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2404 The Pretender S1E1 Pilot Miss Parker and Sydney find they had just missed Jarod helping a tanker ship in Alaska. Jarod is now posing as a doctor to uncover the truth behind an operation that resulted in a boy becoming paraplegic. Jarod also befriends a sicilian woman who has trouble with (ahem) bowel movements. 7
2405 The Pretender S1E2 Every Picture Tells A Story Miss Parker and Sydney once again miss Jarod at the Y.M.C.A., who is now posing as a member of the Coast Guard trying to figure out the truth behind the death of a man who died at sea waiting for rescue. Jarod also befriends a hermit who lives out at sea and refuses to come back to land. 6
2406 The Pretender S1E3 Flyer Sydney and Miss Parker survey a wind farm where Jarod was last seen testing aerodynamics. Jarod is now flying jets for Skyvionics, which is testing a defense contractor`s new computer system, while trying to figure out why a test pilot died during one of the tests. Jarod also befriends Mr. Hollis, a conspirator who was involved in the Manhattan Project. 5
2407 The Pretender S1E4 Curious Jarod After spending some time studying mathematics and science, Jarod becomes head of security at a the Marquee Casino in Las Vegas. While there, he attempts to solve the mystery behind the death of a showgirl. Jarod also befriends a down-on-his-luck Elvis impersonator. Meanwhile, Sydney and Miss Parker resort to finding Jarod through the mob. 5
2408 The Pretender S1E5 The Paper Clock Aiming to help a man wrongly sentenced for murder, Jarod becomes a lawyer and goes after the arrogant attorney protecting the real killer. 5
2409 The Pretender S1E6 To Serve and Protect Jarod becomes a motorcycle cop to track down a security guard`s killers. 4
2410 The Pretender S1E7 A Virus Among Us Mrs. Parker and Sydney find that they just missed Jarod posing as a High School biology teacher, and Parker is subjected to the flu virus. Jarod now poses as a virologist at an infectious disease laboratory trying to figure out the story behind the disappearance of another virologist. He also befriends Ben, a musician who is trying to prefect his musical talent on various instruments, althought his neighbors don`t care for it. 4
2411 The Pretender S1E8 Not Even A Mouse Jarod investigates the mystery behind a hit-and-run death of a homeless man known as `Christmas George` while simultaneously trying to identify a Jane Doe before Christmas. Meanwhile, Sydney anxiously awaits word from Jarod and Miss Parker gets her hopes up spending Christmas with her father. 4
2412 The Pretender S1E9 Mirage Jarod pretends to be a skydiving instructor looking into the death of a survivalist who died on his annual trip into the desert. Jarod is also visited by Ernie Two Feathers, a man who may (or may not) be a spirit guide. Meanwhile, Miss Parker is given a birthday present from Jarod that leads her to information about her mother. 6
2413 The Pretender S1E10 The Better Part Of Valor Jarod works as a firefighter while investigating the murder of another smoke-eater; Miss Parker tries to seduce a married man. 4
2414 The Pretender S1E11 Potato Head Blues (a.k.a. Bomb Squad) Jarod poses as a member of the bomb squad, searching for a serial bomber who left a woman blind from one of his attacks. Meanwhile, the Centre puts Mr. Reines in charge of finding the person who`s leaking information to Jarod. By utilizing Angelo, he puts Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots to the test 7
2415 The Pretender S1E12 Prison Story Jarod pretends to be a prison guard who is trying to prove a man on death row didn`t commit the crime he`s sentenced to death for. Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots all get a clue that makes them believe they`re now one step ahead of Jarod. 3
2416 The Pretender S1E13 Bazooka Jarod Jarod joins the Navy to investigate the drowning of a ship`s engineer, but he must outwit a security officer who doubts his credentials. Meanwhile, the latest lead on Jarod pushes Miss Parker to follow clues regarding the children her mother saved. 6
2417 The Pretender S1E14 Ranger Jarod Jarod falls in love with his hiking partner while on a seach-and-rescue for a boy who disappeared in the mountains. Jarod also befriends a man named Big Bob who has many stooge-ish qualitites. Back at The Centre, Miss Parker reminisces about how she loved Jarod when they were children. 4
2418 The Pretender S1E15 Jaroldo Jarod becomes a TV news photographer to investigate a staged gang shootout that badly injured another cameraman. 7
2419 The Pretender S1E16 Under The Reds Jarod investigates a fellow paramedic whom he believes is responsible for a graduate student`s coma; Sydney disappears. 6
2420 The Pretender S1E17 Keys Miss Parker takes Jarod hostage during a severe hurricane, upsetting his plan to nab a maritime patrolman responsible for refugee deaths. 6
2421 The Pretender S1E18 Unhappy Landings Jarod takes the role of a U.S. marshal to protect a vital witness with information about drug bosses connected to crooked marshals. 7
2422 The Pretender S1E19 Jarod`s Honor Intervening to stop a killing, Jarod becomes a hired gun in New Orleans as he continues his quest for his parents. In the meantime, Sydney and Miss Parker attend a twins convention. 5
2423 The Pretender S1E20 Baby Love Jarod experiences fatherly instincts as he searches for the mother of a lost infant being sought by sinister authorities. 7
2424 The Pretender S1E21 The Dragon House (1) Jarod returns to The Centre to aid Kyle, another Pretender in the clutches of Mr. Raines. 8
2425 The Pretender S1E22 The Dragon House (2) Jarod returns to The Centre to aid Kyle, another Pretender in the clutches of Mr. Raines 8

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