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3058 Red Dwarf S1E1 The End Aboard the Red Dwarf, Dave Lister smuggles aboard a cat and is consequently confined to suspended animation for the crime. During his time in stasis his bunkmate Arnold Rimmer is forced to perform the maintenence duties alone and inefficiently repairs the drive plate, causing it to blow and subjecing the entire crew to deadly radiation. 7
3059 Red Dwarf S1E2 Future Echoes Lister and Cat prepare to go into stasis while Red Dwarf goes to light speed until they get back to Earth. Rimmer does not want to be turned off, so he demands to be left on for the journey, even though he will be by himself. Unfortunately they reach light speed 22 hours before they expected and don`t get to go into stasis after all. 7
3062 Red Dwarf S1E3 Balance of Power Lister finally gets a reprieve from Rimmer`s boring inventory checks and goes for a drink. Sitting in the empty bar, he flashes back to a disco that he attended with his mates, Petersen, Chen and Selby; and finally realises that he is alone. After he wallows in self-pity for being alone in deep space, Lister pleads with Rimmer to allow him to create a hologram of Kristine Kochanski. 0
3063 Red Dwarf S1E4 Waiting For God Holly notices a pod floating in space and Rimmer orders that it be salvaged, convinced that it contains alien life forms, even though Lister realises that it is a Red Dwarf Garbage Pod, jettisoned from the waste disposal unit. Meanwhile Lister is researching the Cat`s religion and discovers that their race which evolved from his pet, Frankenstein, now have his image as their God. 0
3064 Red Dwarf S1E5 Confidence and Paranoia After visiting the officers living quarters aboard the ship before it has been decontaminated, Lister wakes up with a case of pneumonia and begins to hallucinate in his sleep. His dreams become real however, when it begins to rain fish in their room, and the Mayor of Warsaw appears and then spontaneously combusts in front of Rimmer. 0
3065 Red Dwarf S1E6 Me2 Lister gets more that he bargained for when the disk supposedly containing Kochanski`s hologram is actually a copy of Rimmer. The two Rimmers decide to move in together leaving Lister who is all too happy to be rid of them. However, the two Rimmers are so alike that they cannot get along and continually insult and berate each other. Lister discovers a tape of Rimmer`s death on which he utters the words "Gazpatcho Soup" before his demise. 0
3066 Red Dwarf S2E1 Kryten The second season begins with the gang coming across a crashed space shuttle where the service mechanoid, Kryten, is still attending to the officers, even though they have long since passed away. The crew take Kryten back aboard Red Dwarf where Rimmer puts him to work cleaning, cooking, ironing etc. 0
3067 Red Dwarf S2E2 Better Than Life A mail pod arrives in space and Rimmer recieves the belated news that his father has passed away and is devastated, even though he hated him. To alleviate his sadness of the news (and the fact that he has a $8,500 tax bill), the crew try out a new Virtual Reality game where all your desires and fantasies can come true, but even Rimmer`s mind has its own way of stabbing him in the back. 0
3068 Red Dwarf S2E3 Thanks For The Memory After partying away to the anniversary of Rimmer`s death, Lister and Cat wake up with broken legs, Lister`s jigsaw has been completed, four pages have been torn from his diary, the clock is four days ahead and the black box is missing. The crew go after the black box and discover it in a shallow grave with a gravestone that reads `To the memory, of the memory of Lisa Yates`. Lister comments that he once dated a girl named Lisa Yates. 0
3069 Red Dwarf S2E4 Stasis Leak While going through Kochanski`s personal things, Lister finds a photograph of him and her getting married. Remembering something from the past, he reads Rimmer`s diary and finds a piece where Rimmer thought he saw his own head pop up through the table and say that he came from the future to save his life which Rimmer believed to be an hallucination. 0
3070 Red Dwarf S2E5 Queeg Holly shows the first signs of his computer senility and endangers Lister`s life which activates the back up computer. The team rally around the new computer Queeg, but soon realise that he is a maniacal beast who demands order and proper ship regulations. 0
3071 Red Dwarf S2E6 Parallel Universe Holly claims to have invented a matter transport device called the "Holly Hop Drive" (A red box with a stop and start button on it) and the crew try and use it, but it doesn`t bring them to earth, it brings them to a parallel universe where women are the dominant sex. While Rimmer is trying to avoid his opposite`s sexual demands, Lister seems to be getting on very well with his. The Cat`s opposite (unfortunately for him) is a dog, and even Holly has an opposite, Hilly. 0
3072 Red Dwarf S3E1 Backwards The episode opens with `Star Wars` style text explaining that Lister gave birth to twin boys that were returned to the other dimension, Holly has changed his face to look like his counterpart from that universe, and that Kryten has returned and become part of the crew. 0
3073 Red Dwarf S3E2 Marooned The crew evacuate the ship after Holly spots five black holes in the distance. Rimmer and Lister leave together in Starbug but hit a meteor and crash on a snow planet with no way to escape. With little food and heat, Lister begins to open up to Rimmer to try and take his mind off the situation, including talking about Rimmer`s fascination with war and when they both lost their virginities. 0
3074 Red Dwarf S3E3 Polymorph A pod arrives aboard Red Dwarf containing a genetic mutant which can change itself into any shape whatsoever. It appears to Lister in it`s true form, bringing him to the height of his terror, and then sucking his fear right out of him. 0
3075 Red Dwarf S3E4 Bodyswap A scutter has gone mad and rerouted the entire ships circuitry and Rimmer and Kryten can`t find the self-destruct mechanism but Lister accidentally activates it when he orders a milkshake and chocolate bar from a vending machine. Needing one of the senior officers to deactivate it, Kryten introduces them to a mind-swap, which involves implanting another crew-members brain into Lister`s body. 0
3076 Red Dwarf S3E5 Timeslides Lister declares he is sick of life on Red Dwarf and wishes that he never joined the JMC in the first place. Kryten is developing photos in the photo lab when he discovers that they can move, to which Holly suggests that the developing fluid must have mutated. Kryten shows some moving slides to the crew and Lister finds that he can walk into the projection and really be there, only he cannot move outside the frame of the picture. 0
3077 Red Dwarf S3E6 The Last Day A mail pod arrives containing a message indicating that the "out-dated" Kryten must be dismantled and his replacement will arrive within 24 hours; a new, and improved "Hudzen 10". Kryten is not upset though, because now he goes to Silicon Heaven. 0
3078 Red Dwarf S4E1 Camille Lister tries in vain to teach Kryten how to lie, insult, cheat and disobey orders. Lister gives up when Rimmer calls Kryten on a trip "moon-hopping". On the trip, Kryten discovers a distress call and goes to inspect it against Rimmer`s orders. Kryten rescues a "female" droid called Camille who he falls in love with, even though droids aren`t supposed to have feelings like that. 0
3079 Red Dwarf S4E2 D.N.A. The crew stumble upon a deserted space ship of non-human origin and Rimmer believes it is an alien ship. They go inside to search the ship and Kryten and Rimmer discover the remains of a three-headed creature. They find a wallet on him with human artifacts such as credit cards, license etc. and Kryten suggests that something has changed his physical form. 0
3080 Red Dwarf S4E3 Justice Lister is in bed with the space mumps when he hears the news that the gang has brought aboard a cryo-pod from a prison ship which possibly contains a guard named Barbara Bellini. Lister inspects the pod and begins the thawing process which Rimmer objects to saying that there were two survivors aboard the ship: Ms Bellini and a Simulant prisoner (droids who are noted to be murderous and insane). 0
3081 Red Dwarf S4E4 White Hole Kryten attempts to use a technique called `Intelligence Compression` on Holly by reducing her life span to restore her I.Q. of 6000. Unfortunately he botches it and Holly gets an I.Q. of 12000 but she only has 3 minutes of life remaining. 0
3082 Red Dwarf S4E5 Dimension Jump A young Rimmer is told by his mother that he is in danger of being held back a year in school and it could change his life forever. 30 years later, Arnold `Ace` Rimmer, Test Pilot for the Space Corps Special Service, lands his jet safely and greets his friends; Spanners, an engineer resembling Lister; Padre, a priest who looks like Cat; Bongo, Kryten without his mechanoid suit; and Mellie, bearing a striking likeness to a full-bodied Holly. 0
3083 Red Dwarf S4E6 Meltdown Kryten discovers a matter transporter in the research labs and the crew decide to teleport somewhere. It takes Rimmer and Kryten to a planet with a breathable atmosphere, but several (unrealistic) monsters chase them and eventually they get captured by Elvis and Pope Gregory. Cat and Lister, on the other hand are brought to the Third Reich HQ where Hitler, Goering and Goebbels are preparing a battle. 0
3084 Red Dwarf S5E1 Holoship The gang watch a sappy love story aboard Starbug and Rimmer is disgusted at how the hero sacrificed his own happiness for his lover. They come across a computer-generated ship, and Rimmer is captured and taken aboard. The Holoship (named `The Enlightenment`) will not answer Starbug`s communication attempts on account of them being notoriously arrogant and self-centered. Meanwhile Rimmer is having quite a good time aboard the Holoship: he can touch, feel and taste. Not only that, but it`s a ship regulation to have sexual relations at least twice a day with any other crew member. 0
3085 Red Dwarf S5E2 The Inquisitor The crew are flying along in Starbug when they lose control of the ship. Using Lister`s body, something announces itself as The Inquisitor and that they will return to Red Dwarf to face judgement. Kryten later describes the Inquisitor as a self-repairing simulant who survived to the end of time to find no heaven or afterlife. So he built a time machine and went back and forth through time, judging everyone on whether they have lead a worthwhile life, deleting the ones who didn`t and replacing them with "the sperms that never got a chance". 0
3086 Red Dwarf S5E3 Terrorform Kryten wakes up on a moon surrounded by the remains of a crashed Starbug. He detaches his hand and tells it to return to Red Dwarf and bring back Lister and Cat. Lister comes, collects and "fixes" Kryten. Kryten tells them that Rimmer was captured while on a psy-moon (a terrorforming moon that reshapes itself to someone`s psyche). 0
3087 Red Dwarf S5E4 Quarantine The crew are on a snowy planet, when they come across an abandoned research centre. Rimmer objects to Kryten being in charge but is ignored by the others and goes to sulk. They send a scouter which reports that there is a scientist named Dr. Lanstrom inside the facility. 0
3088 Red Dwarf S5E5 Demons & Angels Lister and Kryten have invented a triplicator: a device which can make triples of objects. They demonstrate it on the last strawberry in the universe and recieve two exact copies. Lister samples one and reels from the taste, saying that it is brilliant, so succulent and divine. He tries the other and scrunches his face in disgust as we see that there are maggots crawling around in it. 0
3089 Red Dwarf S5E6 Back To Reality The crew are investigating an oceanic seeding vessel called the SS Esperanto which was on the ocean planet studying the life forms which had been introduced by humans. They find 3 people aboard who committed suicide, and a haddock who did the same. Lister notices an oil covering everything and Kryten suggests that it is a hallucinogenic venom much like the oil from an octopus or squid. 0
3090 Red Dwarf S6E1 Psirens Red Dwarf is stolen from the crew and they are forced to survive on Starbug. They go into deep sleep and are revived 200 years later when there is a chance to recapture the ship. In order to gain more ground on Red Dwarf they try to go through an asteroid belt but find that it is inhabited by alien beings called Psirens who use mind control to lure their victims and then suck out their brains. 0
3091 Red Dwarf S6E2 Legion The crew stumble on an abandoned space station and board it hoping to get some supplies. A man named Legion appears and offers each of them everything they ever wanted in the world but only if they remain on the space station forever, making the Dwarfers suspect that Legion is not at all what he seems. 0
3092 Red Dwarf S6E3 Gunmen of the Apocalypse The gang is attacked by a simulant ship who upgrade Starbug with laser cannons and defensive shields and then force them to play a game of `cat and mouse`. The crew decide not to flee but to stay and fight which stuns the simulants. Before their ship is crippled by Starbugs new offensive weapons, the simulants upload a killer virus into the navicomp. 0
3093 Red Dwarf S6E4 Emohawk - Polymorph II A Space Corps Law Enforcement Vessel chases Starbug and the crew make a crash landing on a GELF planet. They go in search of a vital ship part and come across a village who have the part but the price is for Lister to marry the chief`s daughter. Lister reluctantly does so but on his wedding night, does a runner back to Starbug. The chief takes this as an insult and releases his pet Emohawk, a smaller polymorph on them. 0
3094 Red Dwarf S6E5 Rimmerworld The gang come across the simulant ship they nearly destroyed in Gunmen of the Apocalypse and decide to board the ship and loot it for supplies despite the fact that a loud noise would cause it to disintegrate. They find a time and matter transporter on board and take it with them. One of the simulants is still alive and attacks them. Rimmer, always the brave, jumps in an escape pod but when it releases the ship begins to fall apart. 0
3095 Red Dwarf S6E6 Out Of Time After Rimmer conducts a "morale-meeting", the crew find a cloud of fog from an imploded supernova and have no choice but to go through it. They get some bad turbulence, and Lister is injured revealing that he is an android! Kryten is angry that Lister is a lesser model then he and orders him to do all the work and even gives it to him for not having used a setsquare to cut the sandwiches. 0
3096 Red Dwarf S7E1 Tikka To Ride After Starbug was destroyed, the future crew no longer existed - therefore were unable to go back in time and kill the present crew, hence they survived. But unfortunately disaster has struck. Starbug is completely devoid of curries. Lister proposes that they go back in time to order a couple of hundred curries from an Indian Restaurant. The rest of the crew will not go back in time because they are afraid of becoming the future selves they saw. 0
3097 Red Dwarf S7E2 Stoke Me A Clipper After travelling through countless realities, Commander `Ace` Rimmer returns to the Red Dwarf crew to ask a favor of his alternate self. It seems that the real Ace Rimmer died years ago and has been replaced many times over by his counterpart from each reality. This Ace Rimmer will soon die and asks our Rimmer to be his sucessor as an inter-galactic hero. 0
3098 Red Dwarf S7E3 Ouroboros Over 3,000,000 years ago in the Aigbuth Arms pub, a box with a baby inside was placed under a pool table with just the word Ouroboros written on the side.... Returning to the present day, the crew come across a wormhole between dimensions. They go through the wormhole, and meet an alternate version of themselves. Rimmer isn`t there, Lister is a Hologram, Kochanski is alive, and Kryten is wearing a gold suit. 0
3099 Red Dwarf S7E4 Duct Soup Kochanski is not adjusting very well to being on Starbug and Lister tries to make her feel better by building her a makeshift bathtub and finding some extra clothing for her. Kryten thinks that this means they are growing closer and soon will not need him so he `accidentally` causes an engine failure, forcing the crew to crawl around in the air ducts to get to the engine room. 0
3100 Red Dwarf S7E5 Blue While Kochanski is still trying to get back to her dimension and Kryten is still jealous of the relationship that she could have with Lister; Lister begins to miss Rimmer and reflects on some of the fun times that he and Rimmer spent together in the early days after the accident. When he has a dream that Rimmer returns and he and Rimmer kiss, Kryten tries some psychology to get to the bottom of Lister`s problem. 0
3101 Red Dwarf S7E6 Beyond a Joke Kryten finds a lobster scuttling around the cargo hold and cooks an elaborate feast for the crew as it is the anniversary of when he was rescued from the Nova 5. The rest of the crew however have prepared to enter a virtual reality world of Jane Austen, where Kochanski hopes to teach them a little culture. Kryten is extremely upset that they left without touching his feast and enters the VR world, blowing up the characters of the game with a tank and ordering the crew to supper. 0
3102 Red Dwarf S7E7 Epideme The crew come across another Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel. Everyone on it is dead except for one person who is preserved in a block of ice. They take her aboard Starbug but the ice doesn`t melt, even in very warm temperatures. They decide to leave it till morning to decide what to do. During the night, the woman inside breaks out, covered in rotting skin and dead flesh and climbs into bed with Lister, who believes it`s Kochanski. 0
3103 Red Dwarf S7E8 Nanarchy Lister is quite annoyed that his right arm has been cut off, but seems to enjoy Kryten nursing him 24 hours a day; and Kryten is absolutely loving it. Kochanski becomes fed up with seeing Kryten doing things for him that he could easily do with one arm and comes up with a solution - use nanobots from Kryten`s self-repair system to rebuild Lister`s arm. 0
3104 Red Dwarf S8E1 Back in the Red, part 1 Cat pilots Starbug into the Dwarf`s landing bay which is now huge. As they fly through an air vent the ship begins to shrink back to it`s proper size. When they finally land (or crash) Starbug we learn that the nanobots have ressurrected the crew along with the ship. Lister thinks this is a godsend but Captain Hollister promptly arrests him and the others for stealing and then destroying a Starbug. 0
3105 Red Dwarf S8E2 Back in the Red, part 2 Rimmer starts putting his plan into action. Get Rimmer Officerhood, Power and Eminence (GROPE for short) is in full swing as he sucks up to Captain Hollister using the confidential files Lister gave him. However Rimmer will not help Lister and the others escape until he is promoted. Lister secretly takes some of the Luck Virus and escapes from the holding cell and heads to find his compadres. 0
3106 Red Dwarf S8E3 Back in the Red, part 3 Rimmer and Lister are trying to adjust to life in prison given that they are in the worst area you could possibly get. They go on about trying to survive the next two years. 0
3107 Red Dwarf S8E4 Cassandra Lister mistakenly signs the gang up for the `Canaries`, prisoners that go into dangerous situations first to ensure it is safe for the important people. Their first mission is to investigate a derilect spaceship, and our crew come across a computer called `Cassandra` who can accurately predict the future. When she predicts that Rimmer will die when the ship disintegrates, he goes to great lengths to prevent it from happening. 0
3108 Red Dwarf S8E5 Krytie TV Kryten complains to Lister about being placed in the women`s wing of the prison and makes the fatal mistake of revealing he showers with them too. The male inmates want him to sneak in a camera and film them but he refuses. Kill Crazy and some other inmates reprogram him, turning him into a ruthless entrepreneur and he creates "Krytie TV", a pay-per-view service offering "Women`s Shower Night" and other events. 0
3109 Red Dwarf S8E6 Pete Lister and Rimmer are contstantly getting into trouble. After playing a practical joke on Ackerman they are forced to play in an inmates vs guards basketball game and win by putting erectile solution in the guards drinks. Punishment for that is to peel potatoes for the next three weeks and to make that go faster they steal a programmable virus to peel them but it ends up eating their clothes and hair. 0
3110 Red Dwarf S8E7 Pete II Our crew desperately try to turn Pete back into a sparrow before the time freeze wears off but Pete eats a scutter who was holding the time wand. The crew put out a heap of food for Pete and he eats it but then runs amok on the ship. 0
3111 Red Dwarf S8E8 Only The Good... An escape pod docks with the Dwarf and is carrying the only survivor of a ship which was attcked by a genetically-engineered corrosive lifeform. Unfortunately, the corrosive material is also on board and begins to eat away at Red Dwarf. Meanwhile Lister tricks Kryten into believeing that Kochanski`s `time-of-the-month` is an event to be celebrated and he embarrasses himself in front of her. Plotting revenge, Kryten steals four flagons of illegal alcohol from an inmate and leaves it in Lister and Rimmer`s cell just before an inspection. 0

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