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Season 1: Signs and Portents | Season 2: The Comming Of Shadows | Season 3: Point Of No Return | Season 4: No Surrender, No Retreat | Season 5: The Wheel of Fire
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15 Babylon 5 S1E13 Signs And Portents Mysterious raider attacks in various stargrids puts Babylon 5 on alert and sends Ivanova and flightwing Delta scrambling into action. Adding to the mystery: the arrival of a seer who foretells explosive doom for the station. 9
22 Babylon 5 S1E20 Babylon Squared Before B5 there was B4. The long-lost station mysteriously reappears, triggering a desperate scramble to rescue B4s crew before the craft slips again into time. Theres another revelation: The astonishing identity of the galactic spiritual leader called The One! 9
24 Babylon 5 S1E22 Chrysalis New Year`s Eve in space. Sinclair makes marriage plans, EarthForce acquires a new leader, embattles Quadrant 37 becomes the site of Narn tragedy and Delenn begins a strange metamorphosis. It`s a time of change. Yet bigger changes are destined to come 10
1074 Babylon 5 S2E1 Points of Departure New Station Chief Capt. John Sheridan is tested by a warship leader (Richard Grove) Who wants to goad him into initiating a battle so that minbari forces can justify a counter-attack on babylon 5. 9
1082 Babylon 5 S2E9 The Coming Of Shadows He comes in peace - but bringes conflict. The arrival of aged Centauri (Turhan Bey) puts rival ambassadors Mollari and G?kar at the forefront of a string of schemes, murders and misunderstandings 10
1086 Babylon 5 S2E13 Hunter, Prey Somewhere in the stations five-mile expanse. a fugitive doctor (Tony Stedman) Hides. Earth Alliance?s orders are clear, Shoot to kill. But Sheridan suspects the runaway might be innocent of the charges against him. 9
1088 Babylon 5 S2E15 And Now For a Word Who could have imagined an Interstellar News Network crew would be present as Centauri/Narn relations erupt into deadly conflict? Keep those cameras rolling: this ought to be a ratings smash! 9
1093 Babylon 5 S2E20 The Long, Twilight Struggle A final bloody battle determines the outcome of the Centauri/Narn conflict - and signals an even greater threat to all civilizations. 10
1094 Babylon 5 S2E21 Comes the Inquisitor G?kar rallies the Narn on the station to uphold the resistance effort against the Centauri. Delenn undergoes a torturous test of her alligeance to kosh by a bizzare emissary called Sebastian (Wayne Aleander). 10
1095 Babylon 5 S2E22 The Fall of Night Earth Reacts to the Centauri rape invasion of several worlds - but it?s not what sheridan expects. Amazing revalations are made about the Shadows and the Vorlons. 10
1100 Babylon 5 S3E5 Voices of Authority Ivanova makes contact with some of the First Ones. 9
1101 Babylon 5 S3E6 Dust to Dust G`Kar tries a dangerous, addictive drug. 10
1103 Babylon 5 S3E8 Messages From Earth Sheridan must finally go against the Earth government. 10
1104 Babylon 5 S3E9 Point of No Return The former Emperor`s surviving wife comes to the station. 10
1105 Babylon 5 S3E10 Severed Dreams Babylon 5 officially secedes from the Earth Alliance. 10
1109 Babylon 5 S3E14 Ship of Tears G`Kar is admitted into the Forces of Light. 10
1110 Babylon 5 S3E15 Interludes and Examinations Sheridan pushes Kosh to attack the Shadows. 10
1111 Babylon 5 S3E16 War Without End I And old friend joins the forces of light. 10
1112 Babylon 5 S3E17 War Without End II The crew attempts to save the future. 10
1113 Babylon 5 S3E18 Walkabout The crew takes on the Shadows in an all-out attack. The new vorlon Ulkesh arrives at Babylon 5. 9
1115 Babylon 5 S3E20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place Londo decides to do away with an old rival. 9
1116 Babylon 5 S3E21 Shadow Dancing The Shadow war escalates and Delenn is disturbed by a strange visitor. 9
1117 Babylon 5 S3E22 Z`Ha`Dum Sheridan`s past, present and future catch up to him as his wife takes him to Z`ha`dum. 10
1118 Babylon 5 S4E1 The Hour of the Wolf Ivanova struggles to keep the alliance together in the absence of the Captain. 9
1119 Babylon 5 S4E2 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi G`Kar begins his search for Garibaldi and discovers a piece of his Starfury. 10
1120 Babylon 5 S4E3 The Summoning Zack searches for Mr. Garibaldi and Sheridan`s fate is revealed. 10
1121 Babylon 5 S4E4 Falling Toward Apotheosis Delenn learns a devastating secret about what happened to Sheridan on Z`ha`dum. 10
1122 Babylon 5 S4E5 The Long Night Sheridan and Delenn gather their forces while Londo is appointed to a higher position in the Royal Court. 10
1123 Babylon 5 S4E6 Into The Fire With the help of some First Ones, Sheridan and crew confront both the Shadows and the Vorlons. 10
1124 Babylon 5 S4E7 Epiphanies Bester visits the station to make a deal with Sheridan, while Garibaldi resigns as head of security. 9
1126 Babylon 5 S4E9 Atonement Delenn travels to Minbar to try and convince the Minbari people to accept her relationship with Sheridan. 10
1127 Babylon 5 S4E10 Racing Mars Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his behavior while Marcus and Franklin reach Mars. 9
1130 Babylon 5 S4E13 Rumors, Bargains and Lies Sheridan manipulates the League and Delenn travels to Minbar. 9
1131 Babylon 5 S4E14 Moments of Transition Delenn makes the ultimate sacrifice for her people while Lyta has a visit from Bester. 9
1132 Babylon 5 S4E15 No Surrender, No Retreat Sheridan retaliates against Clark at Proxima 3. 10
1133 Babylon 5 S4E16 The Exercise Of Vital Powers Lyta makes contact with an unconscious victim of the Shadows. 10
1134 Babylon 5 S4E17 The Face of The Enemy Garibaldi plots to capture Sheridan while Lyta fears for the future of telepaths. 10
1136 Babylon 5 S4E19 Between the Darkness and the Light Garibaldi is captured by the Mars Resistance. Ivanova`s fleet clashes with Clark`s forces. 10
1137 Babylon 5 S4E20 Endgame Sheridan`s forces make their final strike. Marcus weighs a vital decision. 10
1138 Babylon 5 S4E21 Rising Star Earthgov decides Sheridan`s fate. 10
1149 Babylon 5 S5E10 A Tragedy of Telepaths The telepath situation continues to deteriorate. The attacks on Alliance ships continue. 9
1150 Babylon 5 S5E11 Phoenix Rising The telepath situation becomes critical and Bester attempts to take control, triggering a strong reaction by Garibaldi. 9
1151 Babylon 5 S5E12 The Ragged Edge Another attack on an Alliance ship brings Garibaldi to the Drazi homeworld to search for a witness. 9
1152 Babylon 5 S5E13 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father Bester pursues a murderous telepath, using the pursuit to train two rookie Psi Cops in the finer points of their new jobs. 9
1154 Babylon 5 S5E15 Darkness Ascending Lennier uncovers hard evidence about the source of the cargo ship attacks. Lise arrives to see Garibaldi. Lyta attempts to strike a deal on behalf of the rogue telepaths. 9
1155 Babylon 5 S5E16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder The evidence of a Centauri connection to the cargo ship attacks is revealed to the Alliance 10
1156 Babylon 5 S5E17 Movements of Fire and Shadow Lyta and Franklin visit the Drazi homeworld. 10
1157 Babylon 5 S5E18 The Fall of Centauri Prime As Sheridan races to stop the Alliance ships from attacking Centauri Prime, Londo`s fate, and that of his people, is decided. 10
1158 Babylon 5 S5E19 The Wheel of Fire Lochley and Garibaldi discover they have some shared history. A confrontation with Lyta leads to a startling revelation. 10
1159 Babylon 5 S5E20 Objects In Motion As some longtime residents prepare to leave the station, the crew races to stop an assassin. 10
1160 Babylon 5 S5E21 Objects At Rest The Interstellar Alliance headquarters moves to Minbar. Lennier faces the consequences of a terrible mistake. 10
1161 Babylon 5 S5E22 Sleeping In Light In Sheridan`s final days, old friends gather to celebrate. Takes place twenty years after the end of the rest of the series. 10

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