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1074 Babylon 5 S2E1 Points of Departure New Station Chief Capt. John Sheridan is tested by a warship leader (Richard Grove) Who wants to goad him into initiating a battle so that minbari forces can justify a counter-attack on babylon 5. 9
1075 Babylon 5 S2E2 Revelations How long will Mollari?s complicity in the cataclysmic ruin of quadrant 37 remain a secret? Meanwhile. Garabaldi has suspicions about earth Alliance?s new leader and Delenn emerges from her cocoon 8
1076 Babylon 5 S2E3 The Geometry of Shadows One Drazi wears Green. The other wears purple. And both sides wear Ivanova out as she mediates a dispute the emblematic colours ignite. A wizardly Techno-mage (Michael Ansara) brings awesome magic and an ominous prophecy. 8
1077 Babylon 5 S2E4 A Distant Star No ship lost in hyperspace has ever been recovered. But Sheridan is determined to try because his long-time friend Capt. Jack Maynard (Russ Tamblyn) is at the helm of the distressed explorer vessel. 7
1078 Babylon 5 S2E5 The Long Dark A Drifting century old spacecraft carries a crewperson (Anne Marrie Johnson) in hybernetic sleep. And something else: phantom-like spaceling that self-styled prophet (Dwight Schultz) calls a Soldier of Darkness. 7
1079 Babylon 5 S2E6 A Spider In The Web Who or what is disrupting negotiations that Mars Colony represantative (Adrienne Barbeau) hopes will bring peace to the planet? The secret rest with an individual (Michael Beck) more dead than alive a cyberzombie run by remote control. 8
1080 Babylon 5 S2E7 Soul Mates Now that Londo has Permission to rid himself of two of his three meddlesome wives. He must decide wich one he?ll keep. Meanwhile Talia?s troublesome Psi Corps ex (kieth Szarabajka) arrives. 7
1081 Babylon 5 S2E8 A Race Through Dark Places Babylon 5 may be an "underground railroad" for unregistered telepaths to slip through the dragnet of Psi Corps cop Bester (Walter Koenig) Meanwhile. Sheridan squabbles with Earth Central over rental fees levied against his quarters. 8
1082 Babylon 5 S2E9 The Coming Of Shadows He comes in peace - but bringes conflict. The arrival of aged Centauri (Turhan Bey) puts rival ambassadors Mollari and G?kar at the forefront of a string of schemes, murders and misunderstandings 10
1083 Babylon 5 S2E10 Gropos The Station is a netrual port-of-call in the centauri / Narn war. So why has Gen. Franklin (Paul Winfield) brought 25.000 infantry troops - GROPOS or ground-pounders - aboard for immediate billeting? 8
1084 Babylon 5 S2E11 All Alone In The Night Sheridan is abducted by aliens. probed and forced into gladiator-like matches. Delenn also faces a difficult mission her efforts to be a link to understanding humans makes her an outcast among the Minbari. 8
1085 Babylon 5 S2E12 Acts of Sacrifice Sheridan Walks a fine line between the archimonious Centauri and Narns. Ivanova wrestles with another diplomatic problem the lumati (with Paul Williams as the translator) expect to have sex with her to seal an accord. 7
1086 Babylon 5 S2E13 Hunter, Prey Somewhere in the stations five-mile expanse. a fugitive doctor (Tony Stedman) Hides. Earth Alliance?s orders are clear, Shoot to kill. But Sheridan suspects the runaway might be innocent of the charges against him. 9
1087 Babylon 5 S2E14 There All The Honor Lies A Minbari warrior is dead and sheridan is accused of murder - All part of a vengeful plot to unseat him. But not all the stations goings-on are so serious. especially when hot new souvenirs hit the gift shop. 8
1088 Babylon 5 S2E15 And Now For a Word Who could have imagined an Interstellar News Network crew would be present as Centauri/Narn relations erupt into deadly conflict? Keep those cameras rolling: this ought to be a ratings smash! 9
1089 Babylon 5 S2E16 In The Shadow of Z`ha`dum Is Sheridan above the law? His Heart overides his head when he illegally detains a visitor (Ed Wasser) Who may know if Sheridan?s wife Anna presumed dead on an ill-fated scientific exploration, is still alive. 8
1090 Babylon 5 S2E17 Knives He sees strange visions, Dreams strange Dreams. Gradually Sheridan understands he?s become host to an alien lifeform. Meanwhile a friend (Carmen Argenziano) wishing to die challenges mollari to an obligatory Centauri Death Match. 7
1091 Babylon 5 S2E18 Confessions and Lamentations The disease: drafa, The Mortality rate: 100%. While Franklin seeks a cure and Delenn risks her well-being among the race most threatened by the illness, other station residents make that race a scapegoat 7
1092 Babylon 5 S2E19 Divided Loyalties Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman) returns to Babylon 5. convinced there is a traitor on board, Ivanova makes a startling relavation. 8
1093 Babylon 5 S2E20 The Long, Twilight Struggle A final bloody battle determines the outcome of the Centauri/Narn conflict - and signals an even greater threat to all civilizations. 10
1094 Babylon 5 S2E21 Comes the Inquisitor G?kar rallies the Narn on the station to uphold the resistance effort against the Centauri. Delenn undergoes a torturous test of her alligeance to kosh by a bizzare emissary called Sebastian (Wayne Aleander). 10
1095 Babylon 5 S2E22 The Fall of Night Earth Reacts to the Centauri rape invasion of several worlds - but it?s not what sheridan expects. Amazing revalations are made about the Shadows and the Vorlons. 10

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