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3185 Profiler S2E1 Ambition in the Blood As Bailey (Robert Davi) clings to life in an Atlanta hospital, Sam and the team are forced to take on a high profile case involving an international serial killer. The murderer, named Ashok Dupree, has escaped from an Indian prison and come to the U.S. for the purpose of killing a celebrity, so that he too can become world renown. While working to bring the killer to justice, Sam (Ally Walker) must convince herself and the Atlanta PD that she is innocent of the murder that Jack actually committed in the finale of last season. Also, John (Julian McMahon) decides to return to the VCTF, and Bailey?s daughter, Frances (Heather McComb), now on the run, contacts John to check on her father?s condition. 0
3186 Profiler S2E2 Primal Scream Four people have been brutally beaten to death in Atlanta. The VCTF is called in to investigate the seemingly random murders. Though there are no eyewitnesses, people near the crime scenes recall hearing an eerie wailing sound right around the time of the murder. 0
3187 Profiler S2E3 It Cuts Both Ways Jack?s back and he?s wreaking havoc with his new lethal prot?g?, Sharon Lesher (Traci Lords). The VCTF is summoned to New Orleans when the murder of a research librarian has the earmarkings of a Jack kill. Once on the scene, Sam (Ally Walker) is perplexed by what appears to be inconsistencies with Jack?s prior modus operandi. Though certain Jack is responsible for the murder, she considers rethinking her profile of him. 0
3188 Profiler S2E4 Second Best When a hospital is the target of a bombing attack, the VCTF is called in to investigate. It?s clear once the team arrives that this is no random attack. They are dealing with a highly skilled explosives expert who obviously has an agenda in mind. Bailey (Robert Davi) summons Coop (A Martinez) to Atlanta to assist with the case. His return is awkward for he and Sam (Ally Walker) as they have previously ended their romantic relationship. 0
3189 Profiler S2E5 Power Corrupts The VCTF team is on the trail of a serial killer who seems to be taking aim at people he deems corrupt. Three Chicago murders happen in quick succession: a former President of the Federal Reserve Board, a high class call-girl, and a Chicago policeman. Jim Henegar, the Chicago detective who is investigating the murders, is reluctant to relinquish control of the case, and becomes a hindrance to Sam and the team. 0
3190 Profiler S2E6 Old Acquaintance Coop?s death takes its toll on Sam and the rest of the VCTF team. Hoping it will help Sam to regroup emotionally, Bailey and Angel persuade her to join some of her old friends at a college reunion. There, she and Angel reunite with friends Colleen, Drew, Greg, Monica, Tracy, and Roy. 0
3191 Profiler S2E7 Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick Once the prime suspect in the ?Old Acquaintance? murder mystery is found dead, Sam (Ally Walker) determines that one of her friends, Greg or Monica , is the likely killer. With the VCTF hot on his trail, a mortally wounded Jack escapes to his lair to recuperate from being shot by Sam. 0
3192 Profiler S2E8 Victims of Victims When a murder occurs that bears all the markings of an unsolved serial case from the 1950?s, Sam and the VCTF team are called in to investigate. Analysis of the case?s forty year old evidence yields a fingerprint not previously detected. This enables the team to finally I.D. the killer, who turns out to have committed suicide prior to the most recent murder. 0
3193 Profiler S2E9 Birthright A killer?s belief he was switched at birth leads him to kill those he feels stole his identity. Two men, born at the same time and in the same hospital as the killer, are brutally murdered. The VCTF is called in once the link between the two victims is established. Evidence leads the team to an insane woman who believes her baby was switched at birth. 0
3194 Profiler S2E10 Dying to Live Two men are killed, and in both instances, their organs are mysteriously delivered to hospitals minutes before they are needed for transplant surgery. Sam and the team profile the murders and determine their suspect is someone who was probably an organ recipient in the past. Now he is returning the favor by providing organs for people with his same rare blood type. 0
3195 Profiler S2E11 Ties That Bind Ritualized murders are occurring in Atlanta and in neighboring states. The victims are stabbed and their homes are vandalized with gang-like graffiti. The VCTF is called in and their investigation soon focuses on the son of two of the victims. His calm, dispassionate demeanor suggests to Sam that the man may be a suspect in his own parents? murder. 0
3196 Profiler S2E12 Shoot to Kill Ohio?s cities are being terrorized by a seemingly random sniper. Everyday citizens as well as police officers are being attacked. The state?s governor summons the VCTF. Once on the scene, Sam, Bailey and the rest of the team are perplexed by the sniper?s ability to shoot from increasingly longer distances. 0
3197 Profiler S2E13 Bloodlust The bodies of badly beaten men are being found in the Boston metropolitan area. Sam and the team quickly surmise these men were involved in some sort of deadly ultimate fighting match. Searching local hospitals, they find a participant in one of the fights. Though he reveals little, Sam is able to put together from talking to him and researching the backgrounds of the victims, that all were desperate men in need of money. 0
3198 Profiler S2E14 Every Five Minutes A serial rapist is terrorizing women in the Florida Panhandle. Sam and the VCTF are called in to investigate. The victims are able to provide the team with a number of clues which Sam uses to form her profile of the assailant. In the midst of the investigation, Sam butts heads with a local female sheriff. The woman continuously criticizes the VCTF?s handling of the case and more importantly, their handling of the victims. 0
3199 Profiler S2E15 Breaking Point A desperate father kidnaps Sam?s roommate Angel in a last ditch effort to save his son from the electric chair. The man?s son has recently been convicted of murder committed during a robbery. The father believes his son to be an innocent bystander and wants Sam and the VCTF to prove it. 0
3200 Profiler S2E16 Lethal Obsession Sam and the VCTF investigate the "prime time kidnapper," a madman who has a pathological need for media attention and projects his mania onto an attractive but terrified local TV anchorwoman (guest star Anna Galvin) whom he wants to exclusively cover the prisoner exchanges. 0
3201 Profiler S2E17 Cycle of Violence A vigilante?s series of murders leads the team to an eccentric cartoonist, whose work has influenced the killer. Sam receives an award from the American Association of Women in Law Enforcement. 0
3202 Profiler S2E18 Die Beautiful VCTF is invited to an on-going investigation on the murder of a teen beauty. She was killed a year ago, and no arrests have been made so far. They find a killer on death row with matching breaking and entering technique, but Sam thinks the convict didn?t kill his victims. 0
3203 Profiler S2E19 The Root of All Evil (1) The team tries to catch a diabolical killer determined to take revenge on people who are so blinded by their love of money that they can?t see the repercussions their actions have on the other side of the world. The game between Jack and VCTF begins with Sharon as bait. 0
3204 Profiler S2E20 The Root of All Evil (2) The team tries to catch a diabolical killer determined to take revenge on people who are so blinded by their love of money that they can?t see the repercussions their actions have on the other side of the world. The game between Jack and VCTF begins with Sharon as bait. 0

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