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1209 Angel S1E11 Somnambulist When a serial killer stalks the LA streets, Wesley recognizes the chillingly familiar religious markings from Angelus killing spree in the 1700s, is Angel committing the murders in his sleep? 8
1216 Angel S1E18 Five by Five Angels life is on the line when the attorneys at Wolfram & Hart hire Los Angeles visitor Faith to put him out of business - permanently. 8
1219 Angel S1E21 Blind Date Angel agrees to help Lindsey McDonald crack the secret files of Wolfram & Hart to save a group of children from a demonic assassin. 8
1220 Angel S1E22 To Shansu in L.A. Angel faces a wild demon who is summoned by Wolfram & Hart to wreak havoc and raise a powerful force to strike down Angel and destroy those close to him. 9
1225 Angel S2E5 Dear Boy Angels restless nights take him back to 1860 London & his first encounter with Dru, & he sees Darla in his waking life. 8
1227 Angel S2E7 Darla Angel is desperate to rescue Darla from the clutches of Wolfram & Hart. Flashbacks reveal what a dangerous and powerful relationship they shared as history weirdly seems to be repeating itself. 8
1241 Angel S2E21 Through The Looking Glass Angel and friends work overtime to survive in a foreign dimension. Cordelia discovers her dirty duty as Princess of Pylea is to mate with a creature called the Groosalugg. 8
1242 Angel S2E22 Theres No Place Like Plrtz Glrb Cordy is trapped in the palace by the priest Silas, who is also responsible for the Host 8
1249 Angel S3E7 Offspring The crew find a prophecy predicting the imminent arrival of a being who may have an impact on the world. The crew look for answers from the Host on how the pregnacy is possible. 9
1250 Angel S3E8 Quickening News of Darlas pregnancy causes near pandemonium at Wolfram & Hart. Demon Sahjhan tries to bring (newly resurrected Holts up to speed on what he missed over the last couple of centuries). 8
1251 Angel S3E9 Lullaby As Darla violently begins childbirth, Angel faces the responsibility of becoming a father and the possibilities of what miracle or destruction this new being may bring to the world. 8
1253 Angel S3E11 Birthday A powerful vision knocks Cordy out of her body, leaving her physical self in a vegetative state, but a guide on the astral plane offers her a new lease on life. 8
1258 Angel S3E16 Sleep Tight Angels angry behavior and sudden cravings for human blood frighten Wesley enough for him to kidnap the baby to keep him safe. 9
1263 Angel S3E21 Benediction After a violent reunion, Angel finds himself battling vampires with his now teenaged son by his side. 8
1264 Angel S3E22 Tomorrow The joyful reunion between Angel and his now teenage son Connor is short-lived when the enraged Connor comes seeking revenge against Angel for murder. 9
1273 Angel S4E9 Long Day When the gang learns that the answer to stopping the Beast is among them, everyone suspects Connor, until Cordelia begins to receive visions from the Powers That Be. 9
1274 Angel S4E10 Awakening After Cordelias revelation that Angelus and The Beast made a pact, the gang determines that they must turn Angel into Angelus to end the eternal darkness. 8
1275 Angel S4E11 Soulless Angelus is back after Angels soul is extracted by a shaman in an attempt to determine Angels connection to the demon wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. 8
1276 Angel S4E12 Cavalry As the gang scrambles to locate Angels stolen soul, Lilah emerges from the sewers and tries her hand at persuading Angelus to stop the Beast. 9
1277 Angel S4E13 Salvage Angels evil alter ego, whos out of his cage and pursuing the Beast, hits a pool hall packed with vamps to see if he can determine the demons hideout. 9
1278 Angel S4E14 Release Angelus gets contacted by the beast`s master. The master uses Angelus soul as leverage to make Angelus do his bidding. While Wesley and Faith try to find Angelus, Wesley steps over the line and stabs an innocent drug addict. 8
1279 Angel S4E15 Orpheus Angelus and Faith(both high on Orpheus) live through Angelus hell while he were stuck in Angel. Willow visits from Sunnydale to help bring Angel back. Cordelia continues to misguide Connor. Trying to get him to kill Angelus before he can become Angel. The pregnancy is finaly revealed. 8
1282 Angel S4E18 Shiny Happy People Connor and Cordelia`s baby arrives, and want to end all suffering in the world. All that sees her fall under a spell and follow her blindly. Though eventually Fred sees her for what she really is. Fred ends up being hunted for not seeing the wisdom of Jasmine. 8
1284 Angel S4E20 Sacrifice The gang escapes from Jasmine and finds out there might be a way to fight Jasmine. Trying to get the word Angel travels to another dimension where Jasmine ruled before. Leaving the others behind to face Jasmine and her army alone. 8
1285 Angel S4E21 Peace Out Jasmine prepares to go live on tv, for the whole world to see. While Angel tries to get the word that can defeat her, and the rest of the gang tries to escape from Jasmine to save the world. In the last confrontation between Angel and Jasmine, Connor must end it by killing his daughter, having nothing left in this life. 9
1286 Angel S4E22 Home Angel Investigations are made an offer they can`t refuse, when a newly opened Wolfram and Hart give them the opportunity to work there, rewarding Angel with a file on the Sunnydale apocalypse. Meanwhile, Connor realises he has no future and goes on an insane rampage, taking hostage families from a nearby mall. 9
2261 Angel S5E1 Conviction After settling into his new office at Wolfram & Hart (with Harmony as his secretary), Angel meets a young woman named Eve, who claims that she is the new liaison between him and the Senior Partners. She explains that in order for him to do good in LA, he will have to be prepared to do some bad too. 8
2262 Angel S5E2 Just Rewards Although Spike`s body was destroyed in Sunnydale, his non-corporeal spirit has been sent back to the mortal coil against his will. Everyone tries to figure out what is going on while Angel is having trouble with a Necromancer named Hainsley. He is charging Demons for putting their essence into fresh corpses, which he is buying from Wolfram & Hart. 8
3117 Angel S5E8 Destiny When another mysterious package arrives at Wolfram & Hart that recorporealizes Spike, the gang learns that the existence of two living ensouled vampire heroes has created chaos in the world. After Eve tells them about a prophecy that states that the only way to restore order is to find the Cup of Perpetual Torment that bestows human life, Angel and Spike battle it out for the ultimate prize. 8
3296 Angel S5E10 Soul Purpose A mysterious stranger approaches Spike claiming responsibility for recorporealizing him in a mission to guide Spike in supplanting Angel as the new vampire champion. Meanwhile, Angel is racked by intense fever dreams and hallucinations of his worst fears intensifying his worries that he will lose authority to Spike. 8
3297 Angel S5E11 Damage When an emotionally unstable woman, Dana, escapes from a psychiatric ward, Angel learns that she was tortured as a child and is now searching for her tormentor. Andrew, a watcher-in-training, arrives from Sunnydale with surprising information about Buffy and to inform the group that Dana is also a vampire slayer. 10
3298 Angel S5E12 You`re Welcome Cordelia wakes up from her coma and is shocked and unhappy to discover that Angel and the gang are no longer fighting Wolfram & Hart, they`re running it. When she realizes that Angel has lost his conviction to be a hero, she gives him the information and support he needs to get back on track. 10
3312 Angel S5E14 Smile Time When a popular children`s show begins to steal the life forces of children by hypnotizing them, Angel goes directly to the studio to uncover the evil doings. Upon entering the building, Angel triggers a spell that transforms him into a puppet. In a race against time, puppet-Angel and company must find a way to reverse the spell, save the lives of hundreds of children and return Angel to his normal vampire state. 9
3313 Angel S5E15 A Hole in the World When Fred opens up an ancient sarcophagus that was anonymously sent to her, she is infected by a mysterious parasitic demon called Illyria. Angel and Spike learn that Illyria is an ancient demon who existed before recorded time, and they must race to return her to an ancient demon burial ground before she kills Fred and thousands of other innocent victims. 8
3317 Angel S5E16 Shells Angel and Spike return from England defeated, knowing that the ancient demon Illyria has completely taken over Fred`s body and soul. Upon learning that Knox and Gunn have each contributed to her demise, Wesley is bent on revenge and Angel tries everything to restore Fred, including calling on an old friend from Sunnydale. 9
3329 Angel S5E17 Underneath Hoping that Lindsay has information on the Senior Partners` ultimate plans, Angel, Spike and Gunn track him down in a bizarre and terrifying suburban hell. Meanwhile, a nearly invincible stranger sent by the Senior Partners, infiltrates Wolfram & Hart looking for Eve. 9
3337 Angel S5E18 Origin Angel resists the appeal of parents seeking help from Wolfram & Hart regarding their son`s supernatural abilities after he discovers that the boy is his son, Connor. Despite his reservations, Angel is forced to bring Connor into conflict with an old adversary (Sahjahn) to prevent his son`s memories from being restored. Meanwhile Wesley uncovers a mysterious deal struck by Wolfram & Hart that threatens the secret Angel desperately wants to protect. 8
3348 Angel S5E19 Time Bomb When Illyria`s powers become unstable and cause her to erratically jump through time, she learns that the gang intends to kill her. Upon returning to the present, Illyria plans to murder everyone before they`re able to attack her. To save everyone`s lives, Angel goes into the past with Illyria to alter the course of events. 8
3349 Angel S5E21 Power Play The gang starts to have doubts about Angel`s loyalties when he appears to have become very close with the Circle of the Black Thorn, an evil secret demon society. When Drogyn, the guardian of the deep well, makes a startling revelation, the gangs` fears that Angel has become evil seem to be validated. 8
3350 Angel S5E22 Not Fade Away Angel and company spend the day as if it were their last as they prepare to bring down the evil Circle of the Black Thorn. Putting their lives on the line, Spike confronts a demon cult, Lorne faces off with Lindsay, Gunn takes on an evil senator and Angel battles Hamilton, the henchman of the Senior Partners. 9

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