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1875 Dead Like Me S1E1 Pilot The series begins when a young woman is killed by a piece of the Mir space station hurtling to earth. She discovers that the afterlife does indeed exist, where she has been assigned a job as a `Reaper.` 8
1876 Dead Like Me S1E2 Dead Girl Walking George tries to shirk her new grim reaper responsibilities, but discovers that doing so leads to nasty consequences for the souls. She also attempts to get a real job by once again gracing the doorway of the Happy Time Temp Agency. 7
1877 Dead Like Me S1E3 Curious George George discovers the price that the dead pay when they try to hang on to their past. 6
1878 Dead Like Me S1E4 Reapercussions George finds a loophole in the "reaper rules" and decides to spare her next soul, but quickly learns that if you flip off Fate, Fate flings it back at you ten-fold. 6
1879 Dead Like Me S1E5 Reaping Havoc George realizes that even the undead need friends, but she loses one when a reaper decides to jump to the other side. 7
1880 Dead Like Me S1E6 My Room After losing Betty, George is completly devistated. that is until transfered reaper Daisy Adair arrives. Daisy is two days early so Rube tells her to bunk with George. 5
1881 Dead Like Me S1E7 Reaper Madness George has her first affair in the afterlife with a living schizophrenic whose disease allows him to see her... 6
1882 Dead Like Me S1E8 Sunday Mornings After Mason saves a college girl named Charlotte from a date-rape he instantly falls for her. As she and George become fast friends we find out that Charlotte has a crush on George`s grieving father 6
1883 Dead Like Me S1E9 A Cook After George brings home a dog left behind by one of her assignments, her life suddenly gets considerably more complicated. Meanwhile, Rube takes a job as a short order cook at Der Waffle Haus. 5
1884 Dead Like Me S1E10 Business Unfinished Daisy reaps the soul of a rich woman and wants to trick her son in giving him lots of money for fake seances. And Roxy has her annual struggle with her death. 5
1885 Dead Like Me S1E11 The Bicycle Thief George get a full-time job, apparently to buy a bicycle and most of the episode is devoted to her going-away party at Happy Time. We meet a number of the staff, including a young girl who`s happiness is chemically-induced. 5
1886 Dead Like Me S1E12 Nighthawks It`s time for annual evaluations for the Reapers. It take place completely at night. 4
1887 Dead Like Me S1E13 Vacation After the evaluations, Rube decides it`s time for some fun, and the Reapers take the day off. 5
1888 Dead Like Me S1E14 Rest In Peace George goes back to Happy Time to get her job back, but Delores is not open to this at all. That is, until her cat ends up getting very sick. 5

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