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268 Alias S1E1 Truth Be Told Grad student Sydney Bristow`s unique after-school job as an agent for SD-6, a top-secret division of the CIA, means hiding the truth. After being warned not to share her true identity with Danny, her fianc?, she tells anyway. Her life is spun sideways when he is murdered. If that weren`t enough, she discovers SD-6 is not a part of the CIA, but an enemy of the United States, and her own father, Jack, might be a double agent. 10
269 Alias S1E2 So It Begins Now a double agent for the CIA, Sydney would love to destroy SD-6 quickly. Her journalist friend, Will, is laready discovering some strange facts surrounding Danny`s murder. Ordered by SD-6 to moscow, Sydney impersonates a hotel maid and battles bodyguards to intercept some secret files. Vaughn, her CIA handler, makes sure the CIA gets a copy too. 10
270 Alias S1E3 Parity SD-6`s Sloane sends Sydney and partner Dixon to Madrid to steal a lockbox containing a sketch with what appears to be digital code - drawn in the late 15th century be a seer named Milo Rambaldi. An opposing Russian agency is also in the hunt, and Sydney discovers that she is up against Anna Espinosa, her deadly K-Directorate rival. 10
271 Alias S1E4 A Broken Heart In the final moments of a cooperative mission, Sydney and her Russian nemesis Anna memorise a 500-year-old binary code before it is destroyd. The seer, Rambaldi, is at the root of a much deeper mystery. The code leads to a church in M?laga, Spain, where Sydney beats Anna in a brutal fight, recovering a gold circular crystal from the church`s stained glass windows. 10
272 Alias S1E5 Doppleg?nger In s?o Paulo, Sydner watches a paramedic team implant a bomb in the pacemaker of UCO speaker Patel. She and Dixon must win a race against time to remove it while being pursued by jacqnoud, who controls the detonator. Meanwhile, Will pursues truth in Danny`s murder by meeting a mystery woman with a social security number of someone who har already died. 10
273 Alias S1E6 Reckoning Sydney is shattered watching four CIA agents die in an explosion triggered by Dixon, striggling with a truth she cannot share. She also learns that Jack will now be working with her at SD-6. But after Vaughn arranges a look into her father`s CIA file, she belives that Jack`s suspicious activities may have led to the death of her mother 20 years earlier. 10
274 Alias S1E7 Colour-Blind Trapped within the walls of Mangalev Institute in Bucharest, Romania, Sydney must talk and fight her way out of an electroshock tub, rescue an inpatient with information, and deal face-to-face with Danny`s killer, Jack confronts Vaughn on pulling his CIA file, and is not happy with the break in protocol. 10
275 Alias S1E8 Time Will Tell In Oxford, Sydney successfully steals an ancient clock connected to the Rambaldi mystery with nemesis Anna Espinosa hot on her trail. Sydney also discovers that an SD-6 agent now trails her on the supicion they have a mole. Will continues to play detective in Danny`s murder, even though his editor accuses him of lying in his story regarding the case and wants him to stop. 10
276 Alias S1E9 Mea Culpa When Sydney uses the CIA to rescue Dixon, Dreyer convinces Sloane that Sydney is the mole they are looking for. Sloane is reluctant to agree, though he insists that he will "take care of Bristow." Jack learns of the kill order and must convince Vaughn it is a setup to draw out the CIA. 10
277 Alias S1E10 Spirit Hassan, a rogue arms dealer, remains elusive when he receives plastic surgery and a new name. Sydney is deployed to Kenya to try to track him down. Sloane wants him dead, but Jack wants to make a deal to fake his death, stop the pursuit by SD-6, and allow Hassan to pass into the CIA`s hands. 10
278 Alias S1E11 The Confession Jack and Sydney work brilliantlyh together to capture Hassan, duping SD-6 and Sloane into thinking he is dead. Then Sydney is off to Greece, where SD-6 wants her to grab data from the computer of Minos Sakkoulas, who has taken Hassan`s place in the criminal underground. Vaughn provides Sydney with false files to swap so the CIA can have the real information. 10
279 Alias S1E12 The Box Part 1 News her mother was KGB is too much for Sydney, and now she wants to resign from SD-6. Suddenly, heavily armed intruders led by McKenas Cole take control of the building to torture Sloane for access to the vault, triggering explosive lockdown measures. Forced to the basement, Jack and Sydney must think fast to avoid the total destruction of the building. 10
280 Alias S1E13 The Box Part 2 Sydney hides in the air ducts as time ticks away on the fail-safe alarms. Before the intruders can hack the vault security code, Sydney must disarm three charges of C-4. Dixon manages to secretly sen an e-mail to the CIA, but will they belive the attack is real and bring help in time? Who does McKenas Cole work for and what secrets will this break-in reveal? 10
281 Alias S1E14 The Coup After the assault on SD-6, truths emerge that force SD-6 to get details for a meeting between K-Directorate and the mystery attacking group. Sydney and Dixon are deplyd to Las Vegas, donning diguises to exploid listeing devices they plant on a K-Directorate agent. Before the mission takes her to Moscow, Vaughn expresses his desire to become closer to Sydney. 10
282 Alias S1E15 Page 47 Sydney returns to SD-6 from Mosxow with a video of the meeting between the mysterious Mr.Sark and K-Directorate and give sit to Vaughn. Meanwhile, Will`s investigation has attracted the wrong attention from SD-6, while Dixon and Sydney head for Tunisia to retrieve a Rambaldi manuscript before Mr.Sark can get to it. 10
283 Alias S1E16 The Prophecy There is a continuing investigation into Sydney`s connection to the Rambaldi notebook. According to Vaughn, the partially decoded text around the drawing is being referred to as "The Prophecy." When Jack reveals that the original key to decoding the writings is held at the Vatican, Sydney persuades Vaughn to break into the Vatican with her. 10
285 Alias S1E18 Masquerade Sydney returns to the States after proving she is not the subject of the Rambaldi prophecy, only to learn that the CIA is looking for her mother, Laura Bristow, who was thought dead. The connection has been made that Alexander Khasinau, the man behind Sark and Cole`s actions, was Laura`s superior at the KGB 10
286 Alias S1E19 Snowman All roads lead to Khasinau, and the best path to follow is a known assassin hired by the K-Directorate to kill him. The assassin, a.k.a "The Snowman," is spotted in Mackay, Australia, and Dixon and Sydney are dispatched to capture him there. In a fight to the finish with the assassin, Sydney gets more than she bargained for. 10
287 Alias S1E20 The Solution The dangerous plan to draw out Khasinau now involves trading diamonds for a clear liquid ampule, and Rambaldi artifacts, revoered from the vault when SD-6 was compromised. In the process of capturing him, hopefully they will find Irina Derevko, Sydney`s mom. Sloane gets wind of the rendezvous in Indonesia, and sends Dixon - setting a veiled Sydney up for a vigorous test of her skills. 10
288 Alias S1E21 Rendezvous SD-6 succeeds in breaking up the ampule exchange, but Sydney is injured fighting of an unknowing Dixon. On her return, she realizes that Sark has been apprehended, but Dixon is suspicious of her injury. Sark slips through their fingers in a botched Paris handoff, and Will is now in so deep that Sydney must rescue him so he can have CIA protection. 10
289 Alias S1E22 Almost Thirty Years With Will badly beaten and being questioned by Sark, Sydney must save him through an elaborate exchange of Rambaldi artifacts. In a series of dramatic confrontations, Dixon questions Sydney`s loyalty, and later she is captured and questioned by Khasinau`s boss in a shocking and revealing season finale. 10
292 Alias S2E3 Cipher ydney has to see her mother again for information. Jack doesnt like Sydney seeing Irina at all, and then he goes to see her himself to threaten her. The CIA puts Will through hypno-therapy to find out a code that Sark was working on. Syd goes to Siberia to get a music box but is stopped by Sark and she slips through the ice. 10
293 Alias S2E4 Dead Drop Jack continued to try to get Irina moved. Sydney goes on a mission to find a map that leads to "The Bible" and there she meets Sark, who tries to recruit her. Later the CIA sends Sydney and Vaughn on a mission to retreive "The Bible" but Jack rigs the building to explode, framing Irina and effectively getting her moved as well as breaking Sydneys trust of her. 10
294 Alias S2E5 The Indicator Francie opens her restaurant. Vaughn finds out about what Jack did to frame Irina. Sydney is sent on a mission where she discovers kids who are being taught to be spies. Later she remembers something and she goes through hypno-therapy to find out that Jack tested that same project on her as a kid. 10
295 Alias S2E6 Salvation Syndey wants to save her mom from the death penalty by telling the CIA what her dad did, but he gets to them first in order to win back her trust. Sydney and Vaughn both have to be tested for a deadly disease they could have picked up in Taipei. The Senator takes Jack into custody and decides to carry out Irinas death penalty but Sydney kidnaps him and tells him a lie to get them both off. Vaughn starts to bleed from the fingernails, the first sign that he has the deadly disease. 10
296 Alias S2E7 The Counteragent Irina tells Sydney where to get the antidote for Vaughns illness. While trying to get it shes caught by Sark and forced to make a deal with him to turn over Sloanes life. Sydney gets the cure but Sark spares Sloanes life to cooperate with him. 10
299 Alias S2E10 The Abduction Sydney and Will run into Vaughn and Alice in a bar. Marshall is sent on his first mission with Sydney. The CIA wants to get to Marshall before SD-6 so he cant tell them any information, but someone else abducts him first. The episode ends as we see Marshall being tortured by the "Evil Dentist" from season 1. 10
300 Alias S2E11 A Higher Echelon Kane believes that Jack has something to do with Emilys murder, so hes in danger of her finding out about his double agent status. Irina is useful again in keeping Echelon from SD-6. Sydney and Dixon go on a mission to get Marshall back, and just in time too. Meanwhile, Sydney admitted to Francie that she had a crush on Vaughn. Francie told Will, who mentioned it to Vaughn. 10
301 Alias S2E12 The Getaway Kane goes after Jack, who goes to Irina for help finding the real blackmailer. On a mission in France Sydney and Vaughn risk going to dinner and end up getting caught, although they manage to get themselves out of trouble. After Jack proves that Kane was actually the blackmailer it turns out Sloane was behind the entire thing to keep Emily alive. 10
302 Alias S2E13 Phase One Sloane is missing and The Alliance sends in a replacement- Anothony Geiger. Sydney learns of a server 47 that holds the key to destroying The Alliance. After Syd gets the info, Jack goes in to SD-6 to verify it but is caught by Geiger, who has learned that he and Sydney are double agents. Sydney then has to tell Dixon the truth in order to have him verify the info to save her dad in time. When the codes match, the CIA raids SD-6 along with every other SD office, and they save Jack in time. Sydney and Vaughn share their first kiss in the ruin of SD-6. Will and Francie also kissed. And Francie appears to be have been killed by a double pretending to be her. 10
383 Alias S2E22 The Telling At the CIA, a depressed Sydney confers with Vaughn. Marshall begins receiving top-secret info ? Irina is uploading the double`s DNA, as she said she would. Syd then tells Will that he`s been cleared because the downloaded DNA doesn`t match his, it`s from one A.G. Doren. 10
3334 Alias S3E19 Hourglass After finding out that Lauren is working for the Covenant, Vaughn is told to keep up the fa?ade of a happy marriage in order to keep tabs on his wife`s activities. But he`s in for a shock when he uncovers the truth about Lauren`s mother, Olivia. Meanwhile, Jack refuses to help exonerate Sloane of his crimes and put in motion a stay of execution, and a monk discloses the identity of the Rambaldi "Passenger" to Sydney. 10

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