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1149 Babylon 5 S5E10 A Tragedy of Telepaths The telepath situation continues to deteriorate. The attacks on Alliance ships continue. 9
1150 Babylon 5 S5E11 Phoenix Rising The telepath situation becomes critical and Bester attempts to take control, triggering a strong reaction by Garibaldi. 9
1151 Babylon 5 S5E12 The Ragged Edge Another attack on an Alliance ship brings Garibaldi to the Drazi homeworld to search for a witness. 9
1152 Babylon 5 S5E13 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father Bester pursues a murderous telepath, using the pursuit to train two rookie Psi Cops in the finer points of their new jobs. 9
1154 Babylon 5 S5E15 Darkness Ascending Lennier uncovers hard evidence about the source of the cargo ship attacks. Lise arrives to see Garibaldi. Lyta attempts to strike a deal on behalf of the rogue telepaths. 9
1155 Babylon 5 S5E16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder The evidence of a Centauri connection to the cargo ship attacks is revealed to the Alliance 10
1156 Babylon 5 S5E17 Movements of Fire and Shadow Lyta and Franklin visit the Drazi homeworld. 10
1157 Babylon 5 S5E18 The Fall of Centauri Prime As Sheridan races to stop the Alliance ships from attacking Centauri Prime, Londo`s fate, and that of his people, is decided. 10
1158 Babylon 5 S5E19 The Wheel of Fire Lochley and Garibaldi discover they have some shared history. A confrontation with Lyta leads to a startling revelation. 10
1159 Babylon 5 S5E20 Objects In Motion As some longtime residents prepare to leave the station, the crew races to stop an assassin. 10
1160 Babylon 5 S5E21 Objects At Rest The Interstellar Alliance headquarters moves to Minbar. Lennier faces the consequences of a terrible mistake. 10
1161 Babylon 5 S5E22 Sleeping In Light In Sheridan`s final days, old friends gather to celebrate. Takes place twenty years after the end of the rest of the series. 10

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