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1178 Coupling (BBC-UK) S1E4 Inferno Steve is plunged into total panic when he suspects that Susan has found one of his porn videos. Lesbian Spank Inferno. 10
1180 Coupling (BBC-UK) S1E6 The Cupoard Of Patrick When Jane goes round to Patrick`s flat unannounced, `to heal our spiritual divide`, she discovers that he has a cupboard full of videos. Videos he`s made of him making love to various women. 10
1181 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E1 The Man With Two Legs Jeff has fallen in love with a woman who gets on his train every morning. By the time he gets a chance to speak to her he is in such a state of hyper-tension that he manages to blurt out that he`s only got one leg. 10
1188 Coupling (BBC-UK) S2E8 Naked Jeff has finally found his female counterpart, a woman who can`t help blurting out ridiculous things if she`s attracted to someone. It seems that their mutual uselessness will prevent either of them from asking each other out. To make matters worse, Julia is a senior manager at his firm. 10
1190 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E1 Split The action begins where it left off at the end of series 2 - Steve and Susan have had an argument about their future, and Susan storms out of Steve`s flat in tears. The screen splits into two and we follow what happens to both Steve and Susan simultaneously. 10
1193 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E4 Remember This Sally is surprised to say the least when Patrick arrives at her flat at three in the morning to get rid of a spider for her. It turns out that he dreamt her distress call. What can this mean? 10
1194 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E5 The Freckle, The Key, And the Couple Who Weren`t Steve is suffering from a bout of hypochondria, thanks to the discovery of a mole on his bottom. This leads to a bitter argument with Susan, about how well the pair can remember each other`s blemishes. 10
1195 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E6 The Girl With One Heart Susan has invited everyone over for dinner, which as we know is just asking for trouble. 10
1196 Coupling (BBC-UK) S3E7 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Sally is terrified that she might be pregnant, so she takes a pregnancy test and asks the other girls to do the same so that she knows what a negative result looks like. In her fluster she gets the tests muddled up. One of the girls is pregnant, but which one? 10
3583 Coupling (BBC-UK) S4E1 Nine and a Half Minutes One bar, three different points of view, the same nine and a half minutes. Susan and Steve are pregnant (mostly Susan), Patrick and Sally are discussing relationships (mostly Sally), and Jane has a blind date - but will his job be a problem? Meanwhile, in the skies above an Aegean island, terrible danger grows. 10
3586 Coupling (BBC-UK) S4E4 Circus of the Epidurals It`s time to start attending antenatal classes. Susan need a back-up birth partner, Steve is haunted by the ghost of spanking lesbians past and Sally is seeking the solace of a string quartet. Meanwhile, Jane is trying to find a way to out-keen Oliver. 10
3588 Coupling (BBC-UK) S4E6 Nine and a Half Months (2) Steve panics at Susan goes into labour, Patrick panics as Sally goes Hulk-style mad after finding out he`s slept with Jane, who is oblivious to all the tension and is having a blissful afternoon with Oliver. 10

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