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3205 Profiler S3E1 Coronation After Jack escapes from the prison, Sam must look into herself in order to find him. Everything seems to point to her childhood. 0
3206 Profiler S3E2 Cravings The team investigates a serial rapist turned into a murderer, whose sporadic timing of the attacks puzzles Sam. She also searches for a new house for her and Chloe. 0
3207 Profiler S3E3 Do the Right Thing A killer who castrates the victims seems to be driven by feelings of public duty and legal responsibility. John gets into trouble through no fault of his own for something that appears in the press about the case. 0
3208 Profiler S3E4 Double Vision Twelve residents of a small Alabama town have mysteriously disappeared. When one of the missing is found dead, the VCTF begins an investigation. Once on scene, Sam is confounded by the evidence retrieved. Whereas some evidence points to a domineering, controlling pathology, other evidence points to a more passive, sub-servient one. When Bailey pressures her to narrow her profile, Sam?s anxiety builds and she begins to question her own abilities. 0
3209 Profiler S3E5 The Sum of Her Parts Years of verbal and physical abuse take a deadly toll when its victim lashes out against his abuser. Unable to kill the actual perpetrator, his mother, the deranged man strikes those who remind him of the wretched woman. The team investigates and Sam accurately assesses the killer?s pathology, but mistakenly assumes the man is actin out against his wife, not his mother. 0
3210 Profiler S3E6 The Monster Within The VCTF is called in to assist in a stalled investigation. Sam is leery to intercede, for her friend and former lover, Michael Westmore, is leading the investigation. The case revolves around a series of killings in which the victims have been burned alive. Once they begin their investigation, Sam and Bailey disagree about Michael?s handling of the case. 0
3211 Profiler S3E7 Perfect Helen Someone is George?s hometown is stealing the corpses of young, recently decease Jewish woman. George fears it is some form of Anti-Semitic vandalism. As for to George, Bailey allows he and Sam to investigate the rather atypical crime further. Once on scene, George and Sam learn that a Neo-nazi group is alive and well in the town. 0
3212 Profiler S3E8 Home for the Homicide It?s ?Party of Five? run amok when the youngest member of an orphaned clan kills to keep his dysfunctional family together. The first murder occurs when they young man kills the boyfriend his sister is considering marrying. Her marriage would result in her leaving the family and that would be unacceptable. 0
3213 Profiler S3E9 All in the Family Fueled by the abuse they suffered as children, a brother and sister decide to save another child from the same unfortunate fate. To do this, however, the warped siblings kill the boy?s parents as well as two of their employees. The VCTF investigate the mass murder and Sam immediately bonds with the abused boy. 0
3214 Profiler S3E10 Ceremony of Innocence One of Sam?s first profiles resulted in a man being sentenced to death. Ten years later when the man is about to be executed, murders begin happening that match the m.o. of the prior killings. Ballistics evidence proves the same gun was used for all the crimes. Sam, feeling culpable for what might have been a deadly mistake, reopens the investigation. 0
3215 Profiler S3E11 Where or When A serial killer who kills with his bare hands leaves the bodies of his male victims at the Brown Derby, the Trocadero, and other Hollywood landmarks. Sam profiles the killer as someone trying to rectify some trauma he experienced in his past. 0
3216 Profiler S3E12 Inheritance People who seem to have nothing in common are being killed in the Southeast U.S. Grace?s autopsy yields that all the victims has the same rare blood type. It then becomes clear all the victims were related. The team uncovers evidence that confirms all the victims were the children of a Charles Manson-like cult leader currently incarcerated in a Georgia psychiatric facility. 0
3217 Profiler S3E13 Heads, You Lose Someone is killing the young and beautiful in Florida?s trendy South Beach. The killer compounds his grizzly crimes by decapitating his victims and leaving their heads on public display for all to see. Sam profiles that the killer is striking against the beautiful people as a result of his low self-esteem. 0
3218 Profiler S3E14 Otis, California The team realizes that Lucas has been communicating with a person. The trail leads them to Otis, a small town in northern California where they look for the disciple of Lucas. 0
3219 Profiler S3E15 Spree of Love The VCTF track down a couple on a killing spree. 0
3220 Profiler S3E16 Burnt Offerings A mystic arsonist is on the loose. He risks his own life by setting the fires himself on the spot. Sam is worried about Chloe whose classmate is a victim in one of the fires. 0
3221 Profiler S3E17 Three Carat Crisis Sam and Bailey get caught up in a jewel heist that quickly turns into a hostage situation. They struggle to profile the perpetrators and their relationships before any lives are lost. 0
3222 Profiler S3E18 Seduction George and Sam go undercover in an investment agency because five of the clientele have been murdered. An arrogant FBI agent working the case complicates the investigation. 0
3223 Profiler S3E19 Grand Master (2) Sam continues to study the case of Bryce Banks, whose life might still be in danger. Her fears are proven right when Bryce disappears. She suspects the enigmatic Father is using the boy in his revenge plans. 0
3224 Profiler S3E20 Las Brisas Lucas? trial begins as the team heads out to Mexico. In the town of Las Brisas women have been vanishing without a trace for the past year, and some corpses have been discovered. 0
3225 Profiler S3E21 What?s Love Got to Do with It? An ongoing investigation causes disruption in Bailey?s life when the ex-lover of a fellow agent becomes fixated on him. 0

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