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3378 Star Trek TOS S1E1 The Man Trap The Enterprise arrives at planet M-113 for an annual colony resupply and physical checkup of its residents and finds Professor Crater and his wife Nancy who is an old girlfriend of McCoy`s. Crater immediately objects to the intrusion and tries to convince Kirk that an examination is not necessary and that their only need are salt tablets. 6
3379 Star Trek TOS S1E2 Charlie X The Enterprise makes a rendezvous with the S.S. Antares and picks up a 17 year old boy, Charlie Evans who is the only survivor of a colony expedition that crashed on the planet Thasus. Captain Ramart and his staff rave about the boy, but Kirk can`t help but be puzzled when Ramart refuses luxury items and hurries back to the Antares. 5
3380 Star Trek TOS S1E3 Where No Man Has Gone Before The Enterprise encounters a record-marker left behind by the S.S. Valiant years ago as it tried to go through an energy barrier at the rim of the galaxy. After reading the badly damaged tapes they learn that the captain of the Valiant became obsessed with information on human psionics just before he ordered the destruction of his vessel. Despite the mystery, the Enterprise continues on to the rim of the galaxy in its own effort to get through the barrier. 6
3381 Star Trek TOS S1E4 The Naked Time The Enterprise arrives at planet Psi 2000 to pick up a Federation research party from a planet that is quickly disintegrating, but after beaming down to the research facility Spock and Lieutenant Tormolen find all the scientists have died from strange causes. One has been strangled, one sits frozen at his station, apparently without a care in the world, and another is discovered in the shower, fully clothed. 5
3382 Star Trek TOS S1E5 The Enemy Within The landing party is conducting a geological survey of planet Alpha 177 when Geology technician Fisher falls from an embankment and is beamed aboard the Enterprise to be treated for an injured hand. After a rough beam-in, Scotty notices magnetic ore covering Fisher when the technician materializes and tells him to have the uniform decontaminated. Kirk beams up next and is unknowingly split into two seperate entities, one kind but weak and indecisive, the other vicious and cruel. 5
3383 Star Trek TOS S1E6 Mudd`s Women The Enterprise is pursuing an unidentified vessel which is overloading its engines in an effort to avoid capture. It enters an asteroid field, and Kirk decides to extend the ship`s deflector screen around the helpless cargo vessel until the crew can be beamed aboard. While doing so, three of the four lithium crystals which power the Enterprise burn out and force the ship to seek replacement crystals on Rigel XII. 5
3384 Star Trek TOS S1E7 What Are Little Girls Made Of? Christine Chapel is a passenger aboard the Enterprise as it travels to Exo III in search of her fiance, exobiologist Dr. Korby, whose last message was from this frozen planet where he had discovered an underground cavern. The landing party beams down to greet the doctor and almost immediately two crewmen die in the cavern. 5
3385 Star Trek TOS S1E8 Miri The Enterprise answers an old-style distress signal from an unknown planet and discovers a world that is virtually identical to Earth of the 1960`s. Beaming down, the landing party finds a civilization populated only by children. 4
3386 Star Trek TOS S1E9 Dagger of the Mind While transferring cargo to the Tantalus Penal Colony, one of the inmates beams aboard the Enterprise and manages to make his way to the bridge before being disabled by a nerve pinch from Spock. By the time the Enterprise returns to Tantalus, McCoy has run a few tests on their stowaway and urges Kirk to begin an investigation of the penal colony despite the reputation of its director, Dr. Tristan Adams. 5
3387 Star Trek TOS S1E10 The Corbomite Maneuver During a routine star-mapping assignment in an uncharted section of the galaxy, the Enterprise encounters a space bouy of unknown origin. At first the bouy blocks the ship`s path, but when Kirk decides to maneuver around the bouy it charges the ship, forcing Kirk to destroy it with phasers. After consideration, Kirk decides to continue on in an effort to discover the intelligence behind the bouy. 6
3388 Star Trek TOS S1E11 The Menagerie (1) The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 11, as ordered, but Kirk discovers that no such orders were issued. The ship`s computers are checked despite the fact that Spock was the only person to actually see the transmission. While waiting, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy visit the former commander of the Enterprise, Fleet Captain Christopher Robin Pike, who has been paralyzed and disfigured by delta rays during a starship accident. 7
3389 Star Trek TOS S1E12 The Menagerie (2) Despite Mendez, the court-martial continues, and the images begin to reappear on the breifing room screen. Captain Pike rejects Vena despite all the efforts of the Talosians to make her irresitable. To counter his resistance, the Talosians kidnap Number One and Yeoman Colt from the Enterprise so that Pike will have a choice of female partners. Meanwhile, Pike discovers that strong emotions can block the Talosians from reading his mind. 6
3390 Star Trek TOS S1E13 The Conscience of the King The Enterprise arrives at Planet Q, summoned by Dr. Thomas Leighton who claims to have developed a new synthetic food. When Kirk beams down he discovers that Leighton`s real intention was to inform the captain that a travelling theatrical troupe`s lead actor, Anton Karidian, is actually Kodos the Executioner. Kodos, 22 years ago, was the governor of Tarsus IV when it was suddenly hit with a food shortage. In an effort to relieve the crisis, Kodos executed 50 percent of the population. 5
3391 Star Trek TOS S1E14 Balance of Terror A wedding between two crewmembers is interrupted when an Earth outpost along the Romulan border is attacked by an unidentified vessel. Kirk orders battlestations and the Enterprise races towards the Romulan Neutral Zone, an area separating the two powers which was established by subspace radio over 100 years ago, just as another outpost is destroyed. Kirk continues to try and identify the attacker, but Lieutenant Stiles, whose ancestors fought in the Romulan War, believes there isn`t much doubt as to their identity. 6
3392 Star Trek TOS S1E15 Shore Leave When the Enterprise arrives at an uncharted planet with hopes of conducting shore leave, the initial scouting parties find no animal or insect life forms, but what they do find is a quiet and beautiful planet which appears perfect for their needs. Shore leave is cancelled, however, when McCoy sees a likeness of Alice in Wonderland follow a large white rabbit through a hedge and no explanation can be found for the sudden appearance of life forms. 6
3393 Star Trek TOS S1E16 The Galileo Seven The Enterprise is scheduled to rendezvous with a ship which will deliver medical supplies to a plague-ridden Hansen`s Planet but passes the quasar Murasake 312 and, under Starfleet orders, stops to investigate. Spock, McCoy, Scott, and four specialists board the shuttlecraft Galileo and head into Murasake 312 for observation. Unexpectedly, the Galileo is pulled off course and crashes on the planet Taurus II in the center of the Murasake phenomenon. 4
3394 Star Trek TOS S1E17 The Squire of Gothos While on course towards Colony Beta VI to deliver supplies, the Enterprise encounters a lone planet in a region of space devoid of stars. Without the time to stop and investigate further, Kirk orders the planet logged for future exploration and to resume their original course. Suddenly, Kirk and Sulu are abducted from the bridge. 6
3395 Star Trek TOS S1E18 Arena While in orbit above an isolated Federation outpost on Cestus III, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and a few tactical officers beam down for a visit but soon discover that the outpost has recently been destroyed. Outnumbered, the landing party must fight off a mortar barrage from alien troops while looking for survivors. The Enterprise, meanwhile, is attacked by the alien`s vessel and is compelled to disengage. 5
3396 Star Trek TOS S1E19 Tomorrow is Yesterday After successfully pulling away from a black star, the Enterprise is caught in a time warp that sends it back to Earth during the middle of the 20th-century. While the ship attempts to recover from a low orbit, Omaha Air Base detects the Enterprise on its radar and sends an interceptor to investigate and force the ship down. 6
3397 Star Trek TOS S1E20 Court Martial After suffering the effects of a severe ion storm, including the death of Records Officer Benjamin Finney, the Enterprise puts in for repairs at Starbase 11. Kirk gives Commodore Stone his sworn testimony regarding the incident which, unexplainably, does not agree with the log tapes of the Enterprise computer. A hearing is held to determine if a court-martial is in order, and at that hearing Stone urges Kirk to take a ground assignment and have the affair swept under the rug for the good of the service. 6
3398 Star Trek TOS S1E21 The Return of the Archons The Enterprise arrives at Beta III to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Archon which took place over 100 years ago. When Sulu`s behavior dramatically changes after returning from an initial survey of the planet`s culture, Kirk beams down with another landing party to investigate. They are met by a calm and courteous group of citizenry who suddenly change into a wild and violent mob at the beginning of what is known as Red Hour. 6
3399 Star Trek TOS S1E22 Space Seed In the area of space near Starbase 12, the Enterprise encounters what appears to be a derelict spacecraft of 20th-century Earth origin. After beaming on board, the landing party discovers human life forms and that the vessel is a "sleeper ship," designed to carry its occupants in suspended animation during interplanetary travel. On the "sleeper ship" Kirk finds a 20th-centory dictator now calling himself Khan. 6
3400 Star Trek TOS S1E23 A Taste of Armageddon Kirk is ordered to open diplomatic relations with Eminiar VII at all costs, but the Enterprise is warned away from the planet as it approaches. On board is Ambassador Robert Fox who has been sent to head the dialogue and to extend an invitation to Eminiar VII and its sister planet, Vendikar, to join the Federation. Kirk and Spock beam down with a landing party, but they are immediately reminded of the warning to stay away from Eminiar. 6
3401 Star Trek TOS S1E24 This Side of Paradise The Enterprise arrives at Omicron Ceti III, hoping to find surviving colonists who have been exposed to deadly berthold rays for three years. Surprisingly, the colonists are not only alive but in perfect health. While McCoy tries to unravel the mystery, Kirk attempts to convince the colonist`s leader, Elias Sandoval, that an evacuation of the planet is imperative. 5
3402 Star Trek TOS S1E25 The Devil in the Dark The Enterprise is ordered to the mining colony on Janus VI to investigate the deaths of several miners caused by an unknown menace. Kirk, Spock, and a security team beam down to help in the search, but shortly after talking to Chief Engineer Vanderberg, another miner is killed and a reactor pump is stolen. Scotty juryrigs a replacement but predicts an eventual reactor failure which would cause a planetwide contamination. 4
3403 Star Trek TOS S1E26 Errand of Mercy While negotiations quickly break down between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the Enterprise is sent to Organia, a planet of primitive people strategically located between the two sides. Kirk and Spock beam down in an attempt to convince the peaceful Organians to accept Federation aid and protection against the Klingons. The Organians, however, show no interest in their offer and suggest that they go back to the Enterprise as soon as possible. 4
3404 Star Trek TOS S1E27 The Alternative Factor While in orbit above a barren planet, a strange phenomenon causes the planet to "wink out" and attain zero gravity, a state of non-existence, the effects of which are felt throughout the galaxy. Starfleet evacuates the area around the center of the effect and orders the Enterprise to investigate, fearing that what they are experiencing may be a prelude to an invasion from an alternate universe. 6
3405 Star Trek TOS S1E28 The City on the Edge of Forever While investigating a time disturbance above an uncharted planet, Sulu is rendered unconscious when his overloaded console bursts into flames. McCoy hurries to the bridge and administers a few drops of cordrazine which immediately stabilizes the helmsman`s heart flutter. Suddenly, the Enterprise lurches and McCoy is accidentally injected with a large quantity of the drug. In his cordrazine induced frenzy, McCoy exits the bridge and manages to beam himself down to the planet below. 6
3406 Star Trek TOS S1E29 Operation -- Annihilate! An unexplainable epidemic of mass insanity has destroyed a line of civilizations through a portion of the Federation. The Deneva system, where Kirk`s brother and his family lives, appears to be the next likely victim. When the Enterprise arrives, Kirk and a landing party beam down only to encounter a hostile reception and to discover that Kirk`s brother Peter is dead. 6
3407 Star Trek TOS S2E1 Amok Time While on course for Altair VI, Kirk learns from his chief medical officer that Spock`s behavior is becoming increasingly irrational. When Kirk questions his first officer, Spock insists that all he needs is rest on his home planet of Vulcan. Kirk tries to accommodate Spock, but when inauguration ceremonies on Altair VI are rescheduled, the trip to Vulcan is cancelled. 6
3408 Star Trek TOS S2E2 Who Mourns for Adonais? While entering orbit around Pollux IV, the Enterprise encounters an energy field in the shape of a giant green hand which holds the Enterprise in place. After trying to break free, an image of a head appears on the view screen and invites a landing party, excluding Spock, down to the planet. Once there, Kirk and the others meet a being who identifies himself as the god Apollo and refuses to allow the landing party to leave. 5
3409 Star Trek TOS S2E3 The Changeling The Enterprise crew discovers that the Malurian system has been destroyed, and during their investigation the ship is attacked by a small spacecraft of enormous power. When Kirk identifies himself, the attack abruptly ends and communication is established with the unknown vessel which happens to be small enough to be beamed aboard the Enterprise. Kirk learns that the vessel is actually a probe named Nomad and that the attack on the Enterprise was discontinued after Nomad identified Kirk as "the Kirk," its creator. 6
3410 Star Trek TOS S2E4 Mirror, Mirror Kirk and a small landing party are trying to negotiate with the Halkans for Federation rights to mine dilithium crystals on their planet, but the ultra-peaceful Halkans are very reluctant to allow a mining treaty. When an ion storm arrives Kirk decides to return to the Enterprise until the storm passes, but just as Scott beams up the landing party the transporter malfunctions, sending Kirk, Scott, McCoy, and Uhura into an alternate universe and aboard the Imperial Starship Enterprise. 7
3411 Star Trek TOS S2E5 The Apple Kirk and a landing party beam down to investigate Gamma Trianguli VI and to make contact with its natives. The planet seems like a paradise until they discover plants that shoot deadly needles, exploding rocks, and highly accurate lightning bolts. When they try to beam up, Scott informs them that something on the planet has crippled the Enterprise`s power and has made the transporter useless. When they finally meet the natives they discover them to be peacefully naive but immortal humanoids who live in primitive conditions and rely on what vegetation they have for food. 4
3412 Star Trek TOS S2E6 The Doomsday Machine The Enterprise arrives in system L374 only to find that most of the planets have been destroyed. The two inner planets are still intact, and as the Enterprise draws closer they pick up a ship`s distress beacon coming from a crippled U.S.S. Constellation (NCC-1017). Kirk and a landing party beam over to the ship to investigate and find only its commander, Commodore Matt Decker, still aboard. 7
3413 Star Trek TOS S2E7 Catspaw Only one man from the landing party investigating Pyris VII beams back to the Enterprise, and just after materializing he falls to the floor and dies. But when his mouth opens a voice speaks which warns Kirk to leave Pyris VII. Unwilling to abandon his chief engineer and helmsman, Kirk beams down to the planet with Spock and McCoy and encounter numerous images and objects related to Halloween; three witches, fog, a dark castle, a black cat, and a skeleton equipped dungeon where they find themselves after being captured. 6
3414 Star Trek TOS S2E8 I, Mudd An android named Norman has been masquerading as an Enterprise crewman until he decides to capture the ship and take it to an uncharted planet. There, the landing party finds Harry Mudd with hundreds of androids to serve him. Harry proclaims himself King Mudd the First and begins showing off the beautiful female androids surrounding him. 7
3415 Star Trek TOS S2E9 Metamorphosis Assistant Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford had been assigned to stop a war on Epsilon Canaris III, but after contracting Sakuro`s disease, she was being shuttled to the Enterprise for treatment when a powerful energy cloud pulls the shuttlecraft off course to Gamma Canaris N. After a brief investigation of the shuttle and their surroundings, Kirk and the others find a humanoid man on the planet who claims to have been marooned there several years ago. 5
3416 Star Trek TOS S2E10 Journey to Babel The Enterprise is transporting a group of ambassadors from various planets across the Federation to the Babel Conference. Among the representatives are Spock`s parents, Vulcan Anbassador Sarek and his Terran wife Amanda. Spock and Sarek have not spoken to each other for 18 years, ever since Spock joined Starfleet instead of the Vulcan Science Academy. On Babel, many controversial issues will be discussed, including the admittance of dilithium-rich Coridan into the Federation. 6
3417 Star Trek TOS S2E11 Friday`s Child The Enterprise travels to Capella IV in order to negotiate a mining treaty with the inhabitants, but when a landing party beams down they find that the Klingons have already arrived and have left a representative, named Kras, to secure a mining agreement for the Klingons. Kirk and Kras negotiate with Akaar, the leader of the tribes of Capella. Akaar favors the Federation while Maab, a highly influential Capellan, favors the Klingons. 5
3418 Star Trek TOS S2E12 The Deadly Years The Enterprise arrives at Gamma Hydra IV to deliver supplies but finds the colony oddly quiet. When the landing party searches for survivors, Chekov discovers the body of a man who has apparently died of old age. The only colonists who are still alive are an elderly couple who claim to be in their late twenties. When the landing party returns to the Enterprise they all begin to experience the effects of rapid aging, all except Chekov. 5
3419 Star Trek TOS S2E13 Obsession While confirming a rich supply of di-kronium on Argus X, Kirk notices a sickly sweet smell in the air and sends a security team to investigate. Soon after, two of the men are dead from causes that Kirk has seen before. Years ago, when Kirk served aboard the U.S.S. Farragut, a mysterious cloud creature killed half of the crew, including the captain, by draining the blood from their bodies, and now Kirk believes that this is the same creature. 7
3420 Star Trek TOS S2E14 Wolf in The Fold To further his recovery from a head injury, Scott is escorted down to the planet Argelius II where Kirk and McCoy help him to relax by visiting a cabaret. There, Scott becomes interested in a dancer, Kara, and leaves the club with her. The captain and doctor leave the club as well, but after hearing screams they rush into an alley where they find Kara dead and a dazed Scott holding a blood-stained dagger. 6
3421 Star Trek TOS S2E15 The Trouble With Tribbles The Enterprise receives a Priority One distress signal from Space Station K-7 and hurries to the area prepared for battle. Kirk, however, is irritated to learn that it was Nilz Baris, the Federation Undersecretary for Agriculture, who issued the alarm only to have the quadrotriticale grain in the station`s storage compartments protected. The grain is needed for the Sherman`s Planet project, a system inside the neutral zone claimed by both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. 7
3422 Star Trek TOS S2E16 The Gamesters of Triskelion Just before an inspection of automated installations on uninhabited Gamma II, Kirk, Chekov, and Uhura are beamed off of the bridge of the Enterprise. They find themselves on a strange planet in an entirely different solar system where they are immediately confronted by various aliens and forced to surrender. Confused and annoyed by their situation, Kirk demands an explanation but is informed only that they are on the planet Triskelion and that they are to spend the rest of their lives as gladiator thralls. 6
3423 Star Trek TOS S2E17 A Piece of the Action Over 100 years ago, before the Federation directive of non-interference, the U.S.S. Horizon visited the planet Iotia and reported its inhabitants as being extremely bright and imitative humanoids. Unfortunately, the Horizon accidentally left some materials behind, and the Enterprise has been ordered to investigate Iotia and learn what effect these items have had on the culture. 7
3424 Star Trek TOS S2E18 The Immunity Syndrome After a long and tiring patrol the Enterprise crew are due for shore leave, but a priority message from Starfleet ends all of that with orders to assist in a rescue operation. All contact has been lost with solar system Gamma 7A, and the Enterprise is ordered to investigate. As the ship heads toward that region of space, Spock suffers a severe mind jolt and insists that the starship Intrepid (NCC-1631), manned exclusively by Vulcans, has been destroyed. 5
3425 Star Trek TOS S2E19 A Private Little War Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet that Kirk surveyed 13 years ago. At that time the natives were primitive but peaceful. On this visit, however, he is shocked to learn that the village natives have developed flintlock firearms and are engaged in a war against the hill people. When the landing party is discovered, Spock is wounded and hurriedly beamed back to the Enterprise. 5
3426 Star Trek TOS S2E20 Return to Tomorrow When the Enterprise visits a long dead planet, a voice calls out to Kirk from deep under the planet`s surface asking for assistance. The senior officers are skeptical of Sargon`s intentions, but Kirk decides to help and beams down to investigate. The landing party finds three living, highly intelligent, but disembodied entities living inside globes. 6
3427 Star Trek TOS S2E21 Patterns of Force The Enterprise arrives at the planet Ekos for a routine check and to report on the progress of famous historian John Gill who is stationed there as a cultural observer. Suddenly, the Enterprise is fired on with a nuclear missile, demonstrating technology that the Ekosians should not posses. 6
3428 Star Trek TOS S2E22 By Any Other Name Responding to a distress call from an Earth-like planet, a landing party from the Enterprise beams down to investigate. Soon, Kirk and the others learn that those responsible for the faked message are actually aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy sent out to scout for other galaxies to conquer. They managed to penetrate the energy barrier, but their ship was destroyed in the attempt. 7
3429 Star Trek TOS S2E23 The Omega Glory Upon approaching planet Omega IV, the Enterprise finds the missing starship Exeter (NCC-1672) in orbit but is unable to communicate with her. Kirk beams over with a landing party and finds all of the crew dead from a mysterious disease. After reviewing the chief surgeon`s final log report which warns boarders not to carry the virus back to their ship, Kirk and the others hurriedly beam down to the planet. 6
3430 Star Trek TOS S2E24 The Ultimate Computer Dr. Richard Daystrom has developed the next generation of computers, the M-5 Multitronic Unit, and Starfleet has ordered the device to be tested aboard the Enterprise. Once installed, tests begin with simple maneuvers and navigation problems, tasks which Kirk feel do not deserve the lavish attention given to the computer. 6
3431 Star Trek TOS S2E25 Bread and Circuses The S.S. Beagle, missing for six years, is found as debris near Planet IV of System 982. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to the planet to investigate and find a ragged group of fugitive slaves trying to stay hidden from the police. These "sun worshippers" distrust the landing party but soon discover that they are not a threat. Kirk informs them that he is looking for another group of strangers led by a man named Merik. 6
3432 Star Trek TOS S2E26 Assignment: Earth The Enterprise is sent on a mission back to Earth in the year 1968 to discover details about how the planet survived the arms race. While in orbit, the ship intercepts a transporter beam from an unknown part of the galaxy and beams the space traveler aboard. Surprised by what has taken place, the man identifies himself as Gary Seven and claims to be a 20th Century Earthman raised on an unknown world and trained to prevent Earth from destroying itself. 7
3433 Star Trek TOS S3E1 Spock`s Brain The Enterprise is intercepted by a starship of unknown design and a woman from the ship beams directly into the bridge and uses a device to render the Enterprise`s crew unconscious. 6
3434 Star Trek TOS S3E2 The Enterprise Incident Captain Kirk, acting tense and irrational, orders the Enterprise straight into the Neutral Zone for no reason. Romulan warships (identical to Klingon ships due to sharing of technology) capture the Enterprise, and Kirk and Spock beam aboard the Romulan flagship. 7
3435 Star Trek TOS S3E3 The Paradise Syndrome Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet to inform any inhabitants that they must evacuate the planet due to an approaching asteroid`s imminent collision. A society similar to Native American Indians has arisen on the planet, but near their villages, the landing party finds a strange obelisk whose design and construction is far beyond the capabilities of the planet`s natives. 4
3436 Star Trek TOS S3E4 And the Children Shall Lead Kirk and the crew, visiting a scientific colony manned by several human families, are shocked to find that all but the children have died violently - and the children do not seem to care about anything but playing. 5
3437 Star Trek TOS S3E5 Is There in Truth No Beauty? ...or is there in beauty no truth? Miranda Jones, a telepath who studied mental disciplines on Vulcan, arrives with Ambassador Kolos, a Medusan - an alien life form whose physical form is so hideous, humanoid life forms are driven insane if they look upon him. 6
3438 Star Trek TOS S3E6 Spectre of the Gun A Melkotian warning buoy is unwittingly destroyed by Kirk and the Enterprise. When Kirk beams down with a landing party, the owners of the buoy, fearing that a pointlessly violent race has entered their space, trap the Enterprise officers in a replica of Tombstone, Arizona (drawn from Kirk`s mind) and force Kirk and company to play out the roles of the Clanton Gang - doomed to lose the gunfight at the O.K. Corral at sundown! 6
3439 Star Trek TOS S3E7 Day of the Dove Having both received distress calls from a besieged planet, the Enterprise and a Klingon ship arrive simultaneously, and Kang, the Klingon captain and his crew capture the landing party and force Kirk to beam them aboard, but Kirk gives the emergency signal and the Klingons do not re-materialize. Little do they know that, an alien being has also beamed aboard the Enterprise when they brought the Klingons on board. 6
3440 Star Trek TOS S3E8 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky McCoy tells Kirk that the most recent routine medical exams of the entire crew have revealed a case of a terminal but non-contagious disease. The victim is McCoy himself. Kirk recommends that the doctor resign immediately, but before the discussion gets any further, Kirk leads Spock and McCoy on a landing party mission to the asteroid-like vessel called Yonada, carefully disguised inside to make it appear to the humanoid inhabitants that they are on the surface of a planet. 6
3441 Star Trek TOS S3E9 The Tholian Web The Enterprise arrives at the last known position of the U.S.S. Defiant (NCC-1764), an area of uncharted space, to search for the missing starship. When the Defiant appears on the viewing screen enshrouded in a strange green glow, Spock is unable to scan the vessel on his sensors. Kirk beams over to the Defiant with a boarding party to investigate and finds the entire crew dead. What`s more, the Defiant seems to be trapped in an interphase between two different universes. 6
3442 Star Trek TOS S3E10 Plato`s Stepchildren The Enterprise is summoned urgently to assist the seriously ill Parmen, head of the planet Platonius. After McCoy manages to give Parmen the necessary elixirs, Parmen and his fellow Platonians use immense telekinetic powers to force Kirk, McCoy and Spock to stay on the planet and behave as puppets to Parmen`s whim for their amusement. 6
3443 Star Trek TOS S3E11 Wink of an Eye When a landing party investigating Scalos begins to vanish one by one, Kirk, Spock and McCoy try to find out what is happening before more of the crew disappears, until Kirk himself is abducted. Kirk finds the cause to be a group of endangered Scalosians who move faster than human sight or hearing can detect. They need to repopulate their species, and find that speeding human males up to Scalosian speed will meet their needs. 7
3444 Star Trek TOS S3E12 The Empath Kirk, Spock and McCoy search for two missing scientists on a planet whose sun is about to explode, but they only find visual logs that show the scientists disappearing. Then the landing party disappears as well, finding themselves trapped by two aliens who snatched the scientists away and experimented on them until they died. 7
3445 Star Trek TOS S3E13 Elaan of Troyius The Enterprise is ordered to ferry Ambassador Petri of Troyius to up the dohlman of Troyius`s sworn enemy, the world of Elas. The dohlman turns out to be Elaan, one of the most striking examples of the women of Elas, whose tears, according to legend, leave any man susceptible to her charms. 6
3446 Star Trek TOS S3E14 Whom Gods Destroy The Enterprise is carrying a new drug to the mental hospital on Elba II, where it is hoped that the last dangerously insane patients in the Federation can finally be treated. But when Kirk and Spock beam down, they do not realize that the facilities have been taken over by the inmates, led by Garth, a former Starfleet captain who has also become a shape-shifter. 7
3447 Star Trek TOS S3E15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Two natives of the planet Cheron are brought aboard after one of them helps the Enterprise chase the other down after he had stolen a shuttlecraft from a Federation starbase. Bele and Lokai, however, have a dispute that goes far beyond a simple pursuit of a criminal. 7
3448 Star Trek TOS S3E16 The Mark of Gideon Kirk is planning to beam down to the overpopulated planet Gideon to meet with the leaders, but apparently arrives at the wrong place in a transporter malfunction (or so it seems to the Enterprise crew.) Kirk finds himself aboard the Enterprise, but cannot locate anyone else aboard except for Odona, who offers no answers to his bafflement at why no one is aboard the ship but him (or so he thinks). 7
3449 Star Trek TOS S3E17 That Which Survives Kirk leads a landing party to do a geological survey of an unexplored planet, but before they beam down, they see a woman appear out of nowhere in the transporter room and kill a crewman simply by touch, and then she disappears. Her appearance also affects the Enterprise, sending it well out of communications range, trapping Kirk and his team on the planet`s surface. 6
3450 Star Trek TOS S3E18 The Lights of Zetar En route to Memory Alpha, the home of the Federation`s largest library/computer banks, the Enterprise is transferring Lt. Romaine to her next assignment, overseeing refits and new installations on Memory Alpha. A cloud of energy intercepts the ship and wreaks havoc with the Enterprise`s instruments and crew, affecting various crewmembers` brains in different ways and causing Lt. Romaine to pass out. 6
3451 Star Trek TOS S3E19 Requiem for Methuselah On an urgent mission to procure the antidote to a serious plague which threatens the entire crew of the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to Holberg 917-G to contact Flint in hopes of finding either the remedy or the raw material from which to extract it. Flint`s lovely female android, Rayna, begins to create a rivalry between Kirk, for whom she begins to feel true love, and Flint, who created Rayna to provide him with companionship. 6
3452 Star Trek TOS S3E20 The Way to Eden Pursuing the USS Aurora, which has been stolen, Kirk beams the Aurora`s crew aboard the Enterprise when the sustained high-speed pursuit overloads the stolen vessel`s engines, destroying the ship. The thieves turn out to be a motley assortment of "hippies," including noted scientist Dr. Sevrin. 6
3453 Star Trek TOS S3E21 The Cloudminders Beaming down to pick up a consignment of zenite from the planet Ardana, the home of Stratos, a city that floats above the surface of the planet, Kirk and Spock, who are there to pick up a consignment of zenite, are ambushed by mineworkers known as Troglytes. The attack is cut short by the arrival of Plasus, a high advisor from Stratos, who says that a disruptive group of protesting Troglytes probably stole the zenite shipment, which was missing. 6
3454 Star Trek TOS S3E22 The Savage Curtain Over the planet Excalbia, the Enterprise is intercepted by who appears to be Abraham Lincoln, floating through space. Beaming aboard, Lincoln is welcomed by Kirk, who is somewhat awed by the presence of one of his most revered figures of history. "Lincoln" extends an invitation to Kirk and Spock to visit the planet, whose normally lava-covered surface sprouts a zone of Earthlike safety just for the landing party. 6
3455 Star Trek TOS S3E23 All Our Yesterdays Arriving at the moon Sarpiedon, whose mother planet is due to explode in three hours, Kirk, Spock and McCoy find just what the ship`s sensors indicated on the surface - no life forms, though an advanced civilization obviously once existed. But they then find several copies of Sarpiedon`s librarian, Mr. Atoz. 6
3456 Star Trek TOS S3E24 Turnabout Intruder Visiting Dr. Coleman and the ailing Dr. Lester, a colleague of Kirk`s from Starfleet Academy who has always envied him due to her inability to achieve a captaincy in a male-captains-only Starfleet, Kirk is rendered unconscious by Lester. It turns out to have been a trap, and Lester puts herself and Kirk into an unknown device that transfers their minds into one another`s bodies. 6

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