest the living ship`s flesh. 8
623 Farscape S4E2 What Was Lost pt. 1: Sacrifice More of Moya`s crew is reunited on a planet where Interion scientists are conducting an archeological dig. But their happy reunion is threatened when Commandant Grayza arrives and puts Crichton under a sensual spell. 8
626 Farscape S4E5 Promises The crew returns to Moya, where they find that Aeryn has returned -- struck with heat delirium. And when a massive alien vessel comes looking for her, Crichton and the others must outwit their opponent to save her life. 9
628 Farscape S4E7 John Quixote John and Chiana are trapped in a virtual reality simulation, and must win a game controlled by an unstable Stark -- while Moya may be in danger of attack from within. 8
629 Farscape S4E8 I Shrink Therefore I Am A gang of ruthless bounty hunters seize control of Moya in order to capture Crichton, and shrink the crew to keep them prisoner. 8
632 Farscape S4E11 Unrealized Reality Crichton falls into a wormhole and is found by an interdimensional being, who must decide whether or not to execute him because of the threat that his knowledge of wormholes presents to the universe. 10
633 Farscape S4E12 Kansas Crichton returns to Earth, but discovers that it may be the biggest mistake he`s ever made. 10
634 Farscape S4E13 Terra Firma Crichton makes his grand return home, where he and his alien friends introduce Earth to The larger universe that awaits them. Meanwhile, Grayza dispatches an alien chameleon to hunt Crichton 8
636 Farscape S4E15 Mental as Anything Scorpius takes Crichton, D`Argo and Rygel into an advanced training camp where Students learn mental discipline. D`Argo is confronted with the arrival of Macton, the Peacekeeper who murdered his wife. 9
637 Farscape S4E16 Bringing Home the Beacon The women of Moya stumble upon a secret meeting, one that will change the future of the Uncharted Territories 9
638 Farscape S4E17 A Constellation of Doubt Crichton watches and a documentary that Moya receives from Earth about their recent visit. Showing interviews with Crichton`s relatives and other people who interacted with the crew. 10
639 Farscape S4E18 Prayer Crichton and Scorpius travel through a wormhole to try and locate the Scarran base where Aeryn is being held hostage. 10
640 Farscape S4E19 We`re So Screwed, Part 1 : Fetal Attraction The crew docks at a Scarran Border Station in an attempt to rescue Aeryn from her captors. 8
641 Farscape S4E20 Were So Screwed, Part 2 : Hot to Katratzi Crichton and his friends throw themselves into the middle of a summit between the Scarrans and Peacekeepers, in order to rescue Scorpius -- who is being tortured by Stark for the wormhole knowledge he might possess. 10
642 Farscape S4E21 Were So Screwed, Part 3: La Bomba Uncertain of who their true allies are, the crew agrees to Scorpius plan to destroy the source of Scarran power and escape the base with their lives. Grayza makes a fateful decision about her negotiations with the Scarrans. 10
643 Farscape S4E22 Bad Timing When Moyas crew learns that the Scarrans have dispatched a ship to Earth as a prelude to invasion, Crichton must rely on Pilot to help him seal the wormhole that leads home. 10

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