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2359 Charmed S5E1 A Witch`s Tail (1) Piper, Phoebe and Paige come to the aid of Mylie, a Mermaid-turned-human, when she shows up looking for their help after a pact she made with an evil Sea Hag begins to go drastically wrong. 0
2360 Charmed S5E2 A Witch`s Tail (2) Piper, Paige and Leo struggle to convince Phoebe, now a mermaid, to come back to her life as a Charmed One, when she decides to "swim" away from her problems with Cole. 0
2361 Charmed S5E3 Happily Ever After An evil witch traps the Halliwell sisters in distorted versions of classic fairy tales, where Phoebe attends a ball as Cinderella and meets Prince Charming, Paige has a taste of Snow White`s poisoned apple, and Piper encounters a big, bad wolf, as Little Red Riding Hood. 0
2362 Charmed S5E4 Siren Song Cole and Phoebe both fall under the spell of the Siren, who lures husbands to her and entrances their wives to follow with the intent to kill, leaving Piper and Paige to figure out how to save Phoebe. 0
2363 Charmed S5E5 Witches in Tights When a demon coerces a boy into turning him into an evil comic book villain so he can steal an Elder`s powers, the boy transforms The Charmed Ones into comic book heroes with superhuman strengths to prevent this from happening. 0
2364 Charmed S5E6 The Eyes Have It While seeking the advice of a fortune teller regarding her missing power of premonition, Phoebe discovers that there is a demon who has been stealing the eyes of Gypsies. 0
2365 Charmed S5E7 Sympathy for the Demon Barbas, the Demon of Fear, returns and tricks Paige into giving him Cole`s powers, and plots revenge on the Halliwell sisters by playing them against their darkest fears. 0
2366 Charmed S5E8 A Witch in Time When Phoebe must constantly save the life of her new boyfriend, a warlock shows up from the future, claiming that future Cole sent him in order to kill the boyfriend before Phoebe`s dies instead. 0
2367 Charmed S5E9 Sam I Am Paige gets to know the Whitelighter in her, when she meets her first charge, a man named Sam, unbeknownst to her is actually her real father. Meanwhile Cole tries every possible way to get himself vanquished by the Charmed Ones. 0
2368 Charmed S5E10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien Phoebe falls prey to Jeric, a demon in search of the perfect body to hold the spirit of Isis, his dead lover. To trap the spirit, Jeric mummifies Phoebe`s body. Meanwhile, Cole tries to save Phoebe by making a deal with the demon. 0
2369 Charmed S5E11 The Importance of Being Phoebe After kidnapping Phoebe, Cole sends a shapeshifter to assume Phoebe`s identity to help him manipulate Piper and Paige into giving him ownership of the Manor, allowing him access to the powerful Nexus located beneath the house. 0
2370 Charmed S5E12 Centennial Charmed In his twisted attempt to win Phoebe`s heart back, Cole casts a spell that alters reality, that eliminates Paige as a Halliwell and destroys the Power of Three. 0
2371 Charmed S5E13 House Call Glen returns to Paige`s life with a big surprise - he is about to get married to a girl called Jessica. Meanwhile, the sisters summon a Witch Doctor whom they want to dispatch all the evil remnants that surround the Manor. 0
2372 Charmed S5E14 Sand Francisco Dreamin` A demon attacks The Charmed Ones with dream dust, causing their nightmares to come to life. Paige is harassed by an evil clown at a baby shower, Piper has an affair and Phoebe is chased by a maniac with a chainsaw. 0
2373 Charmed S5E15 The Day The Magic Died Phoebe and Paige go to a summit meeting with the leaders of evil and discover that all magic - both good and bad - has disappeared enabling the leaders to steal Piper`s about-to-be-born baby and welcome the twice-blessed child into the kingdom of evil. 0
2374 Charmed S5E16 Baby`s First Demon The Charmed Ones must protect Piper`s son from two demons, but the baby has a few surprises of his own. Meanwhile, Paige goes undercover as a bounty hunter and Phoebe`s future with the newspaper is threatened by the new owner. 0
2375 Charmed S5E17 Lucky Charmed The Charmed Ones face a demon who has been killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic but when the Leprechauns endow the sisters with good luck, which enables Paige to gain material wealth, Phoebe to meet a man, and Piper to book a major star to play P3, plans backfire. 0
2376 Charmed S5E18 Cat House When Piper and Leo begin to have marital problems, Piper casts a spell to allow them to literally see their past together. However, the spell goes awry when Phoebe and Paige are sent back in time to relive Piper`s memories, and a warlock bent on destroying the Charmed Ones tags along for the ride. 0
2377 Charmed S5E19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun When a demon attacks and kills one of the three nympths that protect a lake, the Charmed ones try to help. However, once the demon is destroyed, the nypmphs decide Paige should replace the fallen nymph, and they won`t take no for an answer. 0
2378 Charmed S5E20 Sense and Sense Ability In order to get close to baby Wyatt, the Crone steals one of the senses from each of The Charmed Ones, fooling the child with Paige`s voice, Phoebe`s hearing and Piper`s sight. 0
2379 Charmed S5E21 Necromancing the Stone When Grams comes to the manor for a Wiccan birthing ceremony, for Wyatt, the sisters find out that she has brought a memory from her past, a former lover who wants to kill the Charmed Ones and bring back the love they once shared. 0
2380 Charmed S5E22 Oh My Goddess (1) When the mythic Gods, the Titans, are released and kill all the elders, Leo is forced to take over. Meanwhile, a mysterious Whitelighter from the future guides the Charmed Ones when Leo gives the girls the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans. 0
2381 Charmed S5E23 Oh My Goddess (2) Now all powerful Greek goddesses, the Charmed Ones must try to not be seduced by their new powers and stay focused on vanquishing the Titans before they destroy all the whitelighters. 0

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