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4 Babylon 5 S1E3 Born to the Purple When it comes to political manipulation, Londo Mollari knows where the skeltons are buried: his "purple files" hold scandalous secrets about Centauri`s royal families. But when it comes to love, even wily Londo may fall victim to a plan to seduce those hush-hush tales from him. 7
10 Babylon 5 S1E8 And the Sky Full of Stars What happened when Sinclair blacked out while leading his fighter squad during the fierce Earth-Minbari War? The answer is so vital to an Earth-based sipremacist group that it sends two covert Knights to cyberlonk onto the commander`s memories. 7
11 Babylon 5 S1E9 Deathwalker Extradite her for trial! Better yet, some say, kill her on the spot! Passions run high with the arrival of the war criminal known as Deathwalker. She`s bioscientist Jha`Dur, whose discovery of an immortality potion came via sadistic experimentation on Narns and other aliens 7
13 Babylon 5 S1E11 Survivors He`s made many enemies and now Garibaldi`s future is on the line. Framed for sabotage, embattled security chief flees to the station`s seamy Downbelow. Only one person can be relied upon: Sinclair, the commander he`s loyally sereved for years. 8
14 Babylon 5 S1E12 By Any Means Necessary Sinclair must bring Solomon-like wisdom to mediate disputes large and small. The small: G`Kar and Londo find a new way to continue their running feud. The large: a strike by dockworkers threatens the station. 7
15 Babylon 5 S1E13 Signs And Portents Mysterious raider attacks in various stargrids puts Babylon 5 on alert and sends Ivanova and flightwing Delta scrambling into action. Adding to the mystery: the arrival of a seer who foretells explosive doom for the station. 9
18 Babylon 5 S1E16 Eyes Does Sincalir have something to hide? An earth Force colonel takes command of the station when Sinclair and his frontline officers refuse to submit to a Psi Corps loyalty mindscan. But maybe the individual with something to hide is the new commander. 8
19 Babylon 5 S1E17 Legacies Are the Minbari pounding the drums of war? Their planet-to-planet memorial tour honoring a fallen combat hero raises suspicions aboard the freeport dedicated to peace. It also raises Delenn`s ire, leading her to take a stand against her homeland`s warrior caste. 8
20 Babylon 5 S1E18 A Voice In The Wilderness I It`s barren and uninhabited. That`s what station members think - until they finally explore the strange planet nearest them... and find it`s a threat to their survival. 8
21 Babylon 5 S1E19 A Voice In The Wilderness II Incredible cybermachines found on Epsilon 3 spark a fierce tug-of-war to claim the highly Advanced techonology. But there may be a better way to settle the dispute: make sure no one can lay hand, claw or tentacle on the revoluytionary machinery! 8
22 Babylon 5 S1E20 Babylon Squared Before B5 there was B4. The long-lost station mysteriously reappears, triggering a desperate scramble to rescue B4s crew before the craft slips again into time. Theres another revelation: The astonishing identity of the galactic spiritual leader called The One! 9
23 Babylon 5 S1E21 The Quality of Mercy An alien healing machine operated by a former physician brings relief to those who could otherwise not afford treatment. Is the machine good medicineor quackery? Eiother way, it`s vital to the escape attempt of a psychopathic killer. 7
24 Babylon 5 S1E22 Chrysalis New Year`s Eve in space. Sinclair makes marriage plans, EarthForce acquires a new leader, embattles Quadrant 37 becomes the site of Narn tragedy and Delenn begins a strange metamorphosis. It`s a time of change. Yet bigger changes are destined to come 10

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