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1400 The Simpsons S5E1 Homer?s Barbershop Quartet We flashback to 1985, where Homer, Apu, Principal Skinner, and Chief Wiggum (replaced with Barney) were the hit barbershop quartet known as the B Sharp. George Harrison guest stars. 0
1401 The Simpsons S5E2 Cape Feare Sideshow Bob is paroled from prison, and he has only one thing in mind for Bart: revenge. 0
1402 The Simpsons S5E3 Homer Goes to College In order to continue in his job at the Nuclear power plant, Homer must attend college. 0
1403 The Simpsons S5E4 Rosebud When Mr. Burns was very young, he gave up his teddy bear, Bobo, for a life of riches. Now growing old, he desires for his teddy bear, which Maggie loves dearly. NOTES: The Ramones guest star. 0
1407 The Simpsons S5E5 Tree House of Horror IV: The Simpson`s Halloween Special IV In a Night Gallery parody, Bart presents three tales of terror... In "The Devil and Homer Simpson," Homer gives up his soul for a single doughnut. Now, the Devil wants Homer. Next, Bart has a nightmare about a bus crash. And his nightmare is about to come true when a playful gremlin starts taking the bus apart piece by piece "Terror at 5 1/2 Feet". Finally, Mr. Burns is a vampire, and he wants blood, and he turns Bart into a vampire in "Bart Simpsons Dracula." 0
1408 The Simpsons S5E6 Marge on the Lam When Homer fails to show up, Marge decides to go to the ballet with Ruth Powers, the next door neighbor. Ruth returns the favour and takes Marge out the next night. Unbeknown to Marge, Ruth is driving a stolen car. 0
1409 The Simpsons S5E7 Bart?s Inner Child Bart accidentally has the entire town emulating his actions, thanks to a feel-good therapist. James Brown guest stars. 0
1410 The Simpsons S5E8 Boy Scoutz N the Hood When Bart finds a $20, he spends it on a squishy, made of pure syrup. After a wild night, he wakes up to find that he joined a boy scout troop, with den father Ned Flanders. NOTES: Earnest Borgnine guest stars. 0
1411 The Simpsons S5E9 The Last Temptation of Homer Homer falls in love with a new female employee at the nuclear plant who is just like Homer. Homer, however, feels guilty. Michelle Pfiffer and Werner Klemperer guest star. 0
1412 The Simpsons S5E10 $pringfield (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) When the local economy stalls, everyone, including Marge, votes to legalize gambling on Springfield. Mr. Burns even opens up his own casino, Homer gets to be a blackjack dealer, and Marge is addicted to the slot machines. Robert Goulet and Gerry Cooney guest star. 0
1413 The Simpsons S5E11 Homer the Vigilante When a cat burglar hits Springfield, Homer vows to fight back. Sam Neil guest stars. 0
1414 The Simpsons S5E12 Bart Gets Famous After escaping from a field trip to a cardboard factory, Bart sneaks into the Krusty the Klown show, and becomes his assistant. However, Bart is launched into instant stardom after accidentally wrecking a set on live TV and uttering, I didnt do it. NOTES: Former Simpsons writer/producer, Conan OBrien guest stars. 0
1415 The Simpsons S5E13 Homer and Apu After getting food poisoning from eating the Kwik-E-Mart food, Homer gets Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart employee, fired. Regretting his actions, Homer vows to get Apu his job back. James Woods guest stars. 0
1416 The Simpsons S5E14 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy After objecting to the voice disk used on her new talking Malibu Stacy doll that demeans women, Lisa find the creator and they produce a new doll that reflects the 90s. Kathleen Turner guest stars. 0
1417 The Simpsons S5E15 Deep Space Homer After seeing their ratings decline, NASA decides to send Joe Average to space. In this case, Joe Average is Homer Simpson. James Taylor, and Buzz Aldrin guest star. 0
1418 The Simpsons S5E16 Homer Loves Flanders After Ned Flanders give a ticket to Homer for a much-hyped football game, Homer becomes Neds best friend. 0
1419 The Simpsons S5E17 Bart Gets an Elephant When KBBL is going to give me something stupid, Bart forgoes the $10,000 cash price for an elephant. Problem is, the elephant is causing some major problems. 0
1420 The Simpsons S5E18 Burns? Heir Nearly drowning in the bathtub, Mr. Burns decides to find an heir. He sees it in the form of Bart Simpson and coerces the young Simpson into staying with him. 0
1421 The Simpsons S5E19 Sweet Seymour Skinner?s Baadasssss Song Bart brings the family dog to school for Show and Tell, unfortunately the dog escapes and indirectly gets Principal Skinner fired. School life under Principal Flanders just isnt the same and Bart schemes to get Skinner back. NOTES: This episode marks the 100th episode for the series. 0
1422 The Simpsons S5E20 The Boy Who Knew Too Much Bart skips class and witnesses a waiter brutally beaten. The Mayors nephew is blamed, but Bart can clear him -- however it would mean coming clean about skipping class. 0
1423 The Simpsons S5E21 Lady Bouvier?s Lover Grampa Simpson falls in love with Marges mother, Jackie, but Mr. Burns woos her away from him. Grampa is broken hearted when learning Jackie is going to marry Burns. 0
1424 The Simpsons S5E22 Secrets of a Successful Marriage Worrying about being slow, Homer decides to teach a marriage course. Unfortunately, he doesnt succeed as a teacher until he starts spilling some of Marges personal secrets. 0

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