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3184 Profiler S1E22 Venom (2) Sam (Ally Walker) and the VCTF team are taunted by a diabolical serial killer (guest star Lori Petty, "Free Willy") who prefers to use a variety of exotic poisonous spiders and animals to kill her victims, while providing her pursuers with cryptic clues to her next murder. A frustrated Bailey (Robert Davi) is further irritated by a sexy private investigator (guest star Joan Severance, "Wiseguy") who tries to aid the VCTF, but it?s the unit?s chief nemesis--a jealous Jack of All Trades--who ironically can help the most. Elsewhere, Bailey asks Cooper (A Martinez) to replace John (Julian McMahon) on the team, and later takes drastic measures to curb his carousing daughter (Heather McComb). 0
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