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2933 Family Guy S1E2 I Never Met The Dead Man, "Peter crashes into a satellite dish, knocking out the city`s TV, and blames it on Meg. However, Peter does rediscover the rest of life when he can no longer sit in front of the boob-tube all day. Stewie schemes to eradicate broccoli. 7
2934 Family Guy S1E3 Chitty Chitty Death Bang, "On Stewie`s first birthday, Peter kidnaps a circus for entertainment, Stewie runs away from home, and Meg makes a new friend who is in a suicidal cult. 8
2935 Family Guy S1E4 Mind Over Murder, "Peter punches out a pregant woman and is under house arrest. He builds a bar in the basement so that his friends will hang out with him, but it turns into a singing venue for Lois. Stewie builds a time machine to move time forward and alleviate his teething pain, but ends up making time go backwards instead to erase the fact that his blueprints for the device were seen by the entire bar. 8
2936 Family Guy S1E5 A Hero Sits Next Door, "Peter is jealous of his new neighbor, a handicapped police hero, and tries to foil a bank robbery to prove that he too can be a hero. 7
2938 Family Guy S1E7 Brian: Portrait Of A Dog, "Peter enters Brian in a dog show for some extra money, and although Brian originally agrees to perform, once he realizes that he`ll have to beg for a treat he decides it`s all too humiliating. After not receiving the respect he feels he deserves at home, Brian takes off, returning to the streets where Peter originally found him, and gets arrested and sentenced to death. It`s up to Peter to save him, and he does so by bribing the city council. 9

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