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2982 The Sopranos S1E1 Pilot Tony Soprano tries to be a good family man on two fronts ? to his wife, kids and widowed mother ? and as a capo in the New Jersey mob. The pressures of work and family life give him anxiety attacks, so Tony starts seeing a psychiatrist ? which is not the kind of thing a guy advertises in the circles Tony moves in: it could get him killed. 7
2983 The Sopranos S1E2 46 Long Hot-headed Chris, and his even hotter-headed friend, Brendan Filone, wanted to make some extra cash, so they started highjacking trucks. Ordinarily they`d be applauded for showing this kind of initiative, but the trucks belonged to a guy who paid protection to Uncle Junior. Naturally Junior demanded the stolen goods be returned and thattribute be paid to him as well. 7
2984 The Sopranos S1E3 Denial, Anger, Acceptance Although Christopher and Brendan returned the stolen goods to Comley Trucking like he demanded, Comley thanked Tony for it, not Junior. Now Mikey Palmice is telling him that if Tony won`t do something about those two guys, somebody else should ? and Junior`s starting to agree with him. 7
2985 The Sopranos S1E4 Meadowlands Tony is still having dreams, but these aren`t about the ducks. He`s now dreaming about Dr. Melfi. And what did this self-respecting capo do when he finds himself having racy dreams about his therapist? He has her followed, of course. 7
2986 The Sopranos S1E5 College Tony escorts Meadow on a series of visits to colleges in Maine, and the trip goes pretty well. Tony and Meadow even discuss Tony`s "business". But then Tony spots an old "friend" at a gas station, and everything changes. The "friend" is Fabian "Febby" Petrulio, made man turned rat, who entered and then dropped out of the Witness Protection Program. Febby`s now known as Fred Peters, travel agent. 7
2987 The Sopranos S1E6 Pax Soprana After years of playing second fiddle, Junior Soprano finally became the new Boss of New Jersey and proceed to drive everybody crazy. Not only did he refuse to honor any deals made during Jackie Aprile`s reign, he also didn`t let any of his newfound wealth to trickle down to the guys below. 8
2988 The Sopranos S1E7 Down Neck Anthony Jr. is proving to be a regular chip off the old block, and Tony`s not sure he likes it. He especially doesn`t like that he and Carmela are called to the Verbum Dei principal`s office because A.J. and his posse stole some sacramental wine and showed up drunk for gym class. 7
2989 The Sopranos S1E8 The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti At the wedding of Larry Boy Barese`s daughter, all the wise guys talked about was the indictments coming down and how half of New York has already left for Fort Lauderdale. So the question was, what are Tony and his associates going to do, lam it or stay? The decision was for everyone to stay--but do a little "housecleaning" in case anyone shows up on the doorstep in an "FBI" jacket. 8
2990 The Sopranos S1E9 Boca The grand jury hasn`t indicted anybody yet, but the tension in Essex County got thicker than homemade marinara. Junior decided to get away from it all for awhile and headed to Boca Raton with his ladylove, Roberta. Junior and Roberta have been together for sixteen years and she`s the one person to whom he can show his tender and to put it delicately ? "giving" side. 8
2991 The Sopranos S1E10 A Hit Is A Hit Both Carmela and Dr. Melfi thought it would be a good idea for Tony to meet new people. So against his better judgment, Tony and Carmela started socializing with the neighbors. They went to backyard barbecues and Tony was invited to play golf with "the guys" at Dr. Cusamano`s country club. Sounds nice, eh? The problem was, every time he was around these "mayonnaises" all they wanted from Tony was stories about the mob. 6
2992 The Sopranos S1E11 Nobody Knows Anything Somebody`s wearing a wire. 8
2993 The Sopranos S1E12 Isabella Since Pussy disappeared, Tony`s had a string of them. Madonn`, this is the most depressed he`s ever been. He avoided Carmela and the kids, neglected the business ? and as for personal hygiene? Fuhgeddaboutit. Dr. Melfi tried to jump start his system by having him take so much Prozac and Lithium it`s practically its own food group; but it still looked like nothing would ever get him up and on his feet again. 8
2994 The Sopranos S1E13 I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano The cat`s out of the bag, and the rat`s in it ? a body bag, that is. 8
2995 The Sopranos S2E1 Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist`s Office Tony still has his two famiglia, but he`s now the sole Boss of the professional one, as Junior`s been indicted on twelve RICO predicates. So while his uncle spends his days sporting an orange jumpsuit and doing the perp walk, Tony is running the business "bunker style" and trying not to draw the Feds` attention himself. 8
2996 The Sopranos S2E2 Do Not Resuscitate When Pussy goes to the doctor for steroid injections in his back, the person leafing through old magazines in the waiting room is FBI agent Skip Lipari. As they drive home afterwards it`s revealed that Sal Bompensiero, AKA Big Pussy Bompensiero, made man and life-long friend of Tony Soprano, is facing a heroin possession charge and has become an informant for the Feds. 6
2997 The Sopranos S2E3 Toddle-F***ing-Oo Big brother of the late, great Jackie Aprile, Richie has just finished ten years in prison and is looking to pick up where he left off. He figures it should be pretty easy, too. After all, the jerky kid he used to look out for in the old neighborhood has grown up to be none other than the current Boss, Tony Soprano. 7
2998 The Sopranos S2E4 Commendatori As part of the spoils of being Boss, Tony now controls the family`s luxury car "export" business. This new responsibility takes Tony, Paulie and Christopher to Naples to meet with Zi Vittorio, head of the Neapolitan famiglia. An old associate of Junior`s whom he last saw in 1961, Vittorio is, warns Junior, "a serious man" his nephew had better be ready for. 6
2999 The Sopranos S2E5 Big Girls Don`t Cry The latest addition to the Soprano crew is safely in the States and, as a favor to Tony by Artie Bucco, gainfully employed as a mozzarella maker at the Nuovo Vesuvio Restaurant. But make no mistake: Furio`s real boss is Tony. And now that his operation has some new talent, the Boss can make a few organizational changes. 7
3000 The Sopranos S2E6 The Happy Wanderer Now that he`s back with Dr. Melfi, Tony tells her that he`s angry with all the "happy wanderers" in the world: the people who manage to get through life "with a clear head." At the moment, however, he doesn`t have time to explore this anger. He`s got to organize the "Executive Game." 7
3001 The Sopranos S2E7 D-Girl "Life is essentially meaningless." Tony talking to Dr. Melfi? Livia to anyone who`ll listen? No, this time it`s Anthony, Jr. to his parents, upon being caught driving ? and crashing ? his mother`s car. An unrepentant A.J. has been reading Camus and Nietzsche and come to the conclusion that God is dead, existence is pointless and his upcoming confirmation in the Catholic Church is an exercise in absurdity. 8
3002 The Sopranos S2E8 Full Leather Jacket In Tony Soprano`s world, there`s no such thing as doing a simple favor for someone. To the contrary: it`s never simple and isn`t always a favor. 9
3003 The Sopranos S2E9 From Where To Eternity To everyone`s relief, Christopher has survived the attempt on his life ? but not before going into arrest and being clinically dead for a full minute. When he awakes, he calls Tony and Paulie to his side and informs them that during his minute ad patres he went to Hell: an Irish bar that exists in a perpetual Saint Patrick`s Day, and where his father gets whacked every day. 6
3004 The Sopranos S2E10 Bust Out A law-abiding civilian ? or "flag-salutin` motherf***er" in Paulie`s parlance ? was in Hacklebarney State Park the night Matt Bevilaqua was whacked. He heard the gunshots and saw Tony and "a husky accomplice" driving away from the scene. And then he called the police. 7
3005 The Sopranos S2E11 House Arrest Tony`s lawyer, Neil Mink, warns him that while he dodged a bullet on the Bevilaqua matter, the Feds are still gunning for him. The government has devoted considerable resources to investigating the Soprano organization, Neil tells Tony, "and sooner or later, they`re going to want a return on their investment." 8
3006 The Sopranos S2E12 Knight In White Satin Armor It`s not a rhetorical question. And it`s going to have to be answered soon because he`s rapidly running out his string with Tony. He`s still selling drugs on his garbage routes and started trying to horn in on other capos` hauling contracts. And while Richie continues to contend that his future brother-in-law is not giving him due respect. 8
3007 The Sopranos S2E13 Funhouse Things are going pretty well for Tony. Business-wise, things are great: the Webistics scam and Scatino bust out yielded, as Junior might put it, some serious sponduliks. A current venture involving the sale of bogus telephone cards is proving to be highly profitable as well. Richie and Janice are gone and soon Livia will be, too. 8
3008 The Sopranos S3E1 Mr. Ruggerio`s Neighborhood The Feds have stepped up their efforts to build a RICO case against Tony, even though they no longer have the services of Cooperating Witness 16, AKA Pussy Bonpensiero. Since Pussy is, as Agent Lipari delicately puts it, "probably compost," the Bureau is going to have to find some other way to get close to Tony. 7
3009 The Sopranos S3E2 Proshai, Livushka Tony hadn`t had an anxiety attack for months, but suddenly one morning, Carmela comes home to find him out cold on the kitchen floor. The immediate cause is meeting Meadow`s new college "friend," Noah Tannenbaum. Noah tells Tony he`s Jewish and African-American. Tony tells Noah to get out of his house. Right after that, the sight of a box of Uncle Ben`s rice in the kitchen cabinet caused him to swoon. 7
3010 The Sopranos S3E3 Fortunate Son Tony`s not pleased with the pace of his therapy. Not to mention the notoriety: it seems like every made guy on the east coast is aware of Tony`s "spells." And while they may tell Tony that "there`s no stigmata" attached to his seeing a psychiatrist, he knows they don`t mean it. Melfi, in turn, tells Tony that she can help him, but only if he`s truly willing to "focus and delve." 7
3011 The Sopranos S3E4 Employee Of The Month Ralph Cifaretto, who took over Richie Aprile`s garbage business and is dating Jackie Aprile`s widow, Rosalie, endears himself to Jackie Jr. but loses points with Tony. Svetlana enlists Russian thugs in her conflict with Janice and New York City crime boss Johnny Sack moves to Tony`s neighborhood. In a hard scene to watch, Dr. Melfi is brutally raped and beaten by a man, who turns out to be an employee of the month at a restaurant. 8
3012 The Sopranos S3E5 Another Toothpick Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri, Sr. comes out of retirement, much to the chagrin of his son and Uncle Junior. Artie Bucco faces up to his feelings toward his wife Charmaine and his hostess, Adriana. Carmela takes a more active role in Tony`s therapy. 6
3013 The Sopranos S3E6 University A young Bada Bing dancer named Tracee is pregnant by Ralph Cifaretto. When the two argue outside the club, Ralph brutally beats her to death. When Tony sees Tracee lying dead, he becomes enraged and does something no made guy is ever supposed to do to another made guy 7
3014 The Sopranos S3E7 Second Opinion While undergoing surgery for his stomach cancer, Uncle Junior dreams that the FBI offered him a complete cure for his illness?if he will testify against Tony. When Junior`s doctor isn`t as attentive as Tony would like him to be, Furio persuades the doctor to improve his bedside manner. 7
3015 The Sopranos S3E8 He Is Risen Tony`s feud with Ralph reaches the fail-safe point. Meadow and Jackie Jr. find they have more in common than they thought. Tony`s generosity in giving his time slot with Dr. Melfi to another patient pays off. 7
3016 The Sopranos S3E9 The Telltale Moozadell Tony checks out a new Mercedes - and the Mercedes saleswoman, Gloria. Later, he gives Carmela a sapphire ring for her birthday, and Christopher gives Adriana her very own music club. Anthony Jr. is busted for vandalizing the school swimming pool. 7
3017 The Sopranos S3E10 To Save Us All From Satan`s Power Memories of Christmas 1995 send Tony to Dr. Melfi. Janice hosts Christmas dinner. Silvio dreams of missing cheese and a dirty rat. Baccala reluctantly dons the Santa suit that Pussy used to wear for a party. 7
3018 The Sopranos S3E11 Pine Barrens Paulie and Christopher endure a nightmarish journey in the wilds of South Jersey. Meadow harbors suspicions about Jackie Jr. and Tony finds family demands are jeopardizing a new friendship. 7
3019 The Sopranos S3E12 Amour Fou Inspired by Ralph, Jackie, Jr. decides to "make his move" in organized crime. Guilt prompts Carmela to make an interesting confession to her priest. 8
3020 The Sopranos S3E13 The Army Of One Anthony Jr. faces the prospect of military school. Tony orders Ralph to deal with Jackie, Jr. and Meadow reflects the meaning of life and death in the Soprano family. 8
3021 The Sopranos S4E1 For All Debts Public And Private With the slowing economy affecting business, Tony invests in a potentially lucrative land deal, while Carmela frets about the family`s long-term financial security. Problems abound among Tony`s crime family as well: Uncle Junior worries about his pending RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) trial; Adriana confides in her new friend Danielle, who may be an undercover FBI agent; and Christopher sets his sights on avenging an old murder. 8
3022 The Sopranos S4E2 No-Show Carmela finds out that Meadow plans to skip her true sophomore year and go to Europe with her friends. Carm and Tony don`t approve. Dr. Melfi convinces Tony to have Meadow see a psychologist. She gives him a name of a conventional child psychologist who tells Meadow to go to Europe. 0
3023 The Sopranos S4E3 Christopher Bobby Baccala`s wife, Karen dies in a car accident, leaving him devistated. He confesses to Janice, who is seeing a shrink of her own, that he feels guilty for Karen`s death. He was caught in traffic because of her accident. Also, Silvio and Ralphie try to stop a protest at the Columbus Day parade. 0
3024 The Sopranos S4E4 The Weight An enraged Johnny Sack seeks vengeance after a disparaging remark is made about his wife; Meadow considers volunteer work at the South Bronx Law Center; Furio hosts a housewarming party; Silvio and Christopher make an offer to an old-time hit man; and Tony and Carmela disagree about the family finances. 0
3025 The Sopranos S4E5 Pie-O-My Tony discovers he has a knack for horseracing strategy when Ralph buys a filly named "Pie-O-My." Ralph wins $40,000 and shares it with Tony. The mob boss is smitten with the filly, and his tough-guy demeanor softens whenever he`s around the animal. But at home, things are not as serene for Tony. When Carmela presents him with an irrevocable trust, he refuses to sign the document. 0
3026 The Sopranos S4E6 Everybody Hurts Restaurateur Artie Bucco, always a sucker for a pretty face, loans money to his hostess`s brother; Anthony Jr. falls for a girl from a well-heeled family; Carmela plays matchmaker for Furio; and Tony hears some surprising news about an old associate. 0
3027 The Sopranos S4E7 Watching Too Much Television Tony and Ralph disregard the advice of Carmela`s cousin, a financial adviser, about a moneymaking scheme; Adriana is getting anxious to tie the knot; Paulie finally gets out of jail. 0
3028 The Sopranos S4E8 Mergers & Acquisitions Furio takes a trip to his native Italy to visit his father; Carmela explores new avenues in the investment world; Paulie dotes on his mother at Green Grove; Ralph shows off his new girlfriend. 0
3029 The Sopranos S4E9 Whoever Did This Ralphie`s biological son is playing archery with a friend, and is hit by an arrow. A big loss of oxygen caused him to become a "vegetable." In another development, the stables burned down, Pie-oh-My was burned badly and was put to death. Tony thinks that this is Ralphie`s doing and whacks him. The last half of the episode is devoted to Tony and Christopher making Ralph Cifaretto "disappear." 0
3030 The Sopranos S4E10 The Strong, Silent Type Dr. Melfi disagrees with Tony`s latest self-evaluation; Anthony Jr. reluctantly accompanies his mother on a visit to Furio`s; Christopher`s future may not be so rosy after all. 0
3031 The Sopranos S4E11 Calling All Cars The future of Tony`s HUD scheme hangs in the balance after a sit-down with Johnny Sack; Janice`s patience with Bobby is wearing thin; Melfi interprets Tony`s dreams. 0
3032 The Sopranos S4E12 Eloise Realizing that the only way he can get Carmela is killing Tony, an upset Furio moves back to Italy. This leaves Carmela extremely depressed. AJ and Meadow debate if a famous book has gay connotations. 0
3033 The Sopranos S4E13 Whitecaps Carm is still depressed over Furio`s leaving. After a doctor`s appointment, she learns that Tony is on the waiting list to by a beach house, Whitecaps. Tony persuades the owner to drop the previous buyer and sell the house to him. Junior`s trial is thrown out because of a hung jury. Chris gets out of rehab and is ordered to hit Carmine. 0

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