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1679 Dark Angel S2E1 Designate This After being captured and imprisoned at Manticore, Max has resisted powerful attempts at re-programming and breeding and plans her escape from the genetics lab. 0
1680 Dark Angel S2E2 Bag `em Struggling with her now potentially deadly relationship with Logan, Max finds a needed distraction when a newly escaped group of X-kids awkwardly makes their presence felt in Seattle. 0
1681 Dark Angel S2E3 Proof of Purchase A series of killings force Max and Joshua to contend with the many transgenics that were freed from Manticore in the aftermath of their escape. 0
1682 Dark Angel S2E4 Radar Love Max and Logan uncover a genocidal agenda when they look into a series of unusual deaths linked to transgenic escapees. 0
1683 Dark Angel S2E5 Boo Max and Joshua go out on a seemingly innocent Halloween outing which soon turns into a bizarre and frightening experience. 0
1684 Dark Angel S2E6 Two Max investigates a string of brutal attacks on sector cops, only to find that all of the evidence points towards Joshua. 0
1685 Dark Angel S2E7 Some Assembly Required After spending months believing him dead, Max discovers that Zack is still alive... and haunted by inexplicable nightmares. 0
1686 Dark Angel S2E8 Gill Girl When Alec learns that an underwater transgenic has been exposed, he and Max must race to keep her out of White`s clutches and return her to the ocean where she belongs. 0
1687 Dark Angel S2E9 Medium is the Message Max and Logan are embroiled in a kidnapping case that invovles White, a group of amped-up killers, and Lydecker`s disappearance. 0
1688 Dark Angel S2E10 Brainiac When a militant group that has helped Logan in the past comes under fire, all signs point to a Manticore-engineered military strategist. 0
1689 Dark Angel S2E11 The Berrisford Agenda Alec wrestles with the ghosts of his last Manticore mission and finds himself haunted by the mistakes of the past. 0
1690 Dark Angel S2E12 Borrowed Time Max and Logan find a cure for their genetically engineered virus, but must set aside any thoughts of romance to stop a bizarre Manticore creation on the loose in Seattle. 0
1691 Dark Angel S2E13 Harbor Lights When Max is shot and hospitalized, Logan must race White and a curious CDC doctor to keep Max`s transgenic identity a secret. 0
1692 Dark Angel S2E14 Love in Vein When a group of young transgenics goes on a crime spree, Max must go on the offensive to track them down. 0
1693 Dark Angel S2E15 Fuhgeddaboudit A hypnotically persuasive transgenic uses an Eyes Only case for her own self-serving agenda. 0
1694 Dark Angel S2E16 Exposure Max and Logan track Ames` kidnapped son to a small town where the breeding cult is readying Manticore`s youngest creations for a mysterious ceremony. 0
1695 Dark Angel S2E17 Hello, Goodbye Relationships are torn apart and the exposure of the transgenics moves one step closer to reality when Max, Logan, and Alec`s lives collide in potentially tragic ways. 0
1696 Dark Angel S2E18 Dawg Day Afternoon Max must break her vow to avoid Logan after Joshua becomes a target of a transgenic manhunt. 0
1697 Dark Angel S2E19 She Ain`t Heavy Max`s life is placed in more danger than ever before when she is hunted by her clone. 0
1698 Dark Angel S2E20 Love Among the Runes Max must lead a transgenic resistance against the fast growing and dangerous xenophobia that is sweeping the nation. 0
1699 Dark Angel S2E21 Freak Nation Max must finally expose herself to the world and defend her own kind when a potentially deadly hostage situation arises at Jam Pony. 0

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