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1096 Babylon 5 S3E1 Matters of Honor Sheridan receives a new ship to help fight the Shadows. 8
1097 Babylon 5 S3E2 Convictions A mysterious group helps solve a series of bombings. 7
1098 Babylon 5 S3E3 A Day in the Strife An alien probe makes contact with the station. 7
1099 Babylon 5 S3E4 Passing Through Gethsemane A monk`s past catches up with him. 8
1100 Babylon 5 S3E5 Voices of Authority Ivanova makes contact with some of the First Ones. 9
1101 Babylon 5 S3E6 Dust to Dust G`Kar tries a dangerous, addictive drug. 10
1102 Babylon 5 S3E7 Exogenesis Franklin tries to stop a race of parasitic beings. 7
1103 Babylon 5 S3E8 Messages From Earth Sheridan must finally go against the Earth government. 10
1104 Babylon 5 S3E9 Point of No Return The former Emperor`s surviving wife comes to the station. 10
1105 Babylon 5 S3E10 Severed Dreams Babylon 5 officially secedes from the Earth Alliance. 10
1106 Babylon 5 S3E11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark Delenn is targeted by a group of Nightwatch members. 8
1107 Babylon 5 S3E12 Sic Transit Vir Vir`s future wife turns out to be more than he thought. 8
1108 Babylon 5 S3E13 A Late Delivery from Avalon A man claiming to be King Arthur comes to the station. 7
1109 Babylon 5 S3E14 Ship of Tears G`Kar is admitted into the Forces of Light. 10
1110 Babylon 5 S3E15 Interludes and Examinations Sheridan pushes Kosh to attack the Shadows. 10
1111 Babylon 5 S3E16 War Without End I And old friend joins the forces of light. 10
1112 Babylon 5 S3E17 War Without End II The crew attempts to save the future. 10
1113 Babylon 5 S3E18 Walkabout The crew takes on the Shadows in an all-out attack. The new vorlon Ulkesh arrives at Babylon 5. 9
1114 Babylon 5 S3E19 Grey 17 is Missing Garibaldi finds himself in a mysterious place as the crew recruits telepaths for upcoming Shadow encounters. 8
1115 Babylon 5 S3E20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place Londo decides to do away with an old rival. 9
1116 Babylon 5 S3E21 Shadow Dancing The Shadow war escalates and Delenn is disturbed by a strange visitor. 9
1117 Babylon 5 S3E22 Z`Ha`Dum Sheridan`s past, present and future catch up to him as his wife takes him to Z`ha`dum. 10

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