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Season 1: Signs and Portents | Season 2: The Comming Of Shadows | Season 3: Point Of No Return | Season 4: No Surrender, No Retreat | Season 5: The Wheel of Fire
ChangeSeriesSeason & EpEpisode Title:Description:Rank: 1/10
1119 Babylon 5 S4E2 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi G`Kar begins his search for Garibaldi and discovers a piece of his Starfury. 10
1120 Babylon 5 S4E3 The Summoning Zack searches for Mr. Garibaldi and Sheridan`s fate is revealed. 10
1121 Babylon 5 S4E4 Falling Toward Apotheosis Delenn learns a devastating secret about what happened to Sheridan on Z`ha`dum. 10
1122 Babylon 5 S4E5 The Long Night Sheridan and Delenn gather their forces while Londo is appointed to a higher position in the Royal Court. 10
1123 Babylon 5 S4E6 Into The Fire With the help of some First Ones, Sheridan and crew confront both the Shadows and the Vorlons. 10
1126 Babylon 5 S4E9 Atonement Delenn travels to Minbar to try and convince the Minbari people to accept her relationship with Sheridan. 10
1132 Babylon 5 S4E15 No Surrender, No Retreat Sheridan retaliates against Clark at Proxima 3. 10
1133 Babylon 5 S4E16 The Exercise Of Vital Powers Lyta makes contact with an unconscious victim of the Shadows. 10
1134 Babylon 5 S4E17 The Face of The Enemy Garibaldi plots to capture Sheridan while Lyta fears for the future of telepaths. 10
1136 Babylon 5 S4E19 Between the Darkness and the Light Garibaldi is captured by the Mars Resistance. Ivanova`s fleet clashes with Clark`s forces. 10
1137 Babylon 5 S4E20 Endgame Sheridan`s forces make their final strike. Marcus weighs a vital decision. 10
1138 Babylon 5 S4E21 Rising Star Earthgov decides Sheridan`s fate. 10

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