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1181 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E1 The Man With Two Legs Jeff has fallen in love with a woman who gets on his train every morning. By the time he gets a chance to speak to her he is in such a state of hyper-tension that he manages to blurt out that he`s only got one leg. 10
1182 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E2 My Dinner In Hell Steve and Susan are watching a documentary on telly, and the narrator says that all men masturbate, even if they are in a stable relationship. This sends Steve into a new realm of embarrassment. 9
1183 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E3 Her Best Friend`s Bottom Susan`s latest project is to choose some furniture for the flat that she and Steve will share together. Against the backdrop of selecting fabrics, the truth slowly emerges about a deep mystery: why Steve and Sally have suddenly started acting so strangely. 9
1184 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E4 The Melty Man Cometh We find out what was really going on in the previous episode... 9
1185 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E5 Jane And The Truth Snake Jane`s boss Jeremy sacks her from her job reporting traffic jams after she instructs London`s drivers to close their eyes and meditate. Meanwhile, Patrick is about to dump his latest girlfriend, Linda, because she`s ruled out the possibility of having a threesome. 8
1186 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E6 Gotcha It`s the anniversary of Steve and Susan`s first date and they are going to a posh restaurant to celebrate. Inevitably, speculation mounts that Steve may propose to Susan. 9
1187 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E7 Dressed Jane is invited round to dinner by Bill, a good-looking man she met in the bar. She decides to make a lasting impression by turning up wearing nothing underneath her cute little trenchcoat. 9
1188 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E8 Naked Jeff has finally found his female counterpart, a woman who can`t help blurting out ridiculous things if she`s attracted to someone. It seems that their mutual uselessness will prevent either of them from asking each other out. To make matters worse, Julia is a senior manager at his firm. 10
1189 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E9 The End Of The Line Steve and Susan`s relationship is drifting into a new phase. They are beginning to get on each other`s nerves. A bizarre set of misunderstandings brings on a crisis. 9

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