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2221 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E1 Unimatrix Zero, Part II The Borg Queen considers Unimatrix Zero a threat because she does not want her Borg to ever have traces of individuality, but Captain Janeway thinks it could give the Federation allies within the Collective. 7
2222 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E2 Imperfection Seven of Nine watches as Rebi and Azan, two of the Borg children she had been taking care of since they were separated from the Collective, are reunited with their people, who agree to also give Mezoti a home. 6
2223 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E3 Drive As Tom Paris and Harry Kim are taking the Delta Flyer for a test run, another small alien ship pulls alongside them. The alien pilot, Irina, challenges them to a race. As the two ships race through an asteroid field, Irina`s ship begins filling up with nyocene gas. 5
2224 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E4 Repression A mysterious Bajoran man named Teero sits in a musty room with Bajoran tapestries and drawings of Maquis vessels, reciting a mysterious chant while staring at a monitor displaying crewmembers from the U.S.S. Voyager 6
2225 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E5 Critical Care Gar, a Dralian trader, enters an overcrowded, airborne hospital ship and looks for Chellick, the facility`s administrator. Gar shows Chellick the Doctor`s mobile emitter that he obtained from the U.S.S. Voyager. 6
2226 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E6 Inside Man After going without mail from home for over a month, the U.S.S. Voyager crew is looking forward to seeing the next datastream which is jammed in the ship`s transceiver. Harry Kim and Seven of Nine determine that instead of letters, the datastream contains a hologram of Reginald Barclay, the Starfleet officer from the Pathfinder project on Earth who has taken a personal interest in getting Voyager home. 6
2227 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E7 Body and Soul The Doctor, Seven of Nine and Harry Kim are on a mission in the Delta Flyer to study preanimate biomatter from a comet. The ship jolts a few times and they realize they are under attack. The captain of the attacking vessel, Ranek, claims the Delta Flyer is transporting a "photonic insurgent" through Lokirrim space, which is forbidden. 8
2228 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E8 Nightingale Voyager sets down on a planet for a major maintenance overhaul while away teams in shuttles are sent in search of supplies. As Torres informs Captain Janeway that repairs will take days longer than originally expected, suddenly several consoles black out. Moments later the consoles flicker back on, and Icheb steps forward to explain the repair he made. 5
2229 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E9 Flesh and Blood, Part I Two Hirogen move through a jungle hunting prey. Suddenly phaser shots are fired at them from a small lake. Four armed Starfleet crewmen rise out of the water and continue firing, destroying their predators with vengeance. 7
2230 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E10 Flesh and Blood, Part II The Doctor, who voluntarily joined the renegades, is furious with the group`s leader, Iden, but Iden promises to let Torres go once she has a chance to decide for herself whether to help the Holograms. 5
2231 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E11 Shattered While Icheb tutors Naomi Wildman in genetics and Chakotay joins Janeway for dinner, Voyager gets rocked by the gravimetric force of a spatial rift. Chakotay heads to Engineering when the ship`s warp core begins to destabilize, and as he tries to maintain containment, an energy blast strikes him and knocks him out. 6
2232 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E12 Lineage B`Elanna Torres starts the morning in an uncommonly good mood, but then in Engineering her mood changes and she scolds Icheb for being there without her permission. Suddenly she gets dizzy and drops to the floor. Seven of Nine goes to help as Icheb scans her with a tricorder. Icheb says he detects a lifesign inside Torres, perhaps a parasite. 4
2233 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E13 Repentance Responding to a distress call, the U.S.S. Voyager approaches a damaged alien vessel and transports two injured passengers to Sickbay and nine others to a Cargo Bay. In the Cargo Bay, three of the rescued aliens are Nygean guards holding the others prisoner, and they are concerned that their weapons didn`t beam over because the other men are dangerous criminals. 4
2234 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E14 Prophecy Voyager finds itself under attack by a cloaked vessel. The bridge crew discovers it`s an antiquated Klingon battle cruiser, which they can detect with a metaphasic scan. Captain Janeway orders return fire, disabling the vessel`s cloak. 6
2235 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E15 The Void The U.S.S. Voyager is pulled into a void with no apparent way out. Neelix presents an exotic dinner to Janeway, Chakotay, Paris and Torres, a meal prepared by Seven of Nine who is trying her hand at being a gourmet chef. 6
2236 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E16 Workforce, Part I In a vast alien metropolis on a planet called Quarra, Kathryn Janeway enters a power distribution plant and reports in to a shift supervisor, who takes her to a workstation and explains her task. Janeway has taken a job among a multi-species workforce with no recollection of her previous life as captain of Voyager. 5
2237 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E17 Workforce, Part II A disguised Chakotay is being pursued by Quarren security officers and is trapped at a forcefield. He smashes a control panel to disable the forcefield, then overpowers the guards and escapes, but not before getting a phaser shot in the arm. Meanwhile, Harry Kim and the Doctor are in command of Voyager as it is being fired upon by Quarren patrol ships. 5
2238 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E18 Human Error Seven of Nine programs Holodeck 2 to be a rustic cabin where she practices the piano to the steady beat of a metronome, with her hair down and her Borg implants gone. Later, she attends a simulation of B`Elanna Torres` baby shower, where she again appears fully human and interacts with holo-crewmembers more freely than usual. 4
2239 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E19 Q2 Captain Janeway is caught by surprise when she is paid a visit by Q and his son, Q ("Q2"). She last saw the young Q as an infant four years ago, but he already looks and acts like an adolescent, and his father wants to leave him on Voyager to learn about humanity. 7
2240 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E20 Author, Author Reginald Barclay and Admiral Paris from the Pathfinder project on Earth appear on the Astrometrics domescreen and tell Captain Janeway that the com link will only work for only 11 minutes a day. Three people can talk to their loved ones in the Alpha Quadrant for three minutes per day, so Neelix has the crew draw numbered isolinear chips. 6
2241 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E21 Friendship One Now that the U.S.S. Voyager has established two-way communications with Starfleet, Captain Janeway receives her first official assignment in seven years: Locate and retrieve the Friendship 1, a probe launched from Earth in 2067 with a message of peace to other worlds. 5
2242 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E22 Natural Law While travelling in a shuttle to the planet Ledos for a conference on Warp Field Dynamics, Chakotay and Seven of Nine take a detour to admire the natural landscape of one of the planet`s subcontinents, and in doing so they scrape a mysterious energy barrier that starts to break the shuttle apart. 5
2243 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E23 Homestead Neelix is hosting a party to celebrate First Contact Day, the anniversary of the Vulcans` arrival on Earth, when Chakotay interrupts with news that sensors have detected Talaxian lifesigns a few light-years away. 7
2244 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E24 Renaissance Man Captain Janeway and the Doctor run into a problem as they travel back from a medical symposium on the Delta Flyer. When Janeway returns to the U.S.S. Voyager, she tells Chakotay that they encountered a race called the R`Kaal who have outlawed conventional warp travel through their territory, and insist on punishing Voyager by dismantling the ship. 7
2245 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E25 Endgame, Part I It is the 10th anniversary of the U.S.S. Voyager`s triumphant return to Earth after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant. Kathryn Janeway is an admiral, Harry Kim is a starship captain, Tom Paris is a full-time holonovelist, and the Doctor is married to a human woman and has named himself "Joe." 9
2246 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E26 Endgame, Part II Admiral Janeway beams aboard Voyager and meets her younger self, and is moved to see a healthy Tuvok and Chakotay again. In Janeway`s Ready Room, the Admiral reveals to the Captain that Voyager did eventually make it back to Earth after another 16 years, and the ship became a museum on the grounds of the Presidio. 10

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