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Q: Whats with the ranks?
A: The ranks are decided by the facist Tobias, with input from Henrik.
If anyone disagrees with a rating, they are welcome to complain in the forum. Later there might be a second rank, which would be average of user input, but that par of the script have yet to be made, and afterwards there have to be enough user input.

Q: Can i be in the Related Links?
A: We have no way of knowing, make a request in the forum and we will take a look at it.

Here the ratings are explained:

Rated 9 and Above:
An epsiode with a rating of 9 or 10, is classified as a major arc episode, with warying degrees of "WOW" factor.

Rated 8:
Episodes with a rating of 8, plays a very big part in advancing the main storyline of a show, no matter how intresting a story is, it has to be arc related to recieve a rating of 8.

Rated 7:
This is sort of a gray area, officially this is the defining limiter between an Arc and non Arc episode. But in some instances other qualitys of an episode can persaude us to give it a 7, even though it doesnt have any thing to do with the central storyline.

Rated 6:
This rating is given to episodes with interesting stories, but doesn't deal with the central storyline, certain really bad arc episodes have been know to recieve a 6 but it is very rare.

Rated 5:
Again this is a non arc episode, but this time with a boring or uneventfull story.

Rated 4:
An episode with this rating is typically not only boring, but the plot is so lame that it is actually annoying to watch.

Rated 3 and below:
The ratings of 3 and below, are used by the reviewer to express the level of hatred for a specific episode, episodes with these ratings are extremly lame or annoying.

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