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1190 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E1 Split The action begins where it left off at the end of series 2 - Steve and Susan have had an argument about their future, and Susan storms out of Steve`s flat in tears. The screen splits into two and we follow what happens to both Steve and Susan simultaneously. 10
1191 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E2 Faithless Jane and Jeff are both having difficulty keeping the faith. 9
1192 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E3 Unconditional Sex We pick up the action where we left off at the end of the last episode: with Jeff trying to work out how (or even whether) to refuse unconditional sex with Wilma. 9
1193 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E4 Remember This Sally is surprised to say the least when Patrick arrives at her flat at three in the morning to get rid of a spider for her. It turns out that he dreamt her distress call. What can this mean? 10
1194 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E5 The Freckle, The Key, And the Couple Who Weren`t Steve is suffering from a bout of hypochondria, thanks to the discovery of a mole on his bottom. This leads to a bitter argument with Susan, about how well the pair can remember each other`s blemishes. 10
1195 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E6 The Girl With One Heart Susan has invited everyone over for dinner, which as we know is just asking for trouble. 10
1196 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E7 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Sally is terrified that she might be pregnant, so she takes a pregnancy test and asks the other girls to do the same so that she knows what a negative result looks like. In her fluster she gets the tests muddled up. One of the girls is pregnant, but which one? 10

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