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3433 Star Trek TOS S3E1 Spock`s Brain The Enterprise is intercepted by a starship of unknown design and a woman from the ship beams directly into the bridge and uses a device to render the Enterprise`s crew unconscious. 6
3434 Star Trek TOS S3E2 The Enterprise Incident Captain Kirk, acting tense and irrational, orders the Enterprise straight into the Neutral Zone for no reason. Romulan warships (identical to Klingon ships due to sharing of technology) capture the Enterprise, and Kirk and Spock beam aboard the Romulan flagship. 7
3435 Star Trek TOS S3E3 The Paradise Syndrome Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet to inform any inhabitants that they must evacuate the planet due to an approaching asteroid`s imminent collision. A society similar to Native American Indians has arisen on the planet, but near their villages, the landing party finds a strange obelisk whose design and construction is far beyond the capabilities of the planet`s natives. 4
3436 Star Trek TOS S3E4 And the Children Shall Lead Kirk and the crew, visiting a scientific colony manned by several human families, are shocked to find that all but the children have died violently - and the children do not seem to care about anything but playing. 5
3437 Star Trek TOS S3E5 Is There in Truth No Beauty? ...or is there in beauty no truth? Miranda Jones, a telepath who studied mental disciplines on Vulcan, arrives with Ambassador Kolos, a Medusan - an alien life form whose physical form is so hideous, humanoid life forms are driven insane if they look upon him. 6
3438 Star Trek TOS S3E6 Spectre of the Gun A Melkotian warning buoy is unwittingly destroyed by Kirk and the Enterprise. When Kirk beams down with a landing party, the owners of the buoy, fearing that a pointlessly violent race has entered their space, trap the Enterprise officers in a replica of Tombstone, Arizona (drawn from Kirk`s mind) and force Kirk and company to play out the roles of the Clanton Gang - doomed to lose the gunfight at the O.K. Corral at sundown! 6
3439 Star Trek TOS S3E7 Day of the Dove Having both received distress calls from a besieged planet, the Enterprise and a Klingon ship arrive simultaneously, and Kang, the Klingon captain and his crew capture the landing party and force Kirk to beam them aboard, but Kirk gives the emergency signal and the Klingons do not re-materialize. Little do they know that, an alien being has also beamed aboard the Enterprise when they brought the Klingons on board. 6
3440 Star Trek TOS S3E8 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky McCoy tells Kirk that the most recent routine medical exams of the entire crew have revealed a case of a terminal but non-contagious disease. The victim is McCoy himself. Kirk recommends that the doctor resign immediately, but before the discussion gets any further, Kirk leads Spock and McCoy on a landing party mission to the asteroid-like vessel called Yonada, carefully disguised inside to make it appear to the humanoid inhabitants that they are on the surface of a planet. 6
3441 Star Trek TOS S3E9 The Tholian Web The Enterprise arrives at the last known position of the U.S.S. Defiant (NCC-1764), an area of uncharted space, to search for the missing starship. When the Defiant appears on the viewing screen enshrouded in a strange green glow, Spock is unable to scan the vessel on his sensors. Kirk beams over to the Defiant with a boarding party to investigate and finds the entire crew dead. What`s more, the Defiant seems to be trapped in an interphase between two different universes. 6
3442 Star Trek TOS S3E10 Plato`s Stepchildren The Enterprise is summoned urgently to assist the seriously ill Parmen, head of the planet Platonius. After McCoy manages to give Parmen the necessary elixirs, Parmen and his fellow Platonians use immense telekinetic powers to force Kirk, McCoy and Spock to stay on the planet and behave as puppets to Parmen`s whim for their amusement. 6
3443 Star Trek TOS S3E11 Wink of an Eye When a landing party investigating Scalos begins to vanish one by one, Kirk, Spock and McCoy try to find out what is happening before more of the crew disappears, until Kirk himself is abducted. Kirk finds the cause to be a group of endangered Scalosians who move faster than human sight or hearing can detect. They need to repopulate their species, and find that speeding human males up to Scalosian speed will meet their needs. 7
3444 Star Trek TOS S3E12 The Empath Kirk, Spock and McCoy search for two missing scientists on a planet whose sun is about to explode, but they only find visual logs that show the scientists disappearing. Then the landing party disappears as well, finding themselves trapped by two aliens who snatched the scientists away and experimented on them until they died. 7
3445 Star Trek TOS S3E13 Elaan of Troyius The Enterprise is ordered to ferry Ambassador Petri of Troyius to up the dohlman of Troyius`s sworn enemy, the world of Elas. The dohlman turns out to be Elaan, one of the most striking examples of the women of Elas, whose tears, according to legend, leave any man susceptible to her charms. 6
3446 Star Trek TOS S3E14 Whom Gods Destroy The Enterprise is carrying a new drug to the mental hospital on Elba II, where it is hoped that the last dangerously insane patients in the Federation can finally be treated. But when Kirk and Spock beam down, they do not realize that the facilities have been taken over by the inmates, led by Garth, a former Starfleet captain who has also become a shape-shifter. 7
3447 Star Trek TOS S3E15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Two natives of the planet Cheron are brought aboard after one of them helps the Enterprise chase the other down after he had stolen a shuttlecraft from a Federation starbase. Bele and Lokai, however, have a dispute that goes far beyond a simple pursuit of a criminal. 7
3448 Star Trek TOS S3E16 The Mark of Gideon Kirk is planning to beam down to the overpopulated planet Gideon to meet with the leaders, but apparently arrives at the wrong place in a transporter malfunction (or so it seems to the Enterprise crew.) Kirk finds himself aboard the Enterprise, but cannot locate anyone else aboard except for Odona, who offers no answers to his bafflement at why no one is aboard the ship but him (or so he thinks). 7
3449 Star Trek TOS S3E17 That Which Survives Kirk leads a landing party to do a geological survey of an unexplored planet, but before they beam down, they see a woman appear out of nowhere in the transporter room and kill a crewman simply by touch, and then she disappears. Her appearance also affects the Enterprise, sending it well out of communications range, trapping Kirk and his team on the planet`s surface. 6
3450 Star Trek TOS S3E18 The Lights of Zetar En route to Memory Alpha, the home of the Federation`s largest library/computer banks, the Enterprise is transferring Lt. Romaine to her next assignment, overseeing refits and new installations on Memory Alpha. A cloud of energy intercepts the ship and wreaks havoc with the Enterprise`s instruments and crew, affecting various crewmembers` brains in different ways and causing Lt. Romaine to pass out. 6
3451 Star Trek TOS S3E19 Requiem for Methuselah On an urgent mission to procure the antidote to a serious plague which threatens the entire crew of the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to Holberg 917-G to contact Flint in hopes of finding either the remedy or the raw material from which to extract it. Flint`s lovely female android, Rayna, begins to create a rivalry between Kirk, for whom she begins to feel true love, and Flint, who created Rayna to provide him with companionship. 6
3452 Star Trek TOS S3E20 The Way to Eden Pursuing the USS Aurora, which has been stolen, Kirk beams the Aurora`s crew aboard the Enterprise when the sustained high-speed pursuit overloads the stolen vessel`s engines, destroying the ship. The thieves turn out to be a motley assortment of "hippies," including noted scientist Dr. Sevrin. 6
3453 Star Trek TOS S3E21 The Cloudminders Beaming down to pick up a consignment of zenite from the planet Ardana, the home of Stratos, a city that floats above the surface of the planet, Kirk and Spock, who are there to pick up a consignment of zenite, are ambushed by mineworkers known as Troglytes. The attack is cut short by the arrival of Plasus, a high advisor from Stratos, who says that a disruptive group of protesting Troglytes probably stole the zenite shipment, which was missing. 6
3454 Star Trek TOS S3E22 The Savage Curtain Over the planet Excalbia, the Enterprise is intercepted by who appears to be Abraham Lincoln, floating through space. Beaming aboard, Lincoln is welcomed by Kirk, who is somewhat awed by the presence of one of his most revered figures of history. "Lincoln" extends an invitation to Kirk and Spock to visit the planet, whose normally lava-covered surface sprouts a zone of Earthlike safety just for the landing party. 6
3455 Star Trek TOS S3E23 All Our Yesterdays Arriving at the moon Sarpiedon, whose mother planet is due to explode in three hours, Kirk, Spock and McCoy find just what the ship`s sensors indicated on the surface - no life forms, though an advanced civilization obviously once existed. But they then find several copies of Sarpiedon`s librarian, Mr. Atoz. 6
3456 Star Trek TOS S3E24 Turnabout Intruder Visiting Dr. Coleman and the ailing Dr. Lester, a colleague of Kirk`s from Starfleet Academy who has always envied him due to her inability to achieve a captaincy in a male-captains-only Starfleet, Kirk is rendered unconscious by Lester. It turns out to have been a trap, and Lester puts herself and Kirk into an unknown device that transfers their minds into one another`s bodies. 6

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